16 thoughts on “Your Feel Good Moment For The Day

  1. I actually don’t really feel scared by these DARPA droids.
    They may look unsettling but any resistance fighter keeping calm and his wits will render those toys worthless.
    Just think US high tech in Afghanistan …


  2. You’re missing the point. The robot is doing something you might not be able to do. It fell. So what? We are very close to Skynet.

    Time to wake up.


  3. I did LOL at that. “Look ma…I can fly!” thump.
    One good thing to remember about all of these things. These are real, and emerging tech. That in itself is huge. Where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going…BUT…. These things STILL have minimal range (longest untethered run so far is 5K in 53min by ‘Cassie’ at Oregon State U) and she’s bare basic stuff to make the legs move and nothing else. And they’re still very very easily breakable. One shot from anything from any distance will make these just something to step over and get to the factory and the people making them. The gun toting robots are CGI, but the ability to run and gun is still a ways off.
    However, this tech is still in it’s infancy. They’re really just getting started. Battery tech…still gaining, but we’re talking huge weight vs required output. Mini-nuke turbine kW sized generators have already been tested (I’m talking day pack size). But, for everything you add, you have to strengthen everything else…and that usually costs weight and/or payload. Sure, they’re cute cuddly and adorable right now, but not one of us alive now will ever face an army of them that’s anything more than shock and awe…and without substance. Good old tried and true methods around your lines…tanglefoot is going to stop these for the next generation, 4′ chain link with a topper. Hell, for the next generation 6′ thin plastic deer fencing or amazon thin kevlar survival line will stop them. And how many of them have been tested against a fence put up by an angry gardener that’s running a flyback transformer on the wires? I’ve watched deer touch the fence, hit the ground and not get back up with that setup. What would 50kV do to one of these? Shielding is weight, weight needs moved, power can’t get them there yet.
    While they’re impressive, and the tech is up and coming…these are still and will be a nothing burger for quite a while. And never, never, never discount folks who just wanted to be left the fuck alone…we’ll find a way, forever. And some out there with an above bathwater IQ could use one of these corpses to really send a message.

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  4. Marbles. A big bag of marbles. Works on robots and humans. Won’t stop ’em but does give them something to do while you’re unlimbering A Tool of Decisive Resolution.

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  5. I think the sensor and software which sees the gap and makes the decision to jump (or not) still needs some work, but I agree also with millerized…


    • Lead in their lithium cells is not only a show stopper, it prevents them from just slapping in another battery pack and sending them back out. Search ‘shooting lithium battery’ for more goodness.


  6. All they are going to have to do to fix the problem above is to put some rubber shoes on the soles of the feet on the damned thing so it’s feet don’t slip.
    I agree with Miller though, we won’t be seeing waves of Terminators anytime soon.


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