20 thoughts on ““Our Efforts To Address The Global Plandemic”

  1. Anytime the white house spokesperson is speaking, the sign language chick should just put up two middle fingers and leave it at that.


  2. That’s almost as good as Biden saying “We have put together most extensive voter fraud team in the history of the country”.

    Fraud, your slip is showing.


  3. You can almost see the Billy, Barry and Lil’ Georgie Sorrows strings pulling the asspuppet.
    Guns will be worth their weight in gold and the only way to eat when the Long March CPUSA/CCP fellow traveler shit stains go after them.
    No stopping for the foreign replacement police or UN blue helmets, ever.


    • Virtue signalling, of course. Captioning would require that persons-of-differently-abled-auditory-sense (“deaf” is a pejorative Hate Term used by the Temporarily Able*) be able to read. That would also be a Hateful Assumption.

      But be of good cheer. Next presidential term it will be non-binary morbidly obese negroes doing interpretative dance of whatever the WH mouthpiece is spewing from xir oral orifice.

      *temporarily able: this is a THING. You can’t say someone is “normal” or even “not crippled”. They are merely “temporarily able”. I wish I was making this up. But lacking all three of a modern “liberal arts/grievance studies degree; genetic kinship to the Weather Underground types; and there not being enough brane-fucking drugs in the world, I can’t come up with shit like that.

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      • Yeah, they can temporarily go fuck themselves too.
        We gotta quit letting these retards hijack the language.
        Somebody says something like that to me and I am just going to stand there and stare at them like they are from outer space until they get what I am trying to convey to them.
        Trust me when I say it doesn’t take long either.


      • Prophetic, but I, at this point sincerely hope that the whole shit-house goes up in flames before then.



  4. Trans-lay-shun – We gonna have a get together dis week and Bullshit about what morons we all think you is for continuing to swallow the crock we get spilling out of our pie holes.


    • And I’m certain when it came time for questions not a single member of the
      vaunted White House Press Corpse thought to ask Jen
      “Did you just say “Plandemic” ???


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