30 thoughts on “That’s On You Big Guy

  1. We used to say about the obimessiah that if he wasn’t trying to destroy the country, what would he do different? Now, with an unseen cabal pulling the strings of sock puppet Biden, the question is: If he isn’t in the employ of the CCP, what would he do different?
    There is no doubt that there is great evil at work. Keep yer powder dry and stay outa the line of fire.


    • No. He’s sitting in the seat, he gets the credit for being Worst (so far.)

      So far it’s:

      1. Slo Jo Xiden
      2 (or 1.) Xiden’s replacement, whether it be Harris, Pelosi, Cankles Clinton… or some guy with the first name of Damien.
      3. Obama the Lightbringer. (who also has some control over SloJo)
      4. Woodrow Wilson/FDR (FDR was just a continuation of WW’s reign of terror.)
      6. Jimmy (the Dhimmi) Carter, who has done more worse things after being Prezzy than during his tenure.
      7. LBJ (hwack-sptoooie) ’nuff said.
      8. Warren Harding. (A corrupt Republican whose administration was just corrupt, but he just didn’t have the power to corrupt that later presidents did and do)
      9. Andrew Johnson (Not a Republican, National Unity Party actually, who trashed all of Lincoln’s plans on a nice reconciliation after a horrid war and gave us the horrors of Reconstruction and all the carpetbaggers and other feckless assholes.) So bad that Grant looked like a saint next to him (and Grant wasn’t half bad.))
      10. JFK (who gave us the Bay of Pigs, got us into Vietnam, and was just an asshole.)


      • I would argue that Lincoln was actually the worst. Not only was he responsible for over a million and a half deaths (5% of the country), but he destroyed the union. The states and their authority died on his watch.


        • Lincoln was vicious, mean and cruel as a president during the war. What? Are you supposed to be nice when fighting? Just look at Afghanistan and Iraq and see what being nice has done for us.

          But Lincoln’s plans for a post-war recovery of both the North and the South were “We hated each other, but that’s over, let’s work together to make a better country.”

          And that was all lost because some feckless Democrat shot him. Some left-wing moonbat. As usual. It’s always a left-wing moonbat Democrat or fellow traveler who does the killing, the assassinating, the bombing.

          Lincoln, when faced with a broken union, did what he thought was right for the country.

          These assholes, listed above? All did what they though was right for themselves and their friends.

          So, yeah, Lincoln was an ass. But he was an honorable ass in that he was trying to maintain the nation. Maybe #15 or so, but not in the top 10.


          • The problem that I had with Lincoln wasn’t the way that he fought the war, but that there was a war at all. The Union, the Constitution was never meant to be irrevocable. If Virginia had known or suspected at the time of ratification that joining the Union was irreversible, they never would have signed it.

            Before the war, the Union was a loose confederation of states, much like the EU. Lincoln used military force to keep states in the Union against their will. Once they left, keeping Fort Sumter in the south was a deliberate escalation that was meant to start a war.

            Everything that came after was a result of that war. Every President on your list was only able to do what they did because of the power that the Federal Government had as a result of that war, because after the war, we were no longer a Union of confederated states, we were a large nation with political subdivisions subordinate to that nation.

            Before the war, we didn’t have a standing army. The President had to ask the Governors for troops. After the war, that was no longer the case. Before the war, a person in this nation was a New Yorker, a Virginian, or a Pennsylvanian. After, they were Americans.

            Lincoln destroyed the Union and replaced it with a despotic national dictatorship. Far from destroying slavery, he made possible all that came after- including the national income tax, which ultimately made slaves of us all.


            • People have made good cases that slavery was already on its way out, and/or that it would have died on its own before long anyway.
              What’s more IMO, if we had left the South to the democrats we’;d have divorced them back then and wouldn’t have to deal with the bastards now if we could have managed to not give them money.


  2. Maybe Joey just needs to ‘negotiate’ with his pals some more. You know he is jealous as hell at how they abuse little girls… What a POS.


  3. Heartbreaking is the right word. Losing Americans in a war we already lost over a worthless dirt patch of a country that’s only good for growing heroin and terrorists. People enlist in the Military in good faith only to be abandoned by leadership. The ramifications of this are only beginning. Sure would have liked to hear what Ole Remus over at the Woodpile Report would have had to say. Maye it’s best he’s not here to see this. “Stay away from crowds”,


      • Which Cheney and Halliburton knew about long before they decided we needed to send our people in. I read ten years ago that Afghanistan had hundreds of billions of mineral deposits just waiting to be dug out and processed. That’s what this has been all about all along.


      • If people weren’t fooled into thinking electric cars were actually a solution to something we wouldn’t need all that lithium. Any way if you wanted to take over a country for minerals we should just take it over. This half measure “Nation Building” approach is idiocy.


  4. slojoe didn’t want a blackhawk down moment. too bad, he just got one. another democrat fuckup. to go with mogadishu, benghazi, now kabul. our so called reps should be dragging his ass out on the lawn for a hasty trial and a bullet in the head, leaving his body hanging on the fence for effect. now, cry HAVOK! and loose the dogs of war.

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  5. “I can’t wait to see how they try to spin this one.”

    Trump’s fault, legacy of racism/white supremacy; domestic white guys are still the real terrorists….

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  6. Like Reagan after the 1983 Beirut bombing, Biden said “I take responsibility.”

    He could have chosen the path of his predecessor and deny responsibility for anything, claim it’s a hoax and conspiracy perpetrated by the fake news, deeps state, and China. Then post a controversial tweet to distract that portion of Americans who have the attention span and critical thinking skills of a gnat.


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