That Silver Lining Thing

Some real good is going to come out of the bad.

Afghanistan Is The Thread That Will Start To Unravel Western Dreams Of A “New World Order”

The drama playing out in Afghanistan right now has enormous implications for the entire planet, because it represents a colossal defeat for western globalists.  Ever since the end of World War II, western elitists have been tirelessly working to establish “liberal democracies” all over the globe, and the idea was that all of the “liberal democracies” could be increasingly integrated into an emerging one world system.  Of course China, Russia, Iran and their allies were never going to fully go along with this plan, and that is one of the reasons why they are endlessly demonized by media outlets in the western world.  The Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians all have their own ideas about what the future of the planet should look like, and none of them are good.  But when it comes to world domination, the western powers were closer to achieving that goal than anyone else.  Unfortunately for the western powers, the tide is now turning, and it appears that an era of tremendous instability is dead ahead.

I highly recommend reading the whole thing.

One thing I have to add, the author mentions Henry Kissinger and his role in all of this.

Henry Kissinger was an old man to me when I was a young man.

To say I have disliked that guy for over forty years would be a giant understatement.

My fervent hope is to see that old bastards entire life’s work vaporize in front of his eyes before he dies.

36 thoughts on “That Silver Lining Thing

  1. RE: Kissinger. In 2001, Harper’s ran a two-part story by Christopher Hitchens about this maggot. A buddy who saves stuff like this recently pulled it out of his files and shared it with me. I had forgotten much of it. If you want to get even more pissed off at this asshoe than you already are, that’s one place to get there.
    February, 2001 Part 1, The Making of a War Criminal
    March, 2001 Part 2, Crimes Against Humanity


  2. This may change the immediate plans that the power elite have but that is at best temporary.
    As long as stupid people provide political power to evil people the “new world order” threat will
    never go away. And China/Russia/Iran are just wrinkles in the fabric of evil being woven. Neither Russia nor Iran have the economic clout to accomplish much… fact if it weren’t for their left over nuclear arsenal Russia would be lucky to be considered a second tier country….much of it is actually third world. As for China…..they put up a good exterior. But they have a lot of hidden baggage to deal with also. They may yet win the game and come out as the sole surviving super power…..but there’s just as good a chance they collapse.


  3. Can’t wait for the terror attacks to restart here and abroad. The See Eye A and Biden will, of course, deny any responsibility or foreknowledge of any intel that might be available and who knows, might actually instigate and abet attacks everywhere.

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  4. “But but but” I can still remember him saying, “We have F-15s and nukes!”

    “Yeah right,” I thought then but, “All they needed was sandals and AKs, fat lot of good it’s doing for you over there, here I’d think the same damn thing.”

    Remember Kissinger of course but don’t let the name Zbigniew Brzezinki slip down the memory hole either. “Hoo Hee?” you might ask – Well now how’s this for a reminder, He set in motion a plan (serving in the Carter Administration) to use Afghanistan as a wedge to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1979. He convinced Carter to issue a directive providing secret support to the opposition to the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. Carter’s directive was issued on July 3, 1979, almost six months before the Soviet invasion on December 24. Brzezinski believed that the US meddling he proposed would cause a Soviet military response and voila!, they would have their Vietnam.

    A key part of Brzezinski’s strategy was the buildup of jihadi groups using the Saudis to train them and opium trafficking to help finance them. This operation gave birth to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, and fostered the growth of jihadi terrorism throughout Southwest Asia.

    “Where were you JK that you’d remember any of this shit?”

    Well fellows, in 1979 (and most of 1980) I was aboard at least one of the three USN carriers sailing the Persian Gulf – USS Kitty Hawk, USS Midway, USS Nimitz – off the coast of Iran after Iran took advantage of what Brzezinki had set in motion (back the previous July).

    On November 4th 1979 I was sitting in a Phillippines bar celebrating what I thought was soon to be the end of a relatively calm WesPac and that I’d be home by Christmas. It wasn’t to be. Got alerted to return to the ship and for the next 198 days I did not set foot on land. But when I did it did not go well.

    And there were more delays before I could get back to Arkansas for good.

    Goddam politicians and their big plans.


    • I totally agree with ya JK/AR Kissinger and Zeb Brzez are kissing cousins if there ever was one…. I just came up from Mountain Home, AR. How in the hell do you stand the oppressive heat and humidity? Damn near kilted me. I am from Oregon, we don’t know from humidity… and I lived in the swamp south of Alabama for ten years. They don’t have humidity like that.

