Hold The Line

Right at this moment we are all living in a historical period in time that will be talked about for many generations to come.

Trying to survive the day to day grind tends to blind people to the larger context of things historians in the future will look back on and declare to be historical dates and events.

Make no mistake that the recent full panic retreat from Afghanistan, which is actually still occurring as I type, will be one such event.

Right up there with Pearl Harbor and The Fall of Saigon.

Two other very notable Black Eyes our country has suffered in the past.

It’s place in history has already been reserved, we are just waiting to see how bad it is really going to get before some random person finally gives it an ending point.

As it sits right this moment, I don’t see and end to this debacle for quit awhile yet.

Which brings me to the point I would like to make.

The people who are responsible for this unmitigated disaster are the very same people who seem to think that they are the boss of you.

They believe that they are smarter than you are and that you need to do whatever they say you should do.

From where I am sitting here watching events unfold over the last several months to a year, I’m thinking these people aren’t smart enough to pour piss out of a boot with the directions printed on the bottom of the sole.

I’m also thinking this Afghanistan Fiasco is more proof than I could ever ask for.

These people are tear up a cast iron anvil with a rubber mallet kind of stupid actually.

I have seen lots of speculation and fear that these so called geniuses are going to bring the very same military home who just got their asses handed to them by a bunch of goat herders wearing sandals and packing vintage Russian semi automatic weapons, if they were even that fortunate, to start hunting and killing people here who have different political views that the current installed regime has.

This same military who had every single modern wizz bang technological piece of war fighting equipment that money could buy, including satellite guided ordinance and remote controlled bomb dropping silent killer drones, night vision and those now famous F-15’s.

OK, the military has some serious capabilities.

The people telling the military what to do apparently can’t hit their ass with either hand though.

Take a hard look at what has been foisted on the people of this country as supposedly “Fairly Elected Leaders” and what is actually going on right this minute, today.

The “President ” went on vacation as did the Press Secretary while this whole disaster happened.

The “Vice President” bailed the hell out of the country and went to Viet Nam to escape taking any blame for what is going on.

“They aren’t pinning this shit on me” she supposedly said as she flew off across the Pacific.

I haven’t been able to verify that but I’m here to tell you it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was true.

The actions of the “President”, “Vice President”, The State Department, The Intelligence community, the Military upper command and various policy wonks and all those in serious positions of power have all failed spectacularly here.

And you think these people have the capability to wage an internal war against the most heavily armed native population the world has ever seen?

It is to laugh.

Once again, there are an ESTIMATED, half a BILLION guns in private hands in this country.

Those gun owners also have over ONE TRILLION rounds of ammunition by educated guesses.

There are a little over 7 Billion people on this planet in total.

That is enough ammo to shoot every single human on this planet hundreds of times.

These are also the same people who live and work here.

That would be you and me.

It would be absolutely suicidal to try and order the military to start killing American civilians.

ESPECIALLY when that same military is taking orders from people who apparently can’t tie their own shoes.

So I’d say we have plenty of legitimate things to worry about instead of Stupie McShitstain’s handlers thinking they can take on the biggest unorganized fighting force the world has ever seen.

These idiots couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

As clever and organized as they may be,

there is a huge difference between rigging an election and trying to herd 320 million cats.

58 thoughts on “Hold The Line

  1. I don’t think what happened in Afghanistan was incompetents. There is no way the military didn’t know precisely how to withdraw our troops. I am a 56 year old granny with no military experience. With that said my assumption was civilians were evacuated weeks ahead of the troop withdrawal and all military equipment was removed. Then my assumption was our military bases would be bombed to prevent the Taliban if they ever got a foothold in the country again, couldn’t use them.
    This was done on purpose. This was done on purpose for several reasons. 1) This will be used to remove Biden, 2) We will now get thousands of Afghan refugees. Refugees immediately qualify for Cash, Food, Medical and housing. 3) The USCIS prepared for Afghan refugees months in advance as did the States that will be receiving them. Typically system changes are only made at the State government level if the state is expecting to process thousands of a specific something. The United States in expedition a couple hundred thousand refugees. This was done on purpose. They are trying to destroy the United States and they are very good at what they do.

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    • to all of a sudden pull all troops out of the country and close the Bagram air base….ignore the numerous intelligence briefings that told them the Afghan Army would not hold (they are lying as sure as they are breathing when they say no one told them) and then to have ZERO plan to get Americans and those that helped us out of the country before their deadline is ignorance in the highest sense of the word.
      If they KNEW they were pulling out of the country, they should have begun pulling people out of the country (not military but the civilians and those that assisted us) for MONTHS before the date….not scrambling now like they are to get it done. This would have enabled them to get all out including those that are now trapped outside of the airport.

