A Question For Those Wanting All Of These Immigrants To Displace Trad Americans

Who are you going to get to fight in all these wars the Military Industrial Complex needs to keep all the money flowing if they have no allegiance to this country?

14 thoughts on “A Question For Those Wanting All Of These Immigrants To Displace Trad Americans

  1. Foreign wars are over, brother. Its open season on trad americans. You got Afghani Special Forces on the way to clean out the hills and hollers and cartels, contractors and covid for the rest.


  2. The coexist crowd can house them and feed them in their patchouli potpourri scented empty nest.
    That’s a nice suburban back yard and a house would fit nicely in there for the replacements.
    Enjoy the consequences of voting for the Weather Underground Government.
    Rub their faces in the shit of voting for Obiden every chance you get.


  3. Patriotism is outdated and passé. There are cattle, and there are actual human beings. Cattle (who just happen to have the shape of human beings) are interchangeable.


  4. Read Bracken’s Enemies Trilogy, it lays out where things are going, like Ol Swede said, the next war will be fought here to exterminate you and me. Other nations will be happy to send over goon squads to help “Enforce the Peace”.


    • No they won’t . Most nations lack the manpower to risk. And second if the bad guys lose, the punishment would be salted nukes on anything of value on that nation.

      That said if the Right actually wants to win they need coherent goals worth fighting for. No running away, no leave me alone but social and other policies to what they feel is the good of the nation.

      The Taliban were able to kick our backside not only because they are tough and on home turf but because they had such a thing,

      Sharia Law isn’t for us but its a logical and coherent goal that for a Sunni Muslim is worth fighting or even dying for .

      And note “muh Constitution.” is also not such a goal. Its not a terrible framework but its not trade policy, divorce law or any of the other hundreds of things that a State must do and the Right would have to do better.


  5. Not much difference between Sharia, Jewish Halakhah and Christian Dominionism. They are all an attempt by people who believe they alone know the Truth and want to use the state to impose their views on everyone else.


    • It’s obvious you haven’t actually read those doctrines Voltaire. Those three legal frameworks couldn’t be more different, in almost every way.

      In terms of the use of state power, the moslems think sharia should apply to the whole world (as use of force), the Jews think halakhah should apply to Jews (as a people), and the Christians think the dominion should apply to America (as a country).

      In terms of net effect, the moslems want to subjugate or kill those who don’t accept sharia, the Jews want to welcome all those who willingly choose to accept their rules, and the Christians want to deport those who don’t willingly accept the dominion.

      The three really have nothing in common other than a belief in their own beliefs. Don’t you also believe that your own beliefs, whatever they are, are true?


      • They are certainly not identical. The common and dominant theme is the use of the power of the state to force a particular view on an entire population. What makes the US constitution so amazing is that it’s a secular framework that allows people to live together despite having different religious views or no religion at all. Until now anyway.

        Yes, I believe my views are true. However, I recognize there is a possibility that I might be wrong. That’s the difference between faith and certainty. Faith is the belief that your views are correct but knowing you might be wrong. Certainty is the realm of religious zealots (of all faiths) and political demagogues who have no doubt whatsoever.


    • It’s just Manson’s “Helter Skelter” writ large and with houses in the Hamptons. After they conquer the world, all the assorted blacks and browns will need *properly* educated and credentialed Ypipo to run everything because they’ll realize that they are too stupid to do it on their own. They’ll turn and beg the brilliant and progressive graduates of the Kennedy School of Government, etc., to lead the new global utopia.

      It’s a stupid plan, but when you’re that in love with yourself, it kind of makes sense.


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