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      • Well Cederq, we does as best as we can do to contributing our part to, oh what to “the elites” call it? Oh yeah, Global Warming.

        The way we figure it is even if former Alabamians cain’t handle it mores the better. (Though anybody reading regularly here – with some very notable exceptions who, I hope, Phil’s constantly on watch to “do a Norkie to” keeping those wingnuts – especially – away the fuck.

        At any rate any and all of Phil’s normal (as defined by Phil who, whether he’d prefer or not “allows as much” as he has roots, generally around these parts – and me, and you Cederq seeing as you survived Alabama …

        Lemme start over. The way we figure it is if we make it “oppressively humid” we may be able to slow whatever undesireables Baghdad Biden is thinking of sending our way. But for the true believers, we got hills and hollers you didn’t get from the tour guides. Places where, except if one knows the overflight schedules GPS is for shit and cellphones are useless unless you accept the most useful use of a cellphone is as a splitshot on a trotline.

        Over in northwest Arkansas it’s a different story to HillBillyland – there’s some real mental illness going on over there:

        (Fucking retards)

        Oh Carp! I’m about to go full rant!

        Anyway Cederq, you get yourself out of anyway near the fifteen square miles of Baxter county’s county seat – staying away from Highway 5 down to Pineville – and you’ll be able to find a cooling holler all the way until you find yourself outside that particular pocket of humid.

        It’s the Hillbilly version of an electric fence.

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        • I just came out of there about two weeks ago, I am back in South Dakota. I wish I could have found those cool spots, heat is not the problem, toe dripping humidity… I agree with Baxter County, a weird place of re-tardiness and dumb-fuckery. Wish I had some advice before I left where their were saner and cooler place. I was there almost three months.


          • Should you find yourself there again get directions to ‘Jenkins Trout Dock’ (very near Calico Rock) and once there inquire of the eldest son’s brother (deceased) to be put in touch with his wife’s cousin, the doctor’s boy. (In “our” language boy don’t mean what so many folks think is demeaning – she’ll know right away [once word reaches her – shouldn’t take too awful long] and then I’ll send somebody thataways shortly. You’ll be waiting awhile because the roads from here to there (what ain’t gravel) are mighty crooket and steep, and there’s a bunch of deer. Make certain you got a trout stamp Cederq a’cause otherwise you’ll get mighty bored. If there’s a plan you’re gonna be there nearabouts I reckon there’s a way to expedite – problem is, for now, I’ve put some stuff (and there’s one more place I got to comment) Anyway I put some stuff on this here comment thread that’s gonna likely piss off somebody[s]. But what the hell – nothing ventured nothing gained.

            Incidentally – the address I put on here allows me to comment ain’t the one I check more like regularly. I make every effort though to read here daily so, if you can make a *hint I’ll make it easier for our host to get holt of me.

            These days I’m sure you know is promising but for woeful. Mighty woeful if they get away with it. No camo – gray.


            • Reading closer I don’t reckon I need reply to C*R – oops, the shift key. What I’m figuring was being talked about is this place:


              Should I be mistaken – which ain’t rare – the thing to bear in mind is that while Ronnie has *always got the blame for what Charlie Wilson’s War was all about that ain’t actually the facts of the matter. That was already set in motion as I already said, July ’79.

              Just took awhile before anybody paid attention. Those were some busy years. Not so much busy in the photogenic sense but busy nonetheless.

              Iran/Contra was a whole other fuckup – Didn’t get any *regular US troops kilt though so wtf.


        • JK, I am confused, you live up in Cabool MO, which is north of Mountain Home, or down in Calico Rock which is south of there. I went down to Jordan to do some checking of fishing holes there about. Dunking worms for trout sounds good. Just want a quiet out of the way place to live and be friendly and courteous with my neighbors. If you click on the dog picture by my handle it will bring up my email address.


          • No Cederq I live in Fulton county. Mom was bred borned and raised up in Baxter and my Dad, God rest his soul. was bred and borned in Izard county. Cabool is in the next north of the nearest north Missouri county of me which is Howell.

            First time I risk-ed commenting here Phil let me know he had heard of Beebe Arkansas where weird shit has a habit of happening … lemme see if I can find an example:


            Okay Cederq we squared away as to where Phil’s di-rect kin are from? Okay then, that’s not where mine are from but it’s the same state. Beebe is mostly di-rect south. East of me is where … oh lemme see …


            Okay Cederq we fine so far?

