9 thoughts on “The Express Lane To Hell

  1. Could be Hansa Park, they are always pushing limits on roller coasters. Have not been able to find that exact scene though. Pretty interesting effect, looks like water which would be real messy at that speed, so probably a fog machine.


  2. That good readers is ‘Oblivion’. it’s a ride at Alton Towers in England and i have rode that puppy on two occasions.
    It is a rush but the real kicker is when they hang the ride up in the air with you looking doen into a black hole in the ground.
    Thankfully I’m now too old and can send the grandkids to do it instead.


  3. Hiding this from my 9 yo daughter… She is now bored riding The Hulk, The Velocicoaster, The Tigres and others in FL. Not going the the UK. I’ve spent more time upside down and at a few G’s this summer than I care too. When I told her I’m getting too old for these rides, she looked at me sweetly and said ‘Youre not getting too old for the rides, dad. You ARE too old!” I wish I could blame that on her mom.


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