So Much For That

Fuckin’ assholes.

I had tickets to go see two concerts that I was really looking forward to seeing.

Megadeath with Lamb of God and Judas Priest’s 50th anniversary tour.

Both over in Portland. The first one next month and the second one in October.

That Commie Bitch Governor over there reinstated The Mask requirement for inside AND outside for the whole state of Oregon.


You can bet everywhere outside of the Willamette Valley Corridor on the West side, nobody is paying that shit a bit of attention, just like around here so far as I have seen.

However, Portland, being full of The Woke and being SJW Central, has the Covid Nazis at every turn.

So I get another email this morning from Ticketmaster, concerning this Moda Center, used to be The Rose Garden, and their New And Improved Covid policies.

I got one last week too but they went a step beyond even that bullshit this time.

Now not only is there no tobacco allowed anywhere on their property, plus that whole mask deal, they also are demanding Proof of The Jab or a Negative Covid test result within a 72 hour window of the concerts.

I have had the Megadeath tickets for two fucking years now. Originally it was Megadeath and Ozzy Osborne.

The Ozzy got sick so they came back a year later with the new lineup.

I had two tickets to that and two tickets to the Judas Priest concert, with pre paid parking.

All 4 of those tickets just went back up for sale,

Fuck that and Fuck You.

I ain’t playing your stupid Commie games.

If they sell, fine.

If they don’t sell and I gotta eat a couple hundred bucks, that’s fine too.

Kiss my fucking ass, it will be worth it.

I already had very limited uses for Portland anyway, now they are just saving me gas, time and the hassle of driving over there.

20 thoughts on “So Much For That

  1. I won’t buy any tickets for any event until the day of it just because of shit like that. And this ain’t even the flu season, just wait a couple months, the circus is coming to town.

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  2. Dave Mustaine has some health problems and Peace Sells But Who’s Buying was always the boom box jam tape for the morning ride to school in the original America before the Long March was completed.
    Glenn Tipton and KK Downing of Judas Priest are up there with the two guitar attack metal masters along with Anthrax, Slayer and Metallica.
    My first concert show, Ozzy and Metallica as a youngster and it was a winner with ears ringing a day later.
    I wouldn’t go near a show now with tickets at $500 and some Karen prattling on about how she did a keg stand at a Dave Mathews concert 30 years ago.

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  3. It’s a bummer not getting to a concert you’ve been looking for so long. Hope your tickets can sell–use any proceeds for an appropriate treat for yerself.
    As a report from the Oregon Outback: Every place of business has the signs on the doors about “masks required”, and the compliance rate is somewhere in the low single digits. As in, only the occasional Karen with a face diaper. Sometimes staff is bundled up, I understand if it’s the price of keeping your job, but there is brewing a much bigger and wider “Just Say No” campaign coming. Kommie Kate needs to fear a “reckoning”.

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  4. I feel for you. I had tix thru SucketMaster for Cheap Trick & B.O.C. last year at Orange County Fair. They postponed it a year due to the Chi-Com Crud and I couldn’t get a refund for love or money. Fortunately, all worked out this year and OC is not as mask-Nazi as LA County. Worth the wait. As for ever doing business with ShoveItMaster again, NFW. I’ll go buy direct at the venue or skip it. Hope all works out for you. Love your site!

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  5. Phil, you’re a very brave man to venture into that part of Portland. I wouldn’t step into that shit hole for anything. Rat infested Portland is so filthy, repulsive, and disgusting that we moved far away. Came back to wrap up loose ends. Cannot wait to get the hell out. Best wishes pal.

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  6. Outside of government orifices, signage is up everywhere. Every 8 or 9th person at the grocery store was masked; elsewhere essentially 0 . Have not seen anyone using the local drive up vaccine location in a week. Eastern half of the state is ready to push Portland and Salem into the sea. College kids, geriatrics, and no speaky English types seem to be the only ones complying in any numbers.

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    • After I got disgusted with all the crap they wanted me to go through just to watch a concert and I got fed up and put all my tickets up for sale I got to thinking about a few things and came to the conclusion that I would have been needlessly endangering myself just by showing up. Moda Center is about five minutes away from Antifa Central. Ol Remus’ repeated warning to stay away from crowds turned out to be especially prescient and that was long before the Kung Flu came around.


  7. Had to do a job placement test in Portland a decade ago, first time I ever stopped there. Stayed a few times here & there when the hotels in Vancouver were booked up in the intervening years. Wound up having to stay overnight earlier this year, the hotel district up by Hayden island, was not happy about those arrangements at all. Completely different vibe to the place now. God willing that’ll be the last time I ever have to stop in that shithole, unless I’m fortunate enough in my old age to assist with making the waaaantifa crowd into good communists. For that I’d be willing to stay for as long as it took.

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