Brute Force And Ignorance

It’s been a winning combination for me for many years trying to fix shit.

Sometimes you have to stop, regroup and take a different tack though.

There are times when patience and finesse are required.

There are also times when all 4 methods need to be applied in repeating sequences.

I just spent 2 1/2 hours getting this Aluminum pulley off this 80 year old electric motor, without breaking it or fucking it up too badly.

There was a little bit of everything involved but I finally had to resort to heat.

That was the deciding factor this time.

Now I have to tear into this motor.

It’s a strange beast.

It’s a Repulsion-Induction motor.

It uses brushes to get started and then it has a bizarre copper spring centrifugal switch that kicks the brushes out of the equation and induction takes over to keep it running.

You can see what I am talking about in the video below.

The brushes are always in contact though. It also has a strange feature where you can loosen a couple of screws, turn the whole brush assembly a little bit and make the motor spin the other way when it starts up.

On top of all of that, there is a weird cover over the center of the bottom of the motor. If you take that cover off there is a short shaft there that you could use to power something else with at the same time as the drill press by sticking a pulley on it.

I got extremely lucky and found a video on Youtube of a guy fixing a very similar one, also made by DELTA, that was in extremely bad condition.

It was a kind of trial and error effort on his part because he had never worked on one either but he got it figured out and fixed so I am going to use his video as a reference guide.

It’s kind of long but you can either jump ahead or go watch it on Youtube and change the playback speed also.

11 thoughts on “Brute Force And Ignorance

  1. my brother was an old school motor head’s motor head. could fix anything . . . . that said, when there was a “wire” problem, he said; thats why they build them electrical shops. i don’t see them anymore, but all the old man businesses are gone too.


  2. He didn’t mention it, but reading the Wiki on the motor indicates that you can vary the motor speed by changing the position of the brushes, in addition to changing the rotation.


  3. I enjoyed the video but was frustrated he didn’t secure the motor to work on and chased it around the work bench. Not having a secure mount can cause damage unintentionally. I kinda wished he would take it apart and refurbished and repaint the original colors. My biggest craw is not replacing the missing threaded rod and the end caps before he turned it on. Missing hardware can torque the case and set up unwanted vibrations. That is all, my tool head OCD kicking in. If you don’t do it right the first time, just don’t do and waste time and money


  4. The video is a bit painful to watch. The fellow is not that up on machinery, the shafts have to be cleaned to bare metal BEFORE pulling off the bearings and end plates. Makes life much easier.


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