Impeach Biden For Dereliction Of Duty As Commander In Chief And Then Start Lining Them Up For Aiding And Abetting The Enemy

Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan and saying you have no plans on rescuing them alone should be enough to start impeachment proceedings on Joe Biden for dereliction.


Knowingly leaving millions of dollars of war materials with zero effort to either extricate or destroy them is aiding and abetting, especially when they knew they were going to pull out months ago.


Key word.

Go read this over at EatGruelDog and make sure not to miss the very last lines.

Benedict Arnold can rest a little easier, we are going to have a new Number One Traitor to kick around for a long damned time.

25 thoughts on “Impeach Biden For Dereliction Of Duty As Commander In Chief And Then Start Lining Them Up For Aiding And Abetting The Enemy

  1. How do ya tell when biden is lying? When his lips are moving. That sunofabeach cucksocker stood there in front of the worrrrld and said he told the taliban that if they attacked any of our soldiers he would retaliate with swift and overwhelming force. Oh Yeah? Says I. When secdef austin stood in front of the worrrrrrld just a few short days ago and said he didn’t have enuf resources to go outside the wire to rescue trapped americans. Assholes.

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  2. Saw another report that we had B-52’s in the air headed for Bagram Air Base to flatten the place and all the assets we left behind. Strike was recalled.

    Heard on talk radio that the commander of the 82nd Airborne told the Brit commander that the Brit rescue operations were “Jeopardizing our (U.S.) deal with the Taliban”. Resulted in a shouting match. Rank and file 82nd troops are livid with rage and frustration.

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  3. this is a fuckup that will haunt us for a long time to come. and they want to talk about gun control
    here to us ? they just armed a hostile force with state of the art weapons .
    and not just a few of them either, but thousands of new rifles, state of the art optics, night vision
    and god knows what else. good job you assholes ! one can only hope they show their new toys to
    you, and leave us normal people alone.

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    • This nation still has not recovered from the Korean war, and the Vet Nam war that was done last century. The libturds pissed away the Victory we had in WWII and it has been a coaster rind down his since then.


  4. You look at making a purchase of night vision or thermal optics and have to agree to a non export clause before being able to get it. I had to sign State Department papers years ago to that effect.

    Now they’re just giving it away to the very people that aren’t supposed to be able to have it.


  5. No disrespect, but what would impeaching biden do? He’s a degenerate, demented fucking retard, but if you flush him, we get kamala f’ing-hairball. Flush her, and you get nancy, who’s even more fucked up than biden.

    Nation is fucked, my brother.

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  6. It’s not just kamel and pelousy, as Tim commented, it’s several dozen others that are behind the scenes, who are planning and manipulating. With no regard for being identified, because no one has held them responsible for being domestic enemies. Yet.


  7. I’m beginning to think that “Operation Chaos” was the Plan from the beginning, and it succeeded, Brilliantly, due to the Treason and Incompetence of the Military ‘leadership’.
    Waiting to see if any of the many Mercenaries (‘security contractors’) left behind get Antsy and Hijack a Plane, or try and organize a Convoy of Vehicles to Fight their way out of the Country. But I suspect that the Merc Companies have already made and are executing Plans to get their Employees Out.


  8. Damn right! And impeach him for the ‘beautiful’ peace treaty he signed with his Taliban friends. And for releasing 5000 Taliban fighters including the current leader. And for removing sanctions against the Taliban. And for promising that American troops would be out by May 1.
    Never mind. That was Trump.


    • It’s kind of like how Trump merely said ‘grab them by the pussy’, but shit-head democrats like your boy Joe actually rammed his fingers up his staffer’s snatch.


      • Wow! That’s quite the diversion from Afghanistan but I’m game. You’ll believe anything if it owns the libs. The woman of many aliases can lie online and lie on TV but she can’t get a lawyer to take her case because lying in court is illegal. Follow the money. It’s a good business model. Say or do something outrageous that appeals to the rwnj’s and then fund raise online. The rubes will respond.


  9. you stretch a few necks, the rest will disappear for decades, maybe forever. jus sayin… thing folks are forgetting…we left javelins and man portable surface to air missiles behind. m1 abrams, nearly indestructible. not so worried about jets and drones except that china will now have them. but i think the term you’re looking for is : rendering aid and comfort to the enemy.


  10. The Long Marchers want chaos and disorder to bring about the global Soviet.
    A soft weak pantywaist society will beg for their chains after a fearporn overdose of plandemics, WAR, famine, economic wipeout, climate catastrophe, alien invasion.
    The Long March really began with Ape Lincoln and they no longer hide it now.


  11. But surely Benedict Arnold was a patriot, protecting his country against the insurrectionists, no? At least, if the Pommies had won, that would be the case.


  12. Impeachment would stamp an imprimatur of legitimacy on the THEFT that put Pedo Joe in the White House. What needs to happen is simple…..perp walk him, Horizontal Harris and a few thousand of their coconspirators out of their repspective offices and HANG THEM.


  13. At least Biden actually made good on the withdrawal, much against the will of the Deep State and their corporate media cronies, as evidenced by the tongue-lashing he’s currently getting. It’s a messy withdrawal, sure, but if he had done anything other than a surprise pullout with minimal planning, the glowies would have found a way to throw in a monkey wrench somewhere to stop it. You don’t think they want to keep Afghanistan a bottomless pit for taxpayer dollars forever? C’mon!


  14. There were approximately 10.000 Americans stuck in Afghanistan when the Ambassador fled the country. If a tenth of them are alive this time next year I would be highly surprised. Their blood is on SloJoe’s hands.

    Then there is the tech and armaments left behind. The helicopters, tanks, night vision, ground radar, biometric scanners, missiles, and big guns. I read somewhere that almost all of the extended range 105 howitzers were left behind. How soon will this stuff end up in China and Russia?

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    • You can bet representatives from Russia and China are busting their asses to get to Kabul and buy at least one of everything.


  15. Strange days indeed. We basically need to replace the whole government at this point. This is where a parliamentary system would have a no confidence vote. One wonders where all that hardware is going to show up. For some reason I am reminded of a late friend of mine who had among his single action Colt collection a revolver that, as far as anyone could tell, had been originally issued to Custer’s unit. I pointed out to him that if true, it meant that the gun had been in the hands of the Lakota Sioux. All of Custer’s weapons went into the “Public Domain” on June 25, 1876. Be prepared to have all that shit shot back at us!


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