I Swear They Are Like Socks

Ya set the damn things down and they disappear into the 5th Dimension.

I’m not even joking.

A couple years ago I was out in the garage messing around and couldn’t find a cheap Phillips screwdriver anywhere.

I know I had some, they just disappeared.

I can hear you saying now, how would you know, that garage is a disaster area?

Trust me, it isn’t that big. A quick look should be all it takes.

Sure, I still have my Snap On set tucked away in my tool box but I like to have a couple cheapies laying around for those quick and simple jobs.

So I got pissed off and went down to Horror Fright and bough a half a dozen of the damn things.


I swear I have had over a hundred of the damn things in the last 40 years and they just disappear.

You will recognize this next problem instantly.

As soon as I had plenty of Phillips screwdrivers laying around again, I couldn’t find any of the cheap Flat Blades anymore.

I swear to you, they just up and walk away.

An hour ago I went looking for a cheap Phillips screwdriver.

No Gots.

I have no idea where six fucking screwdrivers went in a little over two years but they aren’t out in that garage.

I looked in all of my tool boxes and finally found one, with a fucked up tip.

So I dug out the Snap On, finished my thirty second task, put it back away and went and got in the truck.

Fuck this, for five bucks and change, I am getting some cheap screwdrivers to seed that garage with again.

Stay tuned for next weeks installment when I have to go right back down there and buy a bunch of cheap Flat Blade screwdrivers again….

There is no winning this battle.

32 thoughts on “I Swear They Are Like Socks

  1. I’ve bought several sets of those. Sweet Little Wife has her own set, there’s a “House Set, Upstairs”, and a “House Set, Downstairs”.

    Also did the same with Channel-Lok pliers, and Crescent wrenches.


  2. Bwhaha Phil, you crack me up. Had the neighbor come over this morning, “can you give me a jump”, sure but why, did you leave something on all night? Nope was the answer. Got an Ohm meter? Yep, I’ve got 12 volts. me: tough shit it don’t mean you have the Amps if a cell went bad, do you have an amp meter, “yea, if I can find it?! Long story shortened, whipped out my Chineseism tool set and replaced his battery, the tool set being one that has a place for everything. Finally, the very wonderful tech at O’Riley’s said if you have come in two months ago, it would have been $150.00 instead of 200.00!


  3. Phil, do a google or duck go search for local auctions online. I buy old buckets and rusty tool boxes full of stuff for 10 or 15 bucks, then go through them, clean and evaporust. the better looking tools. I have at least a dozen good U.S.made quality screwdrivers that came this way, not to mention pipe wrenches, pliers, dykes and so on. What is left over, I select an assortment, bag it after minimal wire brushing and put them back in a local auction. Usually someone buys them and I recover almost all invested. It is an easy game to play. Slowly replacing Chinese crap this way too. Tools made in the last 35 years simply don’t seem to hold up. Taiwan and Japan usually good but still not a match for Rigid, Snap on, Craftsman pre overseas and so on,.Heck I landed a tap and die set that must be from the mid 1950’s and it is better than any of the stuff from the 80’s and 90’s.

    What did freak me out today is that a 1960’s vintage 1″ sanding belt with 8″side disk sold by Sears under the Craftsman name, is all metric! I just put on a new belt and some of the pan head screws that hold the horizontal plate were chewed up, so went to get new ones, M8x1.25 threads. Must have been made in Taiwan but is solid like a tank.


    • Guys, estatesales dot net . . . . .i go to these things just for giggles. . . dead peoples stuff. old metal tool boxes 2 bucks, filled with tools 5 bucks. . . . . all kinds of stuff for the motor head types that can bring equipment back to life . . . great website & its got one of those app things that go on your phone so it’ll give you directions too. best time to go is last day as they’re motivated to get rid of everything, of course you’ll miss out on the good stuff.


