12 thoughts on “Oh My God It’s Fine, Ya Big Crybaby

  1. Almost certainly somewhere in China…..where the concept of OSHA doesn’t exist and workers are
    treated like cheaply replaceable dirt that many of them are……

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  2. I’m sure that means they don’t waste money on frivolous crap ,like air conditioning and heat,so they have plenty to spend on cables and tower maintenance.

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    • In Communist China? Look at the moon runes on the controls. He probably received -100 social credit points for videoing his work conditions and -500 for sharing it.


  3. Terrible, but I have to question the reasoning ability of the operator that climbs into the cab every morning. With that much rust, a control cable, section of boom, ladder, walkway….even the seat could fall apart at any moment.


    • Gotta fill his rice bowl, y’know. No unions or safety inspectors there – look at the quality of finished good coming out of China…


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