Download And Save This Where You Can Get At It In An Emergency

The time has come for us all to get serious about looking after ourselves and our loved ones.

I will give you a perfect example of a recent episode here at home so you have no doubt that you are going to be on your own to treat things like infections because the medical profession is literally refusing to treat patients who can’t or won’t dance to the tune the CDC is playing when it comes to wearing masks .

We have an autistic son who is now in his late 30’s.

He is almost completely non verbal and even when he does speak you really have to be paying attention to understand what he is saying.

We have tried and tried but he refuses to wear a mask or anything that covers his face for even short periods of time.

About a month ago he developed some kind of infection on his big toe. It got swollen and ugly red and was obviously causing him pain.

We tried several home remedies but it persisted.

My wife tried for THREE WEEKS to get urgent care, or any other medical office, including the local Emergency room to take a look at it.

The second she mentioned he was autistic and wouldn’t wear a mask they would cut her off and tell her they couldn’t see him. Then they would give her the run around suggesting she look elsewhere, basically all the places she had already tried.

In the mean time it wasn’t getting worse but it wasn’t getting better either.

She finally had to drive him up to the emergency room, put on a mask and leave him sitting in the car parked right in front of the door blocking traffic to get someones attention.

After waiting for an hour, some doctor agreed to come OUTSIDE and look at his toe.

The guy wouldn’t get anywhere near our son and just looked at it from six feet away, said yes, he needed some antibiotics and turned to walk away.

My wife had to yell at the jerk to make him stop so she could get him to call in a prescription.

This is America in the year 2021.

This is the reality of our situation in this country.

There are plenty of downloadable medical texts available and I am going to link to one below.

I would suggest you realize that what we just put up with is what the Wokesters are fond of calling The New Normal.

I have since gone and purchased some more First Aid supplies.

I will soon be heading to the local Farm Store and the Pet store to get antibiotics, liniments, Ivermectin and several other items to put away.

The following link will provide you with a copy of The Ships Medicine Chest and Medical Aid At Sea manual.

If you search around you can also find Where There Is No Doctor, Where There Is No Dentist and scads of other publications.

If current trends like the situation we just found ourselves in become The New Normal then it appears we are going to be on our own.

Refusal of The Jab and their ridiculous mask mandates have already split the population and is now being used to refuse critical services.

Those of us who aren’t playing their little games are going to be seeing more and more quality of life reductions and in a way this could be a good thing.

There are many ways to treat sickness and illness that have been around for centuries.

I believe this is going to cause a resurgence in Self Sufficiency that is diametrically opposite of TPTB’s ultimate goal to have everyone be dependent upon the government for every aspect of their existence.

46 thoughts on “Download And Save This Where You Can Get At It In An Emergency

      • Phil your starting to mellow out into a kinder, gentler old grump 🙂

        I wish I could post that Meme of a person like kidme37 getting wacked in the back of the head with a club labeled reality.

        Even with our preparing that club will smack you and I in the head as we cannot foresee just how crazy things will get. And I was providing medical support in Bosnia during the ethnic cleansing.

        But yet we have to try to smooth the rough and harsh for our families. kidme37 *might* have nobody to protect.

        As far as your son’s toe any red lines running up that leg? Any swollen glands indicating possible systemic infection? Any temperature changes from inflamed to normal tissues? Does he have a fever? BACK to the ER. Have the name of a lawyer in your area if needed. A lawsuit is a sad way to get proper medical care.

        Can I assume you’ve done Epson’s salt warm to the wrist (NOT Hot) water soaks for at least an hour X3 daily? I’ve used that on many a soldiers infected-ingrown toenails before using the nail splitters and Kelly forceps to pull the offending nail. I’ve used it on myself just last winter when I had an ingrown nail to soften it and gently pry the nail out of the inflamed tissues.

        I am ashamed that a Dr. would act like that.

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        • Gee, looks like someone got triggered 🙂

          fwiw,. I understand new normal. Not that everyone is accepting it.
          I understand the country is as fucked as fucked can be. I’m just saying if I took my child to any of the docs I know around here, he’d get help (The subject I responded to). Some doc I’ve never been to before? Sure, could be a problem.

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        • Kidme is a good dude. We all suffer from normalcy bias to some extent. Yes we tried the epsom salts. I haven’t been able to look at his toe for a few days because he is with my wife over at her dad’s house. I can say that the asshole that looked at him finally is lucky I wasn’t there because I would have lit that motherfucker up like the Fourth of July.


          • Take a look at:

            She posts daily on self sufficiency information; today’s post (8/18) is “Erythromycin in Armageddon”. She’s not an MD (which she reminds everyone about each time she posts on medical issues) but her blog is a very worthwhile resource. There’s a search function as well as a link to older posts. Haven’t looked at it, but she also has a book available at Amazon.

