Just In Case You Might Think That I’m Not Paying Attention,

I most certainly am.

In a comment from my last Collapse post, Tim had this to say,

Yeah, I buy my coffee at wallyworld. Last week there was precisely ZERO coffee on the shelves. Suspect they pulled the stock to reprice it.

The first thing that went through my mind when I read that?

The Wifely Unit left to go back over to her Dad’s to take care of him a little while ago and her tail lights hadn’t even disappeared around the corner when I was hot footing out to my truck, headed to Bi Mart.

In the past they have usually had an aisle near the front of the store with coffee and canned goods they have on sale.

I got lucky today.

They had enough stacked so that I could get a six pack.

Just for comparison, the bigger can on the left here,

is the last one I had left from when I went down there last year and bought several cans on sale, at the same price per can that I just paid for those smaller ones.

If you needed any proof of the inflation going on, there it is right there.

Inflation or not, Tim’s comment above jogged my brain pan into remembering seeing this a few days ago,

although from a different source, the message is the same.

Record Brazilian drought causes coffee prices to spike to highest level in years

A once-in-a-century drought in Brazil has walloped the world’s largest coffee crop, pushing up wholesale prices to their highest level in years.

The going rate for prized arabica beans was almost $1.70 US a pound at one point this week. That’s almost 60 per cent higher than it was last summer.

And actually, the source I read the other day was quoting the difference in total crop yields that were expected and it was staggering.

So you can expect to see the price of coffee skyrocket, just like it did back in the 70’s.

This is a coffee price chart that starts in 1975.

You can expect to see another spike starting to form about now and where it is going to top out at is anyone’s guess.

I remember the price and availability of coffee being a big concern back then because I was living with my Grandparents, who were raised during The Great Depression and they were freaked out about it because the prices took a huge jump and they drank the stuff from when they got up until they went to bed.

Being frugal due to their life experiences, there was much discussion about it over the dinner table and they decided that they would start cutting their coffee with this stuff.

As I recall, the stuff wasn’t exactly horrible but it flattened the taste out so that it kind of just made ithe coffee taste real bland.

They were from The South and having grown up there, on top of living through the Great Depression while doing it, they had all kinds of ways of doing things on the cheap.

You may have heard the old joke about the Red Neck Granny that had matching salad bowls?

I’m not even kidding.

Been there, done that.

I’m here to tell you that some people in this country are about to get a very rude awakening.

The price and availability of Coffee is just one small symptom of a monstrous reality check that is coming.

I for one plan to be wide awake and jittery while I watch it happen.

32 thoughts on “Just In Case You Might Think That I’m Not Paying Attention,

  1. I’m thinking the EBT people will get a raise in benefits to compensate. Also, my wife works in a ‘retail’ environment. Says lods of H1B Visa people from India and elsewhere are in there all the time buying high dollar using their EBT cards. They’re here working with GE and P&G so getting paychecks but still food stamps. And when they open their wallets you can sometimes see lots of cash. So Dem voters may not care about inflation.

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    • Just saw a headline a bit ago saying Gropy MCShitstain is going to implement the highest increase in Food Stamps in over 40 years.
      So yeah, they think they have it all figured out.
      The trouble there is that there is always something that blind sides the ignorant fucks.
      All we have to do is wait to see what it’s going to be this time.


  2. Remember, most of the “regular” groceries you buy will last several months to a year. Make space in a closet and start “prepping” with normal stuff. When the SHTF you just want calories. You don’t need a 25 year supply of gourmet foods. Start buying bottles of water. Big, small, whatever is on sale. A gallon a day per person. Shoot for a week’s worth. Then get ready to go camping. Put together camp cooking and sanitation supplies. Remember, that toilet won’t flush if the water isn’t flowing.

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    • Go to some of the camping stores and buy a 55 gallon barrel. Don’t balk at the price, even buy 2 if you can afford it. Take em home and fill em up. Store in a bedroom. But remember water is heavy, 50 gallons weighs almost 450 pounds. So if you are on the second floor that might not be a good idea. Now is the time. Also get water purification figured out.

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      • Even with the drought going on, where I am at, there is a small year round creek 300 yards from my place so we can’t be too far above the water table here as the surrounding area is a flood plain/ marshy area.
        I’m betting I could dig down and hit water in the back yard without killing myself.

