16 thoughts on “Takin’ It To ‘Em

  1. When pappy owned the acreage in the Southern corner of the state I camped out one night by the car and started a fire, a blast of Uzi fire went off about 3 in the morning.
    Stamped the fire out and GTFO of there.
    You don’t mess around with kulaks or you get fed to the hogs.
    Another time I had a flat and ol’ farmer Joe had the exact tire and rim for a gas efficient Chevy, first vehicle in HS.


  2. Didn’t a farmer dump thousands of litres of manure slurry at the steps of the Scottish Parliament about 12 years ago? He was letting the pollies know what he thought of them implementing EU rules on Scot farms.


  3. You have noticed that there are very few large protests or riots in rural farm areas as those guys would just line up the combines and mow the lane


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