13 thoughts on “What Flavor Are The Windows?

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  2. I once saw a guy hook a bumper jack to the sheet metal fender and start jacking. To his credit, he stopped after tearing through about a foot and a half of sheet metal. Call me an asshole, but I never said anything as he was setting up. I just wanted to see what would happen.


    • On one of the old time Detroit monsters, made of three tons of steel, that might have worked. Cars nowadays can be totaled with a good kick. I’m with you though, I’d like to just watch idiocy in action.


  3. Unless the vid is flipped, it’s right-hand drive, so those are the upstanding bright lights of Britistan. Not only not Biden voters, but the people that still have a royal family that’s the bread and butter of every gossip rag and comedy broadcast on five continents, and since the fall of the Former Soviet Union, the absolute poster children for Why Socialism Sucks.

    And while I’ve met some pretty bright working guys in all occ fields, tow truck drivers are not generally nor overwhelmingly Mensa members.


    • ARP, I LOL’d at the title after I watched the video, Thanks to Phil. I haven’t heard that expression for the short bus in forever.


  4. About 16 years ago my ’86 BMW had to be towed. The “professional” tow truck driver ignored the towing hooks below the front bumper and hooked onto the sway bar ripping it out of the brackets and bending it like a pretzel. “We’re not responsible for damage to your car” I was told so I ended up on my back in the driveway in January in Canada replacing it.
    Every car sold in Europe in the past 20 years has a towing eye in the toolkit and front and rear anchor points to screw it into, it’s an EU reg.I believe there are only two thread sizes so if you have a small towing eye it will fit all small cars no matter what brand they are.
    Stupidity should be painful or expensive so you stop doing stupid things.


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