        Water is one thing I’m not overly worried about in this area.
        In the Winter time we get more rain than you can shake a stick at anyway.
        If worst came to worst, there is the Columbia River a few miles away and it is a mile wide year round.
        Transporting it would be the biggest issue at that point.


  3. BJ’s Wholesale is a big box chain in the Northeast, similar to Costco, Sam’s Club. My daughter just came back from there: no paper products! No paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates – nothing. Don’t know if it’s a trucking issue or if everyone is hoarding again.

    I blame the resident in the White House. Why not? President Trump was blamed for everything by the Marxists.

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    • Speaking of such things, while I was at it, I bought 300 paper plates, another dozen rolls of toilet paper and a bunch of First aid type goodies. I may be slow but I ain’t stupid.


  4. My work partner’s brother works at a coffee roasting plant (Brisk) in Florida and last year scored some 5 pound sacks of roasted, ground, ready to use coffee for free. I got 5 bags from him. I’m not a huge coffee drinker and haven’t broke them open yet. I figure when SHTF I can always trade a pound here and there for something I need.

    It pays to know people sometimes, and be in the right place at the right time.


  5. I have 10 pounds of coffee in the basement. That is about a years supply. I am ready for this. I am more worried about the veggies and meat prices over the next year.


  6. Thanks for the heads-up about the coffee. I get 100% Columbian beans and grind them myself. Amazon has 40 oz bags for $10.69 if you sign up for a subscription. I just changed my order from 1 bag to 4 bags (max allowed). The best coffee I ever got was from a friend who worked for the state department, and got stationed in Columbia. He used to send me cases of fresh roasted ground coffee. Nothing can compare.


  7. I read that they are upping the ebt cards by 25%..social security..nada. I will be buying more coffee tomorrow (thanks for the heads up) and a few more needful things to round out the prep.
    Side note..What happens when they up the ebt cards and the freeze them?


    • Thanks for the heads up.
      I have time before I go to work tomorrow to snag a couple more cans.
      People are going to squeal pretty loud when the price jumps to $14 a can in a couple of months.
      Just wait until those Woke motherfuckers take the hit at Starbucks.


  8. If you have a source of green coffee beans, buy them instead of roasted. Green beans will last a long time, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to roast them. Coffee doesn’t start to degrade until it is roasted. I have a roaster somewhere around here that I used to use a lot.
    Roast-your-own was pretty common once upon a time.

    Also, regarding shortages, the latest forecast I saw indicated that wheat crops will be pretty shitty, so, if pasta is part of your diet, you should consider buying some now, while it’s reasonable.

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    • I think a lot of the headlines may be scare tactics. Was in wheat country in my state last Saturday and my future son in law said some had 100 bushel per acre harvest. I cussed and said wow use to 35 was a high number. He said that is the average for this year in their area


  9. “If you needed any proof of the inflation going on, there it is right there”.

    That is called shrinkflation not inflation.


  10. Al is correct. Southern hemisphere it’s winter time. They have had extended severe cold spells down there. Some news places claim dry weather because I think it fits “glueball warmin'” propaganda. Cold weather not so much. I read they lost 3/4 of their coffee crop. They also raise a lot of beef and pork. Got to wonder how that affects critter feed. Look for that to hit in their spring/summer season (just starting). Look for beef prices to double at least, IF you can find it.
    Bout coffee, you might want to get some freeze dried like Taster’s Choice. It last a lot longer than regular ground. Taste like shit but it will get you by. Also if you drink a lot, you best get some decaf. Mix it half and half, then 1/4 regular with 3/4 decaf to wean yourself off caffeine. SHTF is not a time for withdrawal from caffeine. Enough stress there already. I’m guessing you prep tobacco? Bugler in the tins last a long time. Might even consider some Levi Garrett in a glass jar snuff. Nicotine withdrawal would also be a bitch during SHTF.


  11. Eugene, Oregon.
    August 17, 2021.
    Wal*Mart ‘super-store’ in west Eugene…
    Although I notice frequent ‘2020-21 normal’ gaps and one-deep stocking, this was a shock:
    * Overnight, they removed an entire aisle in the grocery section.
    The remaining aisles are back to 2019-levels of APPEARING TO BE STOCKED.
    Two decades ago, BisonPrepper James M Dakin said and repeatedly said:
    * calories
    Not much else matters.


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