      I have no love for anyone military officer with stars on their collars. They are political appointees as much as any other and are expected to tow the line of whatever administration put them in place.
      I have less of an opinion of the politicians that we continually “hire” to be our “representatives”. They forget that they work for us the moment the party is over congratulating themselves for pulling the wool over our eyes and getting “hired” in November.

      Rant over…I could go on for days.


    • Miss Granny- I couldn’t agree with you more. When viewing the sat pics of the aircraft on the ramp, they are wide open targets. The Chinese will pay dearly for the possession of them. Had to be tempting to feed a grenade to each of them.


  2. Very well written. Just for fun though and based on my saying WTF a few times every day for months now, and if I extrapolate into near future events, here is what I come up with.

    The Afghanistan situation was planned by them to go down just like this. btw, I was looking at flightradar24 yesterday and there was one single C17 heading into Afghanistan yesterday that I saw – to pick up thousands of Americans stranded there? Even the dems can’t be this stupid by accident.
    This has the added benefit of using the 25th amendment pelosi stirred into the cauldron just before Biden was to be injected into office, to get him out all legal like. I hope he is shocked when they toss him out.
    Harris gets moved to the ejection seat. She is even more incompetent than Joey so she’ll be gone quickly and pelosi will be pres.
    All those people who will resist? Good bet they haven’t been vaxed, so they’ll be put into camps for everyone’s safety against this deadly virus that 99.x % survive.

    So, joey out, Harris in then out, pelosi in – then the real evil starts.
    We’ll see.


  3. “….these people aren’t smart enough to pour piss out of a boot with the directions printed on the bottom of the sole.”

    You would first have to explain what “piss,””boot,” “sole” and “pour” were, with small words and lots of pictures. That they can apparently dress and feed themselves is a continual source of amazement.

    Regarding solutions to our mutual problem, it can be accomplished by engaging all resources; but, they would have to be, first, smart enough to do that and, second, honest enough to admit that they didn’t have all the answers. Not gonna happen in either case.

    As for TPTB wanting to start herding us, bring it on. When it pops it will be several months of absolutely brutal and vicious hell with lots of death on both sides but that’s probably better than years in hell’s waiting room with these idiots trying to figure out where the helm is and what it does.

    Sometimes instead of frantically trying to keep the rusty wreck of a poorly maintained and manned ship afloat it’s better to just put a couple torpedoes into it and have the shipyard build a new one.


  4. A related article, food for thought.
    (Kim du Toit mentioned it in one of his posts)

    TL;DR version is that the situation is public incompetence of the managerial class running the show, and that they’re on the way out as the scale of their bumbling is exposed plain to see for everyone.
    That’s more optimistic than some of the explanations floated in this thread, I hope this one is correct and not that this is all part of a clever dem plan to replace xio bi-den.

    If nothing else, all the pictures of the taliban taking over with M4s, ACOGS, etc etc that we paid for has hardened the resolve of the regime’s enemies.


  5. Never assume malice where stupidity is a better explanation.

    They are just that stupid and incompetent. Biden was an imbecile back when he had two functioning brain cells to rub together. He was never bright, and now he’s a hot mess.

    They’ve done this before. They were told what would happen and flat out didn’t care. And when it happened that bad and fast, they all hid. The way they are acting and disseminating says it all.

    There is no damage control from this 20 megaton bozo explosion. Everyone who has eyes can see it.

    Far as only one plane headed there? They had no intention of getting anybody out. Probably still don’t. I think the only planning they are doing is for damage control and to suppress what’s really going on over there. FFS, I read where the brits were going out of the airport to grab their people (and some of ours).


    • Hanlon’s Razor is trumped by Heinlein’s Razor, which is basically the same statement, followed by “…but don’t rule out malice…”. In other words, don’t assume malice but don’t rule it out either, just keep your eyes open.


  6. There is a class of self-appointed elites who think they can alter reality just by making mouth noises. I’m reminded of a politician from New York, during WWII, who said he could have prevented the war if only he had had a chance to talk to Adolph Hitler.
    Anyone’s guess as to who is whispering in their ears to encourage their delusions of adequacy.


  7. Well, this withdrawl from Afghan was many things. Not the least of which was whether the rank and file service members would follow illegal orders or not. How did they do?