  4. I understand that Phillips screw drivers hang out with 10mm sockets.


    p,s, The irony that Phillip can’t find a Phillips screw driver is mind boggling.


  5. Ditto. Plus everytime I’m in a store that sells them, I buy 3 or 4 neon green or yellow utility knives and seed then all over the place. I’m not gonna stop until I find three or more everytime I’m looking for One.


  6. if you look in your clothes closet, you’ll find you have more wire hangers than you thought; used to have the same problem with beer can openers – that closet was so full of empty wire hangers, there was no way I could fit another pair of dungarees in there if I tried.


  7. Sorta same thing happens to me. I have a side cutter and a spray bottle of WD40. The 2 of them are practical jokers with a warped sense of humor. When ever I need either one, it will hide so the only thing I find is the other one. When I don’t need either one they come out and clutter up my work bench. To make matters worst I think they been talking to my 10mm combination.


  8. I used to drop airplane small parts on hangar floor. Clean concrete. Nothing around. No find. Swore shit went thru a time warp on way to the floor.


    • You are correct. We have a parallel dimension and articles swap places back and forth all day long so I can’t find them. I think they are playing with me.

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      • Just like when you are looking for something, check a place five times and it’s not there. Look a sixth time and it’s there in plain sight.


  9. 6 way screwdrivers, put them where ever and cheap 25′ 3/4″ tape measures, put them where you go and a few extra on a shelf or corner of the bench for when you still can’t find one.


    • That was gonna be my suggestion. I must have 40 or so of the 6 way drivers lying around…of course when you lose one, you actually lose 6, so it keeps the tool gremlins happy for a while….
      Seriously, those 6 ways are good for 85% of the fasteners I encounter on any given day.


      • You do know that with only a propane torch, a hammer and the anvil end of your bench vise you can “make’ a flat blade screwdriver from one of your many phillips?

        I even “tempered” mine a little by dipping it in my beer can ash tray while red hot.


        • I have two full sets of Snap On screwdrivers that cost me $180 apiece fifteen or twenty years ago.
          Them things get put back when I use them.
          One is the Orange handled set they quit making years ago and the other one is the Dale Earnhart Commemorative set that I bought for my dad and he only ever used the Phillips out of one time.
          That one just sits in it’s plastic box.
          The Orange ones actually need to visit Mr. Snap On and have some new driver ends put in the old handles.
          Try to find one of those Snap On trucks when you need one some time though.
          They are like Unicorns unless you owe them bastards money.


  10. I feel your pain. My tool box is nowhere as loaded as yours but if I want a phillips all I find is flat blades or the other way around. I agree..they migrate.


  11. It’s easy to find any tool, just go to the hardware store and buy another one, when you get home the “lost” tool is in your tool chest. I call it Do-It-Best voodoo.

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  12. Had the same problem….screwdrivers, pliars, dykes….whatever. They always seemed to disappear over time. Then I got an idea. I started LOCKING UP my roll away tool boxes.
    And BY GOD the tools stopped disappearing. Seems all the people who never seemed to
    know where my tools were COULDN’T BORROW THEM anymore.

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    • Dan, your idea of locking the toolbox would be a great idea if it wouldn’t get me divorced. My late father-in-law was a genuine mechanical genius. He took one look at a zero turn mower, shook his head and went into his shop. In a week’s time he emerged with his own. Built from scratch! His daughter? She barely knows which end of the screwdriver to hold it with. But she works very diligently to keep the kitchen tool drawer void of razor knifes, tape measures and screwdrivers. When it’s empty, she moves on to my stuff. I’ve seen her do it.


  13. A dozen’ish years ago, I won an auction for 100 10mm sockets, 1/4, 3/8, even a 1/2″ box in there. To date, I have 3 of the 1/2″ ones left. Somewhere on the ‘other dimension’, my counterpart is probably dealing with the exact same thing.


  14. I had the same problem. A while back at Harbor Freight I bought a couple of magnetic tool bars.
    It solved the