This Is What Collapse Looks Like

Take a serious look around you, it is literally everywhere you turn.

The election scandal is still raging.

The eviction moratorium.

The shipping and supply crunch.

Empty shelves are starting to appear.

The entire Western half of the country is currently in the middle of a very bad drought.

The Wildfire season is raging again.

Food production and crop yields are in the toilet.

There is going to be starvation in this country next year.

Deficit spending went past the Moon already and they want to kill the Dollar and the US economy on purpose.

The computer chip shortage is starting to take it’s toll on transportation.

The homeless population is about to explode.

The Afghanistan Clusterfuck.

The oil and energy clusterfuck, we can all see the rising prices every week.

Of course let’s not forget the Kung Flu nightmare.

Masks, No Masks, Lockdowns, I personally can’t keep up with the Merry Go Round of who is doing what anymore.

Political Witch Hunts and the continued march of Marxism in this country.

The War on Whites.

The Border Crisis and an official policy of illegal immigrant invasion, complete with secretly transporting and dumping of illegal immigrants at tax payer expense, all over the country, in the middle of the night, without even testing them for Covid or requiring them to be vaccinated.

Speaking of such things, the continual push for all citizens to be jabbed with an experimental gene therapy cocktail with proven disasterous side effects.

All of the above came right off the top of my head in the time it took for me to type it out and is in no way a thorough analysis or even a semi complete list of what is going on in this country RIGHT NOW.

I’m sure you can think of some things I missed but my point here is that this is what the collapse of an empire and a country looks like in real time and you are right in the middle of it watching it all happen and don’t realize it.

The Shit Has Hit The Fan people.

There is no more waiting for it, it is here now.


Just for fun, go read this and add it to what you just read.

18 thoughts on “This Is What Collapse Looks Like

  1. Ain’t getting no prep supplies now, what you have and can steal later is all you gonna have.. If you don’t have an Edible Plants in North America Book, you are gonna find out what Fido and Kitty Cat is gonna taste like and what your neighbor tastes like in the future beyond that.


    • Loks like I’m going to have to start liking tomatoes, Cederq, ’cause the kid sure is growing a LOT of them in the garden. And zucchini..
      You get the idea.


  2. Thanks, my list wasn’t as long off the top of my head but I have an ulcer forming none the less. What do you think happens if the coffee runs out? Not a drinker myself but I figure mass murder and suicides.


  3. I agree with everything said about the situation in this once great America. Btw, Victor Davis Hanson may have to change his site’s name to American Mediocrity, American Collapse or some such because American Greatness just aint cuttin it anymore.


  4. We have gobs of stuff in far West Texas… for now. Think gonna get more covfefe and cheap vodka, tho. Good gosh, I miss Trump. Even my mother-in-law is pissed and she’s a real-life Aunt Bea.


  5. Just go out and about on any given day and visit the Pik N’ Pak or the I’d buy that for a dollar store.
    Red State has added hundreds of thousands with Pajeet bazaars, bean dip flea markets buffets and groceries, zipperhead cat meat buffets, Frisbee lip hair weave and nail salons.
    What was farmland 30-40 years ago is now wall to wall particle board Section-8/WIC apartments, strip mall, mcmansion subdivision eyesores and you have to drive farther and farther out just to get back to nature.
    Speaking of driving, they kept the same two lane roads from the 1960’s-1980’s and are just now upgrading.
    The infinite growth horseshit is just another Ponzi scheme as this land mass can only handle so much and we are reaching the limit.


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  7. Was discussing this with a lunch pal today. War on white people, Christians, America loving individuals; the massively abusive Covid People Control for a virus that kills 0.5% of the ones who get it, Totally lawless federal government and democrat run state govs,…..well you know the score.

    It seemed to us that all the puzzle pieces are in place for them to try just about anything. They have displayed that nothing is out of bounds for them.

    Armed revolt/defense/offense ? What are ‘you’ going to do when an obama supplied (to the locals) armored vehicle comes puttering down your street with kevlar coated NG pukes ?


    • 25% increase in food stamp funding , now that tells ya something , China sabre rattling over Tiwan , Tiwan supplies chips to the USA , the USA crashes without chips autos are all ready cutting production , China can close them perminantly

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    • While reading your comment that is exactly what I was thinking, then bam there’s Phil.
      “War on white people, Christians, America loving individuals;” I expect some of your conversation leaned on the comment, “they think these people won’t war right back”


  8. Boss,
    Those are merely the Shiny! stuff YourBetters© want you to see… while pretending it is important.
    What is going on in the other hand of the magician?


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