    • What happened was stupid, even criminally stupid, but you haven’t pointed out any illegal orders. Why blame the rank and file when the leaders are responsible for the whole shitshow?


  8. The fall of Saigon was 46 years ago and really doesn’t have any affect on my life today… no more than the Boxing Day tsunami (2004) that disappeared over a quarter of million people had.

    As I think back to Viet Nam I thought the lesson learned was, “Don’t do it without a clear plan, what’s to be accomplished and how you’re going to leave”.
    It seems I was wrong about the lesson … “A war can make some a LOT of money and it doesn’t have to end” was the one the people in charge learned.


  9. Actual purposes of The Crusades:

    Kill off the physically fit, vigorous, smart, capable members of the middle class who would otherwise compete with the elites.

    Tax away the savings of the middle class. These savings would otherwise make the middle class capable of more independence from elite policy, and capable of investing in factories to produce their own disruptive innovations which would compete with the elites.

    Send those taxes to arms makers loyal to government, whose weapon systems are available to be used against the middle class.

    Spend the taxes on a standing army and a standing press loyal to government, which herds the middle class into a feedlot for tax farming.

    Create a pretense for both government and the church to need more power to direct things, now that things are more busy in their self-assigned subject matter areas.

    The difference between a government and a protection racket like the Mafia is a government has an established church to promote the mythology that the government is not a protection racket. In the US the established church is the “public” (government) school system.

    Why do you believe government is capable of behaving like the fantasies Norman Rockwell painted? Because some government employee told you so over and over for six hours a day in mandatory indoctrination camps when you were aged 5 to 12.


    • I don’t believe goobermint is capable of behaving like a Rockwell painting, I believe the American people are capable of it, and more. The mandatory indoctrination camps merely made people forget their own potential for greatness.


  10. The thing I worry about should they turn the military on American citizens, is that they won’t be constrained by the sames rules of engagement that they are in foreign countries. In foreign countries, they are to minimize collateral damage and do everything possible to minimize harm to innocents. I am afraid that, at least in predominantly red areas, they will consider everybody to be enemy combatants, and thus won’t be restrained.


    • Ahh, good point, now, let’s turn that around, if they have no ROE, what think you that we will have any ROEs? If our families and innocent loved ones are targeted, so are theirs. As it stands now, there are more of us then there are of them. Yes, we will be fighting a two front war, what, with our government and DotMIL, those they bring in, say blue helmets and chicom mercenaries (same thing) All I know is I made my peace, spoke with the Lord my God and I will heft a sword in His name. kinda like being a modern day Crusader… will I survive? Have no idea.


  11. Same over here in the UK only we have been slowly disarmed over the last 50 years one small increment at I time. When (If) we fight back it will have to be with whatever weapons we can make in the back shed or workshop and they aren’t going to very sophisticated.
    Should you cousins ask can or will we fight I cannot give you an answer. I am just one old Vet living amongst a gang of self-interested, fearful wimps but I will stand with whatever I have to hand and to hell with it. Thanks for your thoughts on this Phil, I find it pleasing that some of the old blood is running there on that side of the pond.


    • With all due respect Brother Antony, I submit that in your case, your job might not be to stand but rather to train others to stand. Help them to get over being such fearful wimps. They might have forgotten but you still know how.


  12. Biden is complaining that he needs to be spending overnights in Delaware because he’s not sleeping well. I think there’s something else going on here. He looks awful, overwhelmed and disoriented even more so than usual. I don’t believe he’s long for this office or, this world. Another blog I read had posted that Harris is secretly polling the cabinet about the 25th amendment. They claim the 4-11 came from a reliable source.


  13. Stay Strong everybody, don’t waver one fucking IOTA, these EVIL Libtards are about to get a wake-up call that they will regret for the rest of their lives, no prisoners, you can’t feel sorry for them, crush every one of them and their spawn. We will get our country back and get rid of these 4 star asshole.


  14. PRO TIP: When life gives you lemons… On your construction projects, offset skyrocketing material costs by utilizing cheap labor coming from the south. We may need a lot of gallows. You are building gallows, right?


  15. My questions are these: If we have all of these small arms stored there why were they not distributed to the civilian population and American population so that they could protect themselves? People knew the Afghan army wouldn’t fight but we left all of that advanced weaponry on site. I believe so that our enemies to examine our arsenal. Why didn’t we either bring home or destroy that weaponry before we left? The nation building nonsense must stop now! When GW announced that we were going to stop the aggressive fighting for a “velvet glove” approach I knew we were screwed! I think that DJT owns a portion of this crap too!
    he started the negotiation with the Taliban. Bad juju!!


