16 thoughts on “Phil Does CPR Training

  1. I have seen trained medical personal do similar techniques…. nothing surprises me anymore. One of the myriad reasons I have a DNR status. I would rather die then be a vegetable for life due to someones incompetence, neglect or just plain stupidity.


  2. Way back when, the place I worked at had annual CPR training for all employees. Attended a class where a gal immediately started pulling the top off the dummy without checking for breathing & pulse first. One guy said “I’d like to follow you along the beach”.


  3. The craziest is doing cpr on gunshot victims.
    All you’re doing is finishing them off quicker as blood is being forced out of the bullet holes!


  4. I don’t know about that Cederq, the vegetables get more attention from the nursie girls than I do. They never seem to come closer than a metre from the bed when I end up in hospital.


  5. Texson, they write things on the wallboard above my bed. If I knew their code, I’d modify it. Also, being wimmins, they take offence when I truthfully reply “bloody bastard cats”, to the allergy question. A bloke is just being honest.


  6. In a previous life I had to retake CPR and other First Aid courses every damn year, got real old after twice, and after the first twice, my response was always to walk up, nudge em with the foot and reply “you gonna die fool”……. I think I’ve taken CPR & related courses not less than 25 times, and I still can’t remember what to do.


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