It Truly Is A Kill Shot

Holy shit.

Find the time and watch this interview, I am absolutely dead serious.

At the very least watch the first 15 minutes of it.

The lady being interviewed has put the patents, the graphene and the ingredients of these vaccines together as part of her profession like no one else has and is able to explain what is in these vaccines and how they work.

Here’s a hint, the stuff is poison and it also has an electrical component that hasn’t been activated yet.

Rumble — EXCLUSIVE! Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD!

The inoculation being referred to as ‘COVID Vaccines’ is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody should subject themselves to the shots.

Basically they are doing a live test to see how much of this Graphene people can handle without killing them outright and that is the reason they want people to get so many booster shots.

To see how much they can get in your body before they activate the electrical component that kills any living cell it comes in contact with.

These Vaxxers are fucked.

30 thoughts on “It Truly Is A Kill Shot

  1. The Global elites: “The world has too many peasants, so let’s contract with the Chinks so they’ll produce a pathogen in the lab, let it loose and after it causes worldwide panic by killing .01% of those infected we’ll introduce a poison “Trojan” vaccine that’ll eventually kill 5.5 billion of the earth’s slugs. Offer it first, then mandate it. Problem solved.


    • Wonder how the elite(snerk) think they’ll get all their stuff once the peasants are dead. Hope they enjoy laboring in the sun to grow their own food.


      • Frank. Thanks to Bill Gates Microsoft, Jeff Bezos Amazon, Elon Musk Tesla and Boston Dynamics the remaining 2.3 billion peasants left after the apocalypse will use Artificial Intelligence along with robotics to serve the 1/2 million members of the Global Elite’s “Club”.


      • I suspect that those illegals will end up preferring overlords that share the same culture and speak the same language…can you say revolution?
        Are those elites setting the stage for a Haiti Part II?
        As for AI, I’ve read a number of comments by people who’ve worked that field for a while, and it’s not the panacea that the PR is promoting.


    • I’d say mighty low right now. MRI tech for 26 years and most of my patients have been vaxxed for a while. Have seen lots of blood clots recently, but no one sticking to the machine yet………………..doctors fill charts with copious notes when someone is not vaxxed, but never seem to specifically say when someone is. I ask everyone because if you’ve had the vaccine we let you in the machine without a mask……………..if not then all metal has to be removed from the mask due to facial burns reported at some facilities from the metal nose piece.


  2. This will decimate the blood supply, “vaxxed” blood is now tainted. For those who had the coof and have antibodies/unvaxxed the blood supplyis NG. I am sure this is by design, when these vaxxed start dieing in droves they will try and blame those who refused the clot shot. Hopefully, there are still doctors who will speak out…

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  3. Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones
    Know about them. This Looks like a mechanism that could bring them to reality.
    They Tell you what they are going to do to you
    Then, if you let them
    In their code of ethics
    You Deserve what they want to do to you.
    Just like cattle.


  4. Well, I suppose this will help eliminate some of the “dumb ones”. They want immigrants here because they know how they’ll respond to authority. Thank Jade Helm for that.


  5. We are an overpopulated planet which is what drives all this present insanity. It will all come down to the remaining will be the ones that bring “Value” to the world. The underlings, those not educated, or willing to get educated and figure things out, will simply perish or be eliminated.
    Those at the top will simply perish by virtue that they create nothing and bring no “Value” to the table.They are the frosting and not the substance. They exist because they benefit and prosper from those that do bring “Value” through their efforts.
    Those that are left inhabiting the earth will be those that are capable and bring “Value” to what his left of society.
    By Value, I’m meaning this: Consider any company, who is more valuable or brings more value to that company, the managers, owners, CEO or whatever. or the guys that shows up on time and does his job and goes home, or they guy that shows up on time, knows how to do everybody else’s job or is able to figure out how to do everyones job? The guy that has the idea of a lawn mower, can make, or source, the materials for the lawn mower, can build it, mow the lawn, and repair it. And it follows through with the environment, industry of all kinds, technology, all through everything that makes up or contributes to modern life.
    Most of us here, somewhat at least, fit that category.
    But then what the hell do I know, I’m just a silly old knuckle dragging troglodyte.


    • Read elsewhere that if you take the population density of either of China’s two most crowded cities, you could fit the entire world’s population into Texas and Texas’ two neighboring states. If true, imagine the insanity index created by that.


    • Mr. Troglodyte- I agree, somewhat, with your opinion of over population. Was flying corporate jet along east coast of Florida and was seeing wall to wall houses. New Mexico used to be barren. Now, humans are everywhere. So many “useless eaters”. I had the same view as you until reminded myself that Christ died for each and every individual. Now, I realize that judgement is above my pay grade. I suppose it’s not up to me to make that determination. Now, I keep grey man posture and protect my family in a desolate location.


  6. “””” Bill on August 15, 2021 at 6:19 am said:”””
    This guy, has brought something I havent
    Seen dicussed anywhere.

    Think about that…
    Blood Transfusion, your whatever, wife, child etc. Needs it, you have been solid, NO dog eater vax, home school. Etc etc.

    Your blood matches, but…
    Due to Govt mandate of recent. Say….The Dog Eater Vaccine, cause children, national security, more propaganda.
    ONLY blood Stored amd tested by the hospital can and will be used.
    Your is DQ’d PERIOD!

    Yup, 1000 fold, things are going to get very very very bad.


    • Sad thing is I have several friends, family and relatives that have taken the jab; their uninformed choice. If you are involved in an accident and need blood, the blood supply is tainted….how do you refuse a tainted transfusion after an accident? I live in a blue state where these assholes wear their vaxxhole status like a badge of courage….they are oblivious to the jabs altering facts. As stated earlier I have friends, family and relatives who took the jab, my Wife and I refuse.
      We had the coof have antibodies and believe our natural defenses will be sufficient…Several family members refuse to meet as we are not jabbed…their loss and ours…but these are some fucked up times.


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