    • “I think that DJT owns a portion of this crap too! he started the negotiation with the Taliban. Bad juju!!”

      Big difference between what Pompeo said was told to the taliban: “I was also in the room when President Trump made very clear to Mullah Baradar, the senior Taliban negotiator, that if ya threaten an American, if you scared an American, certainly if you hurt an American, that we would bring all American power to bear to make sure that we went to your village, to your house. We were very clear about the things that we were prepared to do to protect American lives,” the former diplomat, who also previously served as Trump’s CIA chief, said.

      and Joe’s “Please let the Americans get to the airport safely.”


  16. I suspect the expensive stuff was deliberately left behind for a few reasons, including the cost of shipping it back to CONUS. But I think the most important reason was to write off the cost, and then get Congress or the DoD to buy replacement items. This generates lots of profits for the defense firms, more jobs for retiring officers, and more donations to friendly politicians. Everyone wins, except for the taxpayer.
    I suppose that I shouldn’t complain, though. I earned a very good living working on a lot of aerospace projects over the last 40 years, and a relative who retired as a Lt. Col. died a multi-millionaire working for a major contractor.
    Incompetence does play a role in this fiasco, but I’m not certain it was that much.


    • If the most important reason was to write off the cost, they could have accomplished exactly the same thing by destroying the equipment (per the standard doctrine of denial of assets).
      No sir, they were intentionally arming the taliban.

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      • no, giving our tech to china. talliban doesn’t have the collective iq to run any of it. remember, joe is wholly owned by china. they got their money’s worth this time.


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  18. To be fair, if/when our better unleash the .mil (and a bunch of surprisingly well-armed militias spring up out of nowhere to help them) on the domestic populace, the ROE will be much, much looser than those in force in Afghanistan.


  19. I’m not “scared and running”, and it always looks all right when firehand posts the data, or the FFF is up, and I suspect everyone reading here is ready for the hammer to fall.

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  20. Every post has merit. The one thing I haven’t seen addressed is
    We all know the CIA is funded largely by a Black Budget. That money has been from drugs in the past and I believe right up to now. What war will replace this one? And where? Or are we going to do a return? That would explain not destroying the bases. Remember, the Taliban had the poppy crop at record lows. We went in and brought protection to the fields,bringing the harvest to record highs.
    Just say no.

    Too bad the anti drug government didn’t have stuff to spray on the fields.


    • “Too bad the anti drug government didn’t have stuff to spray on the fields.”

      You mean like the Paraquat the Federales sprayed on the weed crop in the ’80’s??


      • I was just pointing out how strident they Try to make us believe they are in fighting drugs, while we who are old enough to remember Guns for drugs and the CIA starting the crack mess. Check out Freeway Ricky Ross,,Everyone who has been watching knows what was happening in Mena Arkansas. The CIA is largely funded by a black budget. Remember the coffins from Nam?
        I was sneering at the obviousness of the Kuboki theatre games they feed us.
        The next question is, what will they do to create a situation that replaces what they lose by not being in Afghanistan?
        The opiates that won’t be on the streets will cause a lot of problems. Will we see pharmacy robberies?
        How will this affect the private prisons with fewer people buying, selling, heroin? Eeeek!
        The point is

        IF indeed America stands in opposition to drugs, having our men guarding the fields instead of destroying them is kind of difficult to explain.
        Something Simply isn’t true.

        My guess?
        The rhetoric doesn’t fit with the truth.


  21. History is written by the victors. And it’s lookng like the.criminal commie left will be the ones fabricating the FICTION that will be taught to future generations as “history”.


    • I hope it keeps them up at night.
      I did notice that they had to go out of their way a couple times and remind the Jack Booted Thugs that this is actually Constitutionally Protected activity .


  22. As the days unfold you have to wonder what the grand plan is. I can’t imagine what it’s like being left behind in Afghanistan, what goes through your head. This alone is grounds for impeachment. But as someone else who researched the order of secession, it just gets worse from Biden. I’m waiting for some major false flag event or the first blue helmets showing up to know it’s over. Sadly I’m afraid America is over, and I can’t do much about it. I’m reading about how Dot.gov is planning for internment camps, really America? As Frank and Fern has repeatedly said ” Don’t get on the bus.” I’m in my late sixties and I don’t believe I’m going to live out my natural life, so be it. Phil,Thanks for your blog, gives us an outlet to vent. Sorry about the rambling post.


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