            I’ve been copy/pasting her stuff for a couple years and saving it as PDFs on multiple thumb drives.


    • It is indeed happening in Cincinnati. Our doctor’s practice just sent out an email stating that no patient or family member may enter their office without the notvaxx. And they’re actively trying to make the farm supply stores stop selling ivermectin. They are fully woke as far as the CDC/govt BS is concerned. They’ve been good doctors, until now.

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    • It’s been happening in the Cincy area for over a year. I was turned away from the doctor for running a fever in March 2020. I had covid. They wouldn’t even treat me. I wound up in the ER struggling to breathe. They tested me for heart attack (which I KNEW I was not having – I have some medical training) and sent me home. After I recovered I went to a chest doc because I was still struggling to breathe and had all the symptoms of asthma (I was pre-asthmatic before Covid, it’s full-blown now) and he refused to test me or treat me in any way. And had the gall to tell me it couldn’t hurt to breathe, there are no nerves in the lungs.

      I’ve had it up to here with the healthbusiness and all the cowards the media lauds as heroes. It’s no longer about care, it’s all about the bucks and CYA.

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      • You got that right Cedar, it is all about the bucks they can mulct out of you and control. The healthcare industry is wholly unethical and contemptuous. I saw the signs back in the 1990s when I was still a nurse. I rebelled even back then and was called on the carpet several times but they couldn’t do anything to me with out exposing their corrupt practices. It is when they started hiring MBAs and accountants to run hospital and clinic, and of course where did they get them? prestigious colleges and university… It has been the long march and they knew they were going to have co-opt education and medical.

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  1. I would look if he has an ingrown toenail, is there swelling and redness near the cuticle? Have you tried Podiatrists? (Foot/Ankle doctors?) They may not be as asinine as the medical community is heading into the pharma/medico tyranny seem to be. I was there and I am dreadfully ashamed of what it has become. Nurses and doctors aren’t heros, what they need is a swift kick in the arse and inducement to come back from the dark side. I really wish I could be there to help you Phil, will be soon, but it looks like you need your son in now. Have you or your wife threatening a malpractice suit and ethics violations complaints to the medical establishment and what ever local board that oversees?

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  2. My daughter just got out of the hospital after nearly a weeks stay from a big surgery. I didn’t wear a mask in her room and the Dr’s and nurses didn’t care. One of the nurses told me after we were transfered from the OR not to worry about it. Half of the staff had their masks on their chins. Walking around the other wards were similar. Cafeteria had no masks and no one cared. This is one of the largest hospitals in a very big city in FL.

    In another large city in FL, the epicenter of the current outbreak (says the news), some people wear masks, ~1 in 20. The businesses and gov’t offices recommend masks but they’re not required. A buddy of mine just came down from the northeast and was shocked at our lack of caring about this ‘outbreak’.

    This is all anecdotal but I wanted to share my stories of some places being much more 2019 than others!

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  3. That’s shameful, unethical and unprofessional behavior on the part of the staff at all the places you tried.
    We do procedures with sharps (up to surgery and arterial catheterization, etc, you name it) on persons known to be have HIV, bepatitis B, hepC, etc. We deal with combative, high, skeezy-looking fuckers covered with needle-marks, scabs and open sores. And a bunch of assholes won’t examine an autistic guy because he’s not wearing a mask. FFS.

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    • It is Shameful Mike_C, This is driven by the lefty that have become the hospital administrators. There is money involved so much individual practices and clinics are pushing this mask mandate. There is a TSA style check point at the local hospital where I am at and I call her Gestapo every time I have to have my temp checked and she calls down to wound care to verify I have an appointment. This with people milling about, I asked her how many HIPPA and Ethics violation she was violating when she spoke out-loud where my appointment was. This whole shit show is a HIPPA and Ethics and Constitutional violation. I had a low level administrator nearby and she asked what the problem was and I told her flat out what it was, and loudly. I also pointed out these same people live in the area and we know where they live and left it at that.

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  4. Today I had a dental cleaning. I arrived and had to wear a mask, upon entering I was told to sanitize my hands, they took my temperature with a scanner. She then said fill this paper out and it will follow you to your procedure. It asked if I had been out of state in the last 14 days, No. Did I have covid in the past and when? Yes and the date. Then it was plain as day outlined in yellow Are you vaccinated and what dates….I told the receptionist I will sign the form with what I have offered but I refuse to answer anything else as it has nothing to do with my cleaning…needless to say she was not impressed she asked why? And I said, I will tell you. As stated I had covid back in
    that month listed and was tested at my last physical and I have the broad antibodies…anything else you are requesting is not needed…needless to say my paperwork did not follow me down to my cleaning…On the way home I was listening to the radio and our pansy-assed born with a silver spoon in his mouth governor stated that the state is in the process of digitizing vax data to better serve the people?! Fuck ’em, never submit. Too old to try and make new friends!

