30 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter How Many Times I Watch This

  1. Like folding fitted sheets into rectangles. Wife shwoed me 5 times, I’ve unfolded them slowly. I will never fold a fitted sheet up into a rectangle. Gotta be a woman thing.

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  2. I’ve looked all around the house and 2 garages.
    I don’t have any flat surfaces that aren’t being used for important things at this time.
    Maybe I could try this later.


    • You have to remove the bear and caribou and moose bones and meat from teh tables first… Or I am lead to believe the wanker from down underoos must think…


    • For travelling, rolling your clothes (t-shirts and cargo pants) takes up a lot less space. If you have to have clothes on hangers, get a suit bag that you can hang the clothes in, and then fold the suit bag.

      Fuck modern luggage, go with the luggage styles from the 60’s and early 70’s.


  3. Reminds me of boot camp in the military. We had to fold t-shirts into exact six inch squares. No one would ever care if you never did it again; the whole point was to weed out those who couldn’t follow directions.
    And who needs to fold a fitted sheet anyway? You strip the bed, launder it, and put it back on.

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    • Yes. Why would you ever have TWO of the fiendish things in the house anyway and being unable to fold it reminding you of your faillures?


  4. The hell is that room she took them clothes out of? And what is this “folding’? A clothes dryer is a perfectly acceptable place to store clean clothes.” take off dirty clothes and throw into washing machine. go take shower. fish clean clothes out of dryer and get dressed.”

    When you get the last of the clean ones out of the dryer, turn on the washing machine.Repeat as needed.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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  5. I still fold my clothes the way we were made to in Navy boot camp Great Lakes Ill. winter of 82/83. As for the fitted sheets I roll it into a ball and stuff into one of the pillowcases along with the folded top sheet and the other pillowcase.


  6. That’s not how you fold a T-shirt anyway. With that fold, if you pick up a shirt it comes unfolded immediately. And the trousers is just insane. Why?

    Fitted sheets are not that difficult to fold. The real question is: Why bother?


  7. My mum would really get the shits when she broke wooden coat-hangers on my legs, then she’d reach for the wire ones, yow! They were heavy gauge too back in the ’60s, would have shamed fencing wire. Been alergic to them ever since. What’s a sheet?


  8. Of course I can’t find it now, but years ago there was a “how to” video on YouTube where this chick took the shirt off and then showed how to fold it. It didn’t matter how many times I watched that one either, I still didn’t learn whatever method she used.


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