Biden To “Address The Nation” on Afghanistan Fiasco

Blah Blah Blah, whatever.

I don’t give a fuck what Gropy McShitstain has to say.

He owns this absolute clusterfuck and tens of thousands of people are going to die horrible deaths because of his and the Pentagon’s incompetence.

It’s just another checkmark on the long list of way points to the collapse of this country.

23 thoughts on “Biden To “Address The Nation” on Afghanistan Fiasco

  1. Husband and I volunteer with Wounded Warrior Project. It’s heartbreaking. Our soldiers were maimed and killed in Afghanistan like sacrificial lambs and the U.S. accomplished absolutely nothing.

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      • Also, every American maimed or killed by a Muslim is a win for the people who pull the strings. It gets us taking sides in a centuries-long war between two groups of assholes, both of whom are unpleasant, unreliable, and view us as subhumans. The only difference is that if you convert to Islam then you become an actual human being. The other side? They don’t even want you to convert. You’ll never be accepted no matter what you do. Ol’ Paint is a real good horse, done us loyal service he has. But he’s still a horse. When he gets old and weak, it’s the dog food factory for him.


    • Wash rinse repeat, we now have our own saigon moment. Sandy I hate the bastards for that and am educating my young adult kids about how we did this before but will never be able to do it again because the next time whoever it may be will point both sides weapons at us upon even the mention of it. Thank you bush, pliney the younger and kavanaugh for helping write the patriot act.


  2. All these failures of “Police Actions” stink of the UN.
    This administration has already handed over US sovereignty to WHO and the UN Security Council – convince me otherwise.

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  3. So, bidet is gonna get what? a hundred people watching his presser? I know I won’t be. I have to wash my hair, all 1/8th inch of it… yeah that’s it. I have to give my anklebiter her heart meds at about the same time….Wounded Warrior Project Sandy? Someday I would like to tell you a story of graft, corruption and jackasery of that not so fine pimple on the backside of Osama’s glutous minimous….


    • Graft you say?
      You mean like the same thing that happened with the NRA, Red Cross, United Way, hundreds of volunteer fire departments and churches? Just to name a few. That’s not counting all the public coffers getting robbed either. It is a crime and not the right kind of punishment issue. Thousands have freely given their time and money to all kinds of organizations only to see it being skimmed off to thieves. WWP, is just one.

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    • Cederq your point is well taken concerning corruption, etc of WWP. But sometimes you have to work with what you have. We only give our time. It’s worth doing just to see the genuine joy and happiness the wounded warriors get out of the program we participate in. Cause who doesn’t want to bang a few clays, amirite?


      • Yeah I get ya, I spend my money and some time with Disabled American Veterans and find it a better fit for my cynicism… I don’t see them taking advantage of the Vets.


  4. we just gave away some of our most advanced weapons systems to the people who hate us.
    we should expect to see our “stuff” again, as it will be used against us here soon.
    funny thing is the joker in charge ran away with all the cash he could carry. again our money.
    anyone else seeing a pattern here ?


    • And I am sure thousands upon thousands just like you. My sadness is for those who did not come back and can’t feel the same way.


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