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  5. The local gun shop now has a display case full of med kits which are outdoors grade and USA made.
    There is a good stock right now but I will keep checking up on it.
    The enemedical complex is compromised as part of the Long March and it is a death trap.
    They are in on the COV-LARP to cull humanity. Avoid unless you are carried in and then be right with your maker.
    That is real heroism to look after your kin and God is watching.
    Autistics can see and feel things that the rest of the herd cannot and they are not throwaway persons.

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    • I have a nephew that is high functioning autistic and luckily he doesn’t have a problem wearing a mask for long enough to at least get him into an exam room. Now, try doing any procedure dental or medical and it is sleepy time….

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    • I don’t have that book in my shtf book reference but I ordered one from the analzon because I could not find another source. Thanks Fred, getting hotter in SoCal?

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      • I’m in central cal fortunately. The last 2 or 3 weeks have been over 100, but today it only got to about 90 and will slowly climb to 99 by next tuesday. I found that book at walmart and a place called thrifty books, but amazon was less expensive. I have another book by joseph and amy alton called The Survival Medicine Handbook, but i think I like the one listed above better.

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  6. Thanks for the link, Phil. I have some medical textbooks, but this is more like SHTF medicine.

    And my son the EMT *finally* got his ass out of Kommiefornia, and settled here in the Rockies.

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  8. Phil, ya’ll need to start playing the game the gov/med created. Document everything. At every place that refused and to how the ER treated your son (they did not meet the standard of care).. Then find a ADA lawyer and sue the shit out of them. They will settle for big bucks. Then retire and get your own place with a hella big shop out back. Those assholes want to control everything. Make them play by the rules. They don’t really care about the money, they will just start charging more. My great nephew is a non- limited verbal autistic. Mid teens now. Unfortunately they moved to Aussie Fascist Land. They are getting socialized medicine but good now. No lube.

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    • Forgot to add, I have never been a lawsuit kind of guy. Hate lawyers with a passion. But now, with a rigged game, you got to take the fight to them using their rules against them.

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  9. I called my eye doc last week to inquire about my upcoming appointment this week . I asked if they still insisted I wear a mask . When they said yes I told them to cancel the appointment because I’m not wearing a political muzzle to please the tyrant class .I thought the old gal was gonna have the biggin’ right there on the phone . Fuck ’em ! I got to die one of these days but it won’t be on my knees or wearing a mask . If I get to suffering real bad I might take some ornery cucksockers with me.

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  10. It’s quite possible that if people stopped going to mainstream health care and decided to do the little things that we should have been doing all along … that we would be better off anyway.

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  12. In Houston, dealing with daughter’s infected ingrown toenail this week. Had no trouble getting in to see a podiatrist who removed the edge of her toenail and treated it to make the change permanent. My wife took her so I don’t know if there was masking involved, but Houston is generally open except in healthcare settings. Not being physically able to put one on when needed complicates everything, but there have always been exceptions for medical conditions. As the saying goes, if YOUR mask works, why do I need one?

    I agree that you need to hurt these un-professionals in their bottom line. Talk to an ambulance chaser.



  13. Phil, you think you are going to get your son’s infected toe proper treatment? I just read the University of Washington Medical Center has denied a heart transplant after being on the UNOS list for two and half years because he refuses to get the voodo-vaxx. A written response from the hospital stated he will be reassessed once he is in compliance… Another organ transport, a liver a man needs is being told the same, unless you COMPLY with what we thinks best for you you will not get what you need. Heads need to role and hospitals need to be burned and salted… The president of the medical center has refused to comment and refused to provide a copy or even acknowledge a policy exists. Fuckers.


  14. Fucking rookies, man.

    I’m required to have an N95 on at all times at work, so I couldn’t give two shits whether you (for any value of that word) mask up or not.
    It’s not even an issue.

    What a bunch of twatwaffle amateurs. They should be ashamed to be employed if they’re that effing stupid.

    Never would have happened like that where I work, but I absolutely believe it happened to you, because some people have no fucking common sense. Babies and toddlers won’t mask up either. They still get medical care, FFS.

    First motherfucker anyone meets who starts playing vaxx passport games should get a face injection of hot lead. It’s the only way to teach those c***s***ers what’s what, and it cuts recidivist jackholishness to 0%.

    Tell it’s their Covidiocy Booster Shot.

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  15. I’m waiting for the VA to implement mandatory jabs for all patients.

    When Biden announced that all VA health care workers had to be jabbed, my cardiologist quit the next day.


  16. Try soaking his foot in a deep basin of hot tap water, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide (optional) for 30-40 minutes a day.
    Sam’s club sells a gallon of ACV for about $ sure it’s the Bragg’s brand or the organic with “the mother”.


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