Is The Universe Trying To Tell Me Something?

I had three different people send this to me yesterday.

I’ll tell you what I told them.

This, is my wife’s worst nightmare.

12 thoughts on “Is The Universe Trying To Tell Me Something?

  1. Yup, switch that that right there to a basement instead of a garage & it is my wife’s worst nightmare too.
    As much as I hate to admit it, that’s also a close approximation to the current state of my reloading bench. I gotta get that thing cleaned up. Again.


    • I see an old school refrigerator that probably keeps everything ice cold. Some older box speakers that probably have some good drivers on them. Numerous books, tools might be in the back. 🙂


  2. Now back up for the wider angle view.

    One of my favorite topics is the myth of the major birth surge in the post WWII baby boom. Compared to earlier in the 20th century, the “boom” was about 75% of the size of the normal birth rate at the start of the century. The real story is what happened afterwards, when the combination of “the pill,” legalized abortion, and the alarmist crap about zero population growth dropped the birth rate to half the 1900-1910 rate.

    So all around the country we have parents with fewer kids and a garage that looks like that. It’s a lifetime of stuff the parents thought was worth keeping and one or two kids. The problem is those kids are building their own equivalent garage full. They’d have no where to put it.

    If the kids aren’t there, taking those things one at a time, it’s all going into the landfill. No one will ever see it to pick over what they might want.


    • That’s actually a big problem.

      Not only do they not want the junk in the garage, they don’t want the stuff in the house either. Apparently there’s a glut in the used furniture market of items, like granny’s overstuffed couch, that no one wants these days.

      What happens around here is an ‘estate’ sale. The kids line up a company to catalog and sell the crap. Then what happens is the dumpster.

      I went to one where the dude was clearly an engineer. They had some very cool wood tool chests, calipers, assorted tools. The problem was they were priced way too high. For instance, a vintage set of craftsman wrenches, with slight rust, was priced more than a brand new non-chinese set.

      Which is sad, because I’ve bought some great tools at family run yard sales when pops goes to the home.


      • We go to estate sales a lot. Sometimes it is worth the effort just to see inside the house. We bought an Ethan Allen bedroom set for maybe a quarter of new price. Paid $50 for a $400 vise. The wife paid $12.50 for a $250 florists stemming machine. But we have seen stuff marked high than new also.


  3. Born again packrat here (How can you throw away perfectly GOOD junk?)
    Our little podunk town (pop. about 2500), has six commercial storage unit places. I have to vacate a garage I’ve been using for storage as the property is being sold, and I went to rent a space in one. THEY’RE ALL FULL! I managed to get one 10X12, about half the size I needed, and I’ve packed it like a tight suitcase. My wife asked about getting our Camp Chef grill out to go camping, and I said “It’ll take me half a days work to get it out from in there, no way is it worth that effort” (I’ll be building my own shop/garage as soon as lumber prices get back from insane to at least doable.)
    In other towns, I see these storage units sprouting like mushrooms, and they fill up as soon as they open. Gotta be a great investment, because after the initial construction and property, maintenance and depreciation has to be minimal and it’s just a cash cow after that.


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