            And you already know about Mountain Home’s humidity right? Okay that’s direct west. Nine miles north of me (in Missouri) is a liquor store owned by a friend I went to school with … Interesting factoid: his twin brother is the county coroner/undertaker here where I am. The brothers have a *unique business card they hand out to only close friends – You stab ’em? We’ll slab ’em! (Get it Cederq? The one sells liquor and the other funeral services – two stops one shop!)

            This is sort of stuff what I was talking about – roundabout – as I was mentioning having a sort of “electric fence” around me.

            And the humidity *relief is, if we find a need to dispose of a body we needn’t sweat it very much – We’ll just travel from where liquor is legal [Fulton is a dry county] to where it ain’t and then cremate the evidence.

            It’s all easy peasy where I am Cederq.

            Oh. Click on the dog picture? Now why didn’t I read all the way to the end before I spent all this time typing this?

            Maybe those five beers …. ?


  5. Careful, this is probably by design for more bread and circuses. Yesterday on foxnews web which I rarely go to anymore but was looking for more info on the bailout, small headline said 30 percent raise for the parasite welfare people via bidet proclamation of some sort. Any of you get 30 percent increase, ever, in your life. kissassinger needs to die with many other old polits people.

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    • Yep. Watch out for any and all distractions, diversions, “changes of the subject” eg Meanwhile in Covidland. Outright bribery of some “dependable” set of the public.

      *Some *progress is probably gonna be hooted about regarding the border. But it’s all smoke and mirrors. Bread and circuses on methamphetamine.

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    • I agree. It all by design. The PTB prolly had a “Let’s shit on Old Joe” party that he wasn’t invited to. I hear his favorite flavor of ice cream is crayola.


  6. i’m in. i believe this is the beginning of the end for this regime. the world, and even msm is looking. leaving state dept. transgender contractors to the taliban doesn’t sit well with them. biden abandoned the Vietnamese in ’75, still there to do it again. but the covers are fraying. btw, where’s kameltoe? there will be american hostages, likely murdered/mutilated on live tv. add in the gestapo tactics here at home….its over, all but the bleeding, lots of bleeding. looks like france is about to fall too. american spring might start early.

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  7. I found myself today saying:

    “Hey guys, we need to fix this shit right now or this is going to collapse on us faster than Kabul.”


      • Yup Crazyeighter,

        While GHW Bush managed whatever it was he [ultimately] set out to do in 100 hours the Taliban did theirs in 72 hours.

        Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf call your office!

        & for Diversity’s sake

        Samantha Power, you too call your office. ASAP! (Some allowance Samantha may be allowed if you’re still on Martha’s Vineyard mask garbage detail.)


  8. I’d love for this to be true, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 50 years, it’s that progressives *never* give up on a bad idea.


  9. Predictions are for Kameltoe Harelip to be reported as saying “we should have stayed in Afghanistan” and the final straw being pulled for President Vegetable’s “withdrawal” from office.
    Which is worse, Joe or the Ho? Dumb and dumber.


  10. Deep state / CCP set up. Bring the pros and contractors home. Taiwan falls, thats the signal. Ole Joe gonna get him sum trad mericans. He cant wait. Lots of Pro shooters gonna be available in the Homeland for assignment.


  11. I’m utterly shocked at all the negativity that I see here.
    Come on guys, the Republicans have the situation under control and everything is going to be fine. Don’t forget whiskey and cocaine with a side of little boys hour starts at 5 sharp.


  12. Kissinger and the other globalists are octogenarians and older with some over 100.
    The want the NWO now and that is why the pedal is pushed to the metal with all the hyper change.
    Now the whole world knows that the usurper emperor has no clothes and the damage control will distract them from any more harassment of the bitter clinger kulaks, for a while.
    Use the time wisely.


    • Yeah wholeheartedly!

      Best (unless Afghan women are free to “come out to cut up what remains”) Do the Kim Jong Il way.

      Anti-aircraft guns unzeroed first round landing a hundred meters aft, the next a hundred or so before then, bracket.

      (Order transgendered *Bou Scout’s to do the crew-served.)

      My Lord that it is “they” who, thinking themselves the appointed could have, taken it upon themselves to decide “It is a noble goal” send our children out to this end, such ‘end’ as it is, and now think they can freely delude – of course there’s their enablers the media to assist them deluding.

      ‘We have met the enemy and he is us.’

      ‘Would the last person out of the Seven Hundred Million Dollar US Embassy Kabul please turn out the lights? Carbon credits you understand.’


      I’ll not be bothering you fellows for awhile – I apologize for whatever of my ‘ifs’ I’ve displayed today – I won’t be apologizing except I’ll allow as I am disgusted.

      My apology Phil.

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