5 thoughts on “One Of The Many Joys Cubicle Workers Will Never Get To Experience

  1. Phil,
    When I was young, I ran an aluminum extrusion press. We had a foreman who was an ass, and told us to leave a die with aluminum in it during our break. He called for an almost red billet to force the now cold aluminum in the die to break out. The press had 1800 tons of pressure, so it eventually did come out, but the now molten aluminum behind it blew out like violent diarrhea and spewed out as small bits which floated down like flakes.


  2. That also looks like about as much fun as filling a trash bag full of oxygen and acetylene and then touching that off with a torch.
    Pro tip: Put the bag into a metal dumpster and then just reach the torch over the top to set it off.



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