OK, Someone Is Going To Have To Explain This One To Me

How in the hell do you get a hex head out of a round piece of metal spinning at those speeds?

21 thoughts on “OK, Someone Is Going To Have To Explain This One To Me

  1. Watch closely, as it cuts there is a distinctive bumping motion so that the cutter does not touch the item at all times. It’s computer tuned to form the head at thoes speeds. Amazing!


  2. Jim in the Valley got it … As the video replayed a second time , that’s what I was lookin’ for … And sure enough , ya can see it … Pretty damn good timing in the machine setup tho !!


  3. The cutter and the work have to be synchronized to each other. Gears work fine. The tool usually has a three or more cutters sticking out of it and spaced along the rim. The timing has to be exact and each cutter cuts one or two flats.

    Go to YouTube and search for polygon turning. Lots of examples with high speed photography timed to allow you to watch it happening. There are guys doing this at home with Linux CNC.


  4. Howcumizzit the tool doesn’t change from the work? I wonder how many of those things it can make before it needs to be refaced. I know what happens to the wheel on the bench grinder.. And how quickly it changes. Brilliant,, it’s cool and I’m leaning toward witchcraft, too.


    • I assume the interrupted cutting is to keep the heat down. A bench grinder builds up a lot of heat. We all know that heat is the enemy. Reducing heat increases tool longevity.


    • Because the tool metal has to be harder than the work.

      Probably has to be sharpened more often than daily but only refaced after hundreds of hours.

      You can buy a harder wheel for the bench grinder to reduce the wear but it will change the way it grinds and can even tear up your work piece. The wheel is intended to be sacrificial material that gets replaced. Cheaper and easier to replace worn wheels than destroyed work.


  5. Yup, a 3 point cutting tool and timing synchronized between both. Amazingly accurate. Not sure they make nuts this way in volume, but if you needed a couple you could make em yourself (after spending a couple of K$). 😉


  6. Real super friggin’ precise speed control on each shaft.
    The cutter has bits you don’t see. There’s a blur on one of the frames on a re-sync.
    Then there is a phase/rotational shift for the next 1/6 and it’s hex cut depths.

    We ain’t doing that on the Harbor Freight models.

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