How Do They Stay In Business?

I sure as hell don’t know anyone in my age group that goes to a fucking gym.

I spotted this outfit yesterday while we were stopped at some outfit the Wifely Unit needed to go into and had to drive across the lot to get this picture when she got back in the car.

16 thoughts on “How Do They Stay In Business?

  1. My buddy Gary is a gym rat. He is three years older than me – 68. He runs, golfs and is very healthy. Me, on the other hand, doesn’t. I have a BMI of 28, empties a bottle of wine when I open it and have never set foot in a gym since high school. He got the clot shot, I refuse.

    I will certainly outlive him…


  2. But Phil, surely you won’t refuse the kiss-of-life from the young honey instructor in the skin-tight spandex outfit, if you feel a little woozy when you try the aerobics class? No fair trying to emulate the young surfie in the Snickers ad. With my luck, it’d be someone like a gay Cederq trying resuscitation!


  3. Well, at least those Boomers who never did any hard work their entire life can go somewhere to finally get in shape.
    Me? Swapping out a Roadranger 18-speed and clutch tomorrow.

    I would like to see a Millennial keep up with me.


  4. I’m 79 and my brother 76. He’s always been active but got the bad genes and something is always going wrong. My philosophy has always been, “Read books, listen to music, watch movies and play with my radios.” My blood tests are all within spec and no meds at all, well, nose spray. My dentist always says, “No meds?” Luck of the first born.


  5. Somewhat O/T. Us supposed boomers need to get our heads out of our asses and think about what we are really doing with our lives.

    Traveled across half a state to “visit” with an old friend yesterday. I put visit in quotes because about all he could do was put on half a grin and nod his head once in awhile at the stories of yesteryear I was sharing with his son. Cancer is beating his ass bad and if he lasts another week, especially in view of his last comment to me, I’ll be surprised.

    Here is a man who worked his entire life to provide for his family. Didn’t drink, didn’t party, didn’t run around, didn’t smoke, didn’t do any drugs, didn’t lie, cheat or steal. Knew and knows his God. The kind of guy you could trust to have your back in any type of situation and not have to worry about him putting a knife in you.

    We used to run around in the mountains together chasing elk, with all that entails. Had some fun times, had some scary times, had some successes, hell they all were successes just sometimes we didn’t bring home an elk. Ditto on the fishing we did together.

    Now his earthly reward isn’t enjoying the twilight of his life, post retirement, doing more family stuff, mini ranching, hunting, fishing, watching his grandkids grow up. No, it’s basically strapped to a bed, a hollow shell of the man he used to be.

    His last words to me, shared almost fiercely, “Tell them to let me go.”

    That really hits home.

    We all are spending too much of our time and focus on the wrong things. Politics and the bullshit happening back in mordor on the potomac, yes, we need to keep track of what the bastards are doing but we can’t fix the system, it’s too broken and corrupt. Controllers and progressives (one and the same) are going to so what they are going to do. All we can do is shoot them in the face when they come knocking at our door. As a side not I don’t really mean that last sentence. I will never wait to engage them until they knock on my door but that is a different discussion.

    We should just lives our lives as free men in spite of them. While we need to be good Boy Scouts and be prepared, our focus should change to the joys of life, both big and small, and not lose ourselves to all the minutiae of the shit storm tossed our way everyday.

    We all have our battles and demons but I know I’m going to be making some changes in my focus and day to day doings and how I spend my remaining days, however many they are.



  6. Good on ya Wes. Not off topic at all here on Phil’s Phorum. My wakeup call was 911. Prior to that, most of my life, I’d been as apolitical as I could get away with. If I identified with anything is was libertarian with a small “l”. Well, the suicide bombers disabused me of that naive way of thinking. My redneck roots came out with a vengeance. I said at the time that there was nothing I could do about evil bastards like Saddam Hussein, but I could focus on my life, here and now, and be the best I can be.
    Here and now, in our current sh*tshow, I’m still of that way of thinking. My wife just told me that our guvernator, Kommie Kate Brown has mandated all schools in Oregon to require the vax for all employees. That’s not gonna fly. I said that her answer to any question of “Are you vaccinated for the Wuhan flu” is to be: “It’s none of your business, my medical information is private. Period, end of discussion”. The only person who can legitimately ask that question is her own doctor. As for losing her part-time gig at the school, yes, maybe for the month of September, but by October they’ll be realizing that they don’t have the staff left to run them. Hospitals across the country are already realizing they’re in crisis without staff to operate if they try to mandate this BS.


  7. I’d say mostly people looking for a meat market for oldies.

    Why would you pay someone to exercise? I have a Weider gym and flat hamster ‘wheel’ downstairs.


  8. The youngest boomers are 56; the oldest are 76. Not counting the ones already dead.
    They should try a coffee shop and card club, with bingo nights.
    The money is bigger, and the liability insurance is 1/10th what they’re paying now.
    Just gotta keep 9-1-1 on speed dial.


  9. If 56 is the youngest of the boomers, I am almost there – and I am a gym rat; have been for 7 years now. Do not know that I would go to a gym that caters to my “age group”, any more than I would be likely to go to a gym that refuses to carry free weights because people lifting heavy might be “embarrassing”.


    • Back during my college year, the favorite bar in Razorback Town was called “The Library”.

      Who can object to a student that spends a whole lot of time in the library?


  10. Got a bike and a treadmill downstairs in the basement.

    And now I need foot surgery, can hardly walk without padding on my feet.

    Old Age is not for sissies.


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