I Bet It Is, Too

If you listen to the Commie SJW Woke crowd, they will tell you that you must have this diversity in all of our neighborhoods.

As a matter of fact, you are going to get it whether you want it or not.

They have been changing the zoning laws all over the country while you weren’t paying attention.

They did it here last year, I read about it after they snuck it through.

No more single unit housing neighborhoods, ya gotta have multiple family units in every single new construction development around here.

Right in the middle of a bunch of houses.

And if a house burns down or gets torn down?

You guessed it. They will force that shit on you by Eminent Domain.

And people still wonder why the price of housing went through the roof over in Idaho all of a sudden.

9 thoughts on “I Bet It Is, Too

  1. BlackRock will cash in bigtime. The indispensable diversity is here and most normietards are stuck back in 1982 with Penrod Fair signs up and jocksniff sportsball prattle about this is the year that the Mudsharks go all the way.
    Meanwhile property values are dropping like a kneeler and all the productive useful citizens have moved 50 miles out to be with the kulaks.
    This society is way too stupid to exist and will be put out of its misery.


  2. Hey, that’s a nice multi-unit low-income housing block you’ve got half-finished. Be a real shame if it burst into flames in seventeen places at 3AM, right after other fires and incidents sucked all the nearby emergency units to the edge of town…


  3. Phil said:
    “They have been changing zoning laws all over the country while you weren’t paying attention”.

    In response to court decisions, like NJ Supreme Court’s ‘Mount Laurel Doctrine’:
    The court ‘ruled’ that a certain minimum amount of space must be set-aside for low-income / Section-8 type housing in each Nazi Jerzey municipality.


    • I lived in a pretty nice hi rise in Fort Lee in the mid 90s. The 2nd floor was for the leeches. Always hanging in the lobby, tearing up the elevators, pulling fire alarms, and general negroid nonsense.

      Glad I moved back to north MI.


      • Exit 10. Same cr@p was starting back then, in ‘bedroom suburbia’. You should see how bad it is now. Everything above, PLUS $10k+/year property taxes, as a bonus! Escaped “Gun Owners’ Hell” [credit attorney Evan Nappen] for Redneck Central nearly 15 years ago. Never looked back; but, got friends/family in NJ who can’t – or won’t – move, so I keep a loose tab on events there. Recently learned a mosque opened just 3 blocks from where I used to live. How’s THAT grab ‘ya?


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