We Are Coming

Despite the best efforts of the government, Big Tech and Mass Media, We The People have watched it all, weighed the evidence and have had enough.

You may not know about it because it won’t be reported on in this country but the rest of the world has already gone full Howard Beale.

It won’t be too long now before we all do.

The people behind this planned catastrophe know this and it scares the hell out of them.

Because once that Genie is out of the bottle there is going to be this thing called accountability.

At this point there are literally thousands of people who have had a hand in this atrocity.

Thousands versus billions.

I like our odds.

Images shamelessly borrowed from here.

11 thoughts on “We Are Coming

  1. It’s too late for me to worry much about my future health, and for most people visiting Phil’s blog. I ain’t getting no clot-shot (non)vaccine, as it is proven to be a real danger to some people, far more so than the CCP virus itself. Fine, that’s my choice. But what is out of my, or your, choice is what gene-modifying vaxx will go into the veins of youngsters if they need an emergency blood transfusion with blood from a vaxxed donor, or donors. What about the gene-modified blood coming from sources that could cause a dangerous ‘storm’ in a recipient’s body? All these different factors will be present in the blood bank, how do you know what you or a tiny kid is going to receive in an emergency? What type of gene-modifier, or mix, will you get? Think of the AIDS fears, other blood-born pathogens, every horror flick like The Thing, mix with a movie plot about an evil genius, and hit the ‘blend’ button. Can you, or like folk, afford to run a programme like the private blood banks that some well-heeled do, prior to surgery? Gee, sucks to be a haemophiliac, you’d be getting like a ‘vaxx of the month’ with every nosebleed. Holee faark, that Fauci, and his ilk, need a wooden stake applied as a suppository, stat.


    • You are correct on so many levels Johno. I too am not getting the shot, I will go down fighting. I too have health problems some are aware of on here and I don’t need to add to them. I believe the VA is stalling my applications because of some of the places I was at and contaminated with the Bio/Chem toys the Army and all the services like to play with. Along with hitting that Lt three days before my termination date…


      • So, a rebel, Cederq? A charge of striking a superior officer is almost a badge of honour among Aussie diggers, but other countries’ AJs look dimly at that. You’re gonna have to ‘fess up to Phil’s readers now.


        • I have smacked my share of occifers and senior non coms, just that last one was witnessed because he just needed it badly and I didn’t have time to give a proper ambush…


    • B.C. Chris Lapp, it’s 21 years too late for me to go grey. I still get the stink eye from masked morons, but I just refuse to wear one. I do qualify for medical exemption, but fuck ’em.


  2. Yes indeedy, every one of you worshippers at the “Alter of Phil” are right on the money. Methinks I got the answer to all their mandates, lockdowns, restrictions and the rest of the nonsense they can come top with. N O !!! Thats spelled Enn Ohh for those Engrish challenged (Like me) B FYTW…. Ta Da…

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  3. Cederq, you’d likely enjoy reading Peter Pinney’s books. His WWII Commando service saw him (eventually) come out as a corporal, after a ‘striking’ court martial, but still with his MM, and a personal score of 38 Japs killed, witnessed by the diggers he led. His New Guinea and Bougainville memoirs: The Barbarians; The Glass Cannon; and The Devil’s Garden, were released as fiction stories. At the time, maybe people couldn’t credit his tales of chronic officer-baiting, larceny and jungle fighting as a true record, without him having had to spend even longer time behind bars! Any individualist should identify with them, and his postwar travel books too.


    • I will look him and see if I can get his books, thank Johno! Funny, but my dad retired as a flag rank from the Air Farce… My brother and me were low slung Army maggots, go figure. I have a problem with misplaced authority that occifers think they have that their shit don’t stink and they walk on water, goes for most doctors and judges and politicians too. So ya got a title, big fuck, I am not impressed.


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