I wasn’t kidding

The bottled water aisle at the local Wally World about an hour ago.

This is what all three Wally World’s around me have looked like for the last month.

23 thoughts on “I wasn’t kidding

  1. I’m wondering how much of that bottled water is being sucked up by fire crew logistics. I can easily see a guy on the fire lines going through a case a day, and there are many, many thousands of front line troops out there right now.

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    • The Chevy folks REALLY want my 2 year old Silverado and they’re willing to pay me almost as much as I paid (am paying) for it. But would also be glad to sell me a new truck at twice the price. Or a good used one. Think I’ll pass on that.


  2. Same situation at Wallys (& the big chain – Hannefords) here in Maine. Frozen food – entrees – not just junk – have whole sections bare. Canned beans & such still a buck or less at the $ stores, and my FFL says ammo & weapon prices headed north again… ‘potus’ approval heading south big time. Saved beau coup empty soda and juice bottles, and have cases filled with water stashed – “..rater have and not need…” Interesting times.


  3. Old trick from hurricane belt days. Line your bathtub with a plastic drop cloth with the excess at the back. Fill to the brim and fold the excess over the top to keep out debris. Holds a lot of water and if being used first it won’t hurt you to drink it. Drop cloth is about 2 bucks. Little duck tape and your done. I used to have a blue barrel. A seam broke loose and drained it mostly out. Now just use juice bottles. Takes up more room but we have space.


    • 2003, we converted a 1997 Ford CF8000 commercial truck to our concept of an ExpeditionVehicle.
      After delivering RecreationVehicles manufacturer-to-dealer and dealer-to-shows, we realized their alleged ‘Quality Control’ offers less quality than we can afford.
      For water, we use retired Pepsi kegs.
      One keg manufacturer is Cornelius, so home-brewers of beer and kombucha use the nick-name ‘Corny kegs’.
      Five-gallons in stainless-steel.
      Advantages for us:
      * portable
      * loan one to other campers
      * contamination can be isolated to one keg while using the others
      * modular — take a half-dozen for a weekend or a couple-three dozen for a month
      * take a couple-three to town to re-fill while using the others at camp
      * move one to the picnic-table.
      We pressurize a keg with a 12vdc bicycle pump.
      A kitchen sink sprayer on the outlet offers a nice flow.
      For showers, we heat the water inside the keg using a 120vac kitchen ‘sous vide’ circulation heater.
      Somebody smarter than me calculated about ten minutes of sun on our photovoltaic to re-fill our battery bank for the juice to heat one shower-worth of water.
      Minor food-grade rebuild parts are available at local-owned brewer suppliers.
      (I tend to avoid that fly-by-night huckster at amazon. My opinion.)


  4. Here in The People’s Republik of New York its harvest season. Road stands look good but the canned veggies and fruit in the grocery isle is bare. Ain’t the Amerika I grew up in.


  5. I went to the grocery store last week and there were NO BARE shelves. Prices are, once again, starting to rise. Beef is unobtainium. Basic cuts are ~$10.00/lb with premium cuts at $15.00/lb and more. Hamburger is $7.00/lb.

    I read an article in the local non-mainstream rag this morning that indicated there is a movement afoot locally that grocery store management will start requiring jab passports end of this month.

    This from a state where the state motto comes from a freedom statement coined during the revolutionary war by one of its not so famous generals.


  6. I’m a little old fashioned. I have these things called sinks and faucets. You simply fill a glass with water and drink it. Very simple, very easy.


    • Yeah, try that after Katrina, Rita and Ike. Or very dry weather like 3 years ago when the water pipes broke all over our system. No water for 8 days and then you had to boil it for another week before use. You might be a little old fashioned, but you are dumb as a brick.


  7. We have been using a pair of countertop distillers for years. It’s cheaper than bottled water. and we don’t trust the tap water. Several times we have been notified, days late, of boil orders or “mistakes” at the water treatment place. All water for drinking or cooking gets distilled first. In case of no electric, we also have a Big Berkey filter.


  8. Wal Mart/Sams Club is also being slammed by their suppliers who were smarting over years of “sharpen your pencil” and Wal Mart leveraging their huge size to obtain goods at near cost.

    At present the suppliers are selling all they can make at whatever price they set, why sharpen your pencil for Wal Mart? Especially since Wal Mart effectively became 2/3 smaller by going to regular business hours instead of 24/7.

    People are noticing that if they HAVE to shop normal hours, there’s far more pleasant experiences.


  9. I have a swimming pool and a couple of these in storage

    There are occasional bare shelves here 20 miles west of DeBlasio’s paradise, but random products at random times. I chalk it up to trucking and delivery issues.


    • I have an adequate supply of water storage, and lots of life straws. Plus, I have the ability to whip up a still at any time with what I have on hand.
      Heat, light, food, water, semi-precious metals. Keep your powder dry, learn to reload.


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