What Planet Does This Guy Live On?

Because it sure as FUCK can’t be this one.

Biden admin plans transfer of power to Taliban killers once fighters agree to treat women better

Does this COMPLETE MORON even have the slightest clue about Islam and The Taliban?

Obviously the answer to that is NO.

Here is a small reminder of how they treat their women.

And that isn’t even some of the stuff they do that will make you puke on your shoes.

Biden is a sock puppet and everyone knows it.

Unfortunately, he is so damn bad that even our remaining allies have had enough of the stupidity.

This country is not going to survive him being there for 4 full years intact.

It’s as simple as that.

11 thoughts on “What Planet Does This Guy Live On?

  1. Nope, The top dems will find something on Kameltoe, so she resigns, then they’ll suggest to Joe that he leaves for “health reasons” or they will investigate his finger F-ing the aid, and Voila, President Pelosi (with the Hilldabeast as Veep)


  2. Failed wars forever borne of flawed strategy. Had the goal been to “go Roman” & level that shit-hole, we could have achieved that. But “no”, we had to “make it into a pluralistic, egalitarian, gender-neutral, 21st century nation-state”.

    Islam is “the religion of peace”, you see.

    Failure was guaranteed by November 2001.


    • It was not a failed war. They spent the billions on the MIC as planned. Collected their campaign contributions and promotions to civilian jobs and when the milk ran out pulled out. The delivery after pregnancy will have major complications they will begin to milk in other areas.


  3. They’ll get rid of Cackles and replace her with Cankles first then Mr. Potato Brain is out. Ta Da! President Hildabeast! Just as it was always supposed to be!


  4. Hey Phil, you can save big on a huge overstock sale on guns, ammo and high-tech gizmos, right now. Just call your nearest Taliban outlet on 1800 INSHALLAH. Old Crazy Achmed will do a deal for you, at giveaway prices. It’s like they got them for free!


  5. Since they are almost exactly half way around the planet from me, if I were you I would be watching which way they turn when they decide they are coming over here.
    You have a 50-50 chance they don’t decide to take a hankering for Kangaroo hot pockets.


  6. Well, they better ask permission of the CCP before they try. The Chicoms got crafty, just used corruption, and printed more Yuan, to line the pockets of ‘public servants’ who sold them hard infrastructure and utility services around the country. The massive US Marines forces here don’t do anything without first moving men and gear through Chicom owned and controlled waterside areas, unless they airlift gear into the country. Distance and terrain are two factors that first must be overcome by invaders.


  7. A footnote, Phil. Afghanis carried out Australia’s first terror attack, at Broken Hill during WWI. It was to protest this country’s forces being part of the Allied attack on the Central Powers’ ally Turkey, at Gallipoli in 1915. Australia as a country, was itself only 14 years old then, and learned all about Moslem attitudes toward shooting unarmed men, women and children on a picnic.


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