For Once I Agree With That Little Prick Fauci, Enough Is Enough

Although he is still trying his best to shove that Killer Jab down our throats and I think he needs to drink a gallon of it on live television.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he respects Americans’ freedoms, but the current public health crisis has convinced him “enough is enough” in a conversation with CNN about public and private vaccine mandates.

Following the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine this week, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Fauci Monday how much of a difference it would make if public and private employers began mandating vaccinations. Fauci acknowledged the FDA approval would be an incentive for companies and institutions to begin mandating the shot, adding he believes it would be a “good thing.”

“I respect people’s freedom, but when you’re talking about a public health crisis, that we’ve been going through now for well over a year and a half, the time is come, enough is enough,” Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser, told Cooper. “We’ve just got to get people vaccinated.”

I respect people’s freedoms eh?

There’s a Bald Faced Pinocchio if I ever heard one.

Pay attention here dickhead, I only want to have to say this once.

Take that jab and shove it up your ass you little tyrant.

It’s been out long enough and you motherfuckers have been pushing it non stop 24/7 for months now.

If people wanted the jab, they could have it by now.

The fact that a whole bunch of us wised up to your killing intentions seems to be causing you to talk shit out of the side of your mouth without realizing where you are at and exactly who you are talking to.

This ain’t Australia mate.

You try rounding people up and forcing them to get jabbed and it will result in a hail of lead coming your way.

The fact that you are trying to coerce corporate America into doing your dirty work for you just highlights the Fascism that we have been point to for years now.

The stink of desperation surrounds you Fauci and I hope the stench fills your nostrils and it is the last thing your brain recognizes before it shuts off forever.

You are going to fail.

I know it, you know it and anybody paying attention knows it.

And I can tell you why.

Because Fuck You, That’s Why.

30 thoughts on “For Once I Agree With That Little Prick Fauci, Enough Is Enough

  1. A “public health crisis” that he is directly involved in manipulating, the same way he manipulated the “medicine” for the AIDS epidemic and the perception of that 40 years ago.

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  2. Do you happen to understand the concept of vectors of transmission ( that is to say malignant ignorant turds such as yourself) ? Viral load? You for example are a load (stain) but not a viral one. These are terms I learned in the U.S. Army while being taught about unconventional, BIOLOGICAL and Chemical warfare.Subsequently I learned a wee bit as a model maker Prototype and casting molds) Thusly, I am comfortable in deluding myself in reasoning that you are interested more in attention seeking and self aggrandizement and that you are a malignant turd.. Viruses and VACCINES have ,essentially a half life of sorts. They can prove fatal. So ;you get the vaccine. It prevents you from KILLING any susceptible people around you. YOU die from it. BUT;it while take a lot longer (if at all) for you to eventually die than as you would have from eating all the canned, processed,greasy,chemically laden shit you have been consuming the preponderant part of your life. We ALL DIE. Its the honor and quality of life we lived with .rather than fucking with other defenseless , innocent people.. Get it? You Twat.


  3. Agreed!

    Slightly off-thread… How’s mask mandate compliance going over on your side of the mountains? (I live at the head of the Yakima Valley.)

    Over here? At the local C-store, they have been very strict in the past. A couple hours back, it was jam-packed. A couple folks walked in masked then removed them as soon as they saw ZERO compliance among the crowd that was there.

    Thirty minutes later I was at the local Freddie’s. Maybe 50% compliance there except for the staff who were all outfitted. That represents a drop from the 90% that I observed at the last days of the former mandate.

    There’s hope. I think people have had enough of the “expert BS”.


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    • I live somewhat east of you and had to take my wife to the ER last night because she fell and cut her head. ER female person was more concerned about my not having a mask than taking care of my wife. PO’d? I guess I was but I put on the face diaper and went to the waiting room. Female person comes back (I think her name was Karen) and gives me shit about not wearing it properly and I had to leave the hospital. Did I get more PO’d? Apparently as she threatened to call the cops. So, I did the right thing and took off the mask, dropped it on the floor and went outside to wait.

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      • Sorry to hear about your wife man, I hope she is fully recovering. I would have done the same thing you did. While letting them know exactly how I felt about it on my way out.


        • Thanks. She is doing better but it’s an ongoing problem so I might get to interact with “Karen” again. Hopefully, as a Christian I will do better.


          • They can’t arrest you for not wearing a mask.
            It’s not written in law.
            If you are arrested, sue the shit out of the medical establishment, and personally sue the arresting officers and medical personnel involved.
            (go to constitutionallawgroup dot us)

            I have had excellent results just saying “I don’t wear one for medical reasons” with a polite smile.


  4. Hey hey, people. Fauci is The Real Victim here.

    The poor man suffers from SFS, a debilitating clinical syndrome that has been around for centuries and was finally officially named by Dr Jordan Peterson: Short Fucker Syndrome.

    SFS is characterized by arrogance, belligerence, speaking as if ex cathedra (making pronouncements), getting into unnecessary fights, and general assholery. Please consider supporting a GoFundMe for poor Dr Fauci. SFS is no joke.

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  5. Hello Phil, I don’t expose myself to mass media. So what is that about rounding people up? ‘Fraid I’d be unresponsive to a tactic like that.


  6. “I’m not nearly as stupid as you seem to think smart guy.”

    Whole lot of us in that category, and we’re not afraid to back that up with whatever it takes.



  7. After holding off over a year, did my own research and decided that the J&J was closer to a real vaccine than any others. They were accurate in predicting that it would cause a spike in arthritic type side effects. They are diminishing with time and the usual Ibuprofen or Naproxen work OK to counter it..

    My biggest issue with this whole Fed Gov push on everyone is basically “why?”, Most of the population will get the crud, survive and most not know it was anything other than a cold or zero symptoms. They ALL end up with robust natural antibodies. So why the push?

    This then leads to two possible conclusions. 1) The companies that make the so called vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer are not) are paying off key politicians big time or 2) there is a kernel of truth in that this stuff could be a gateway to something nasty and damaging to the country down the road, all sponsored by the NWO crowd along with the insane eugenics cabal (Gates, I am looking at you).

    Neither of these are palatable and the second more dangerous than the first. I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it will unless a lot of the assholes pushing this end up in jail or reach their expiry date.

    Faux is invested in this, he is on the money grubbing side, likely paid by our enemies as well as the manufacturers. There has to be pushback against this big time or we are well on the way to being serfs.


  8. We’re not getting the notavax. But my wife, who just finished her last cancer treatment, has asked me to mask up when I go to the store now. She says she’ll be damned if she survives cancer and dies from the KungFlu.


    • The odds of her dying of the KungFlu will be rather low if you know somebody that can get you either Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, or (like me) Symbicort.
      Symbicort is rather expensive, though… mine costs me $90 per inhaler.


      • most farm and ag stores carry ivermectin and other brands that are the same chemistry. Not fenbendazole though it has a different chemistry


  9. i’ve said it b4, take away a man’s ability to feed his family, he’ll end your ability to do the same. arab spring only came about after the cost of food outpaced a days govt. controlled wages. those folks put up with tyrants and dictators, death squads and everything else, but when they couldn’t feed the fam, shit went sideways. american spring, coming to a state near you, any day now.


  10. “You try rounding people up and forcing them to get jabbed and it will result in a hail of lead coming your way.”
    Most I know are saying, “Why wait?” Then again most of us are just not that patient and have already had it up to here.


  11. Fauci needs to die….. publicly and violently. And a lot of his criminal coconspirators need to die with him. The leftists NEVER GIVE UP as long as they exist. To regain freedom we must end their existence. Nothing else will work.


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