14 thoughts on “Finally Notice Something Wasn’t Right Did You?

  1. Well everyone knows of course that if the car won’t move you just have to push the go pedal again, harder. Then again, even more, and just keep doing that until it either goes of catches fire. No doubt this genius is on the phone with the shop that put the tires on 6 months ago to complain.


  2. This is why owners manuals now just say things like Don’t drink the battery water and See your dealer for anything other than playing with the sound system.


  3. I’ve quit asking ‘how the fuck’ and started just scrolling past. This type of stupidity has become so common, that I have to think this is a fad, like eating tide pods or vaping semen. Because if it’s real people doing real things, this means we are the last generation capable of not eating their young.

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  4. Looks like it’s getting ready to be lifted and/or towed. Could a” boot” have stopped the wheel from turning enough so that the persistent driver tried to rock their way free?


  5. Just recently I found the “Customer states…” video(s) of all the things automotive service techs see:

    This reminds me of some of the absolute crap encountered on these videos. Watch *all* of ’em…


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