Some People Were Quite Busy While Joe Biden Went On Vacation

Video of the Kabul airport taken by a Gunner in an MRAP.

This is the short term fallout.

I will absolutely guarantee you that no one has an actual count of just how much war material we walked away from and some of it is going to find it’s way back here at some point

To be used against us.

I just read somewhere in my wanderings, that we left so many Black Hawk helicopters over there that the Taliban now has more of them at their disposal than 166 other countries.

This abject retreat is going to do more to destabilize the entire world than any of us will ever know because the ramifications are going to be happening for decades.

16 thoughts on “Some People Were Quite Busy While Joe Biden Went On Vacation

  1. Hey Phil, The only reason Americans aren’t screaming for impeachment is the two next in line for the office. It’s a no win situation.


    • Check out the current line of succession.
      Pretty damn scary.

      1 Vice President Kamala Harris Democratic
      2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Democratic
      3 President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy Democratic
      4 Secretary of State Antony Blinken Democratic
      5 Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen Democratic
      6 Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Unknown
      7 Attorney General Merrick Garland Unknown
      8 Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland Democratic
      9 Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Democratic
      10 Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo Democratic
      11 Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh Democratic
      12 Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra Democratic
      13 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge Democratic
      14 Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Democratic
      –[A] Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm Democratic
      15 Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona Democratic
      16 Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough Democratic
      –[A] Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Unknown



  2. you can bet your last dollar they going to bring that shit back here. and most of europe is going to feel it as well. how many drones did they leave over there ? and bombs to go with them ?
    even if they sell off half of them to whoever, there still a lot left for them to play with.
    did you notice how they already upgrading to m4 and dumping the worn out ak’s ?
    so. they now have a whole lot of new up to date weapons and ammo to play with, what could go
    wrong ??? night vision, sniper rifles and a tom of machine guns WITH AMMO.
    good times are coming for all.

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    • From Bush and Colin Powell all the way down they do not care. This guy is a talking head. His last line about voting shows you he is not a serious person.


  3. Plus a lot of the kit will be sold to China and Russia. I bet the beer money that those two countries will pay good money for a fully functioning M1 Abrams with all the latest computer kit, ranging and fire control, comms etc.

    Remember, communists prefer to steal technology and reverse engineer it. Plus now they will be able to evaluate any weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the kit in the coming war. China, I’m talking about you here.


  4. I’ve mentioned this on several other sites. When I was in the Army we used a doctrine of Denial of Assets. I was tasked with determining if a piece of equipment was recoverable, or if we destroyed it in place. Mechanics can break things quicker than fix them. If I was over there and turned loose pulling drain plugs and hotwiring oil pressure sensors would be the least destructive option. Regarding all the armement left behind, either drop it at the fuel point while prepping to blow it, or at least lay them out on the road, and let everyone drive over them on their way out the door/gate.
    It is criminal to leave all that stuff laying around for reuse.
    I’m sure thinking like this is a hate crime, but with a decent maintenance crew we could have denied the hell out of some assets.


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  6. I haven’t been to Afghanistan in almost a decade. I was there first as military and after I retired 9 years as a contractor in and out. The waist was phenomenal. When a new unit rolled in and if equipment or parts were not on the property books they tossed it to keep from having to do the paperwork. I liberated 8 ACOG scopes ($600 each) that were still in the factory wrapper from a dumpster in 2009 when 25th ID rolled in. I used 2 to get them back to the states and sold 4 for half their retail value to buy parts to build 2 awesome ARs that have the last 2 ACOGs sitting on top of them. When I was in the military the rumor was they shipped all of the less desirables to Alaska. I found out that was mostly true for the senior NCO’s, Warrant Officers, And Officers of 25ID.

    In 2010 I was at a OP where they were doing an inventory of a Conex container. They found 4 cases of LAWs rockets. Nobody in that unit had been trained on them. I was a contractor and had watched Dirty Harry. I told the Top that I could train a soldier in each of his teams on how to use them. We shot 7 of them that day. The instructions are a picto-gram on the side of the rocket launcher. I trained the soldiers on something I had seen on TV and I taught them well.

    Who knows the fire power the Talibs now have. One thing for sure, anything past a rifle or pistol is to technical for them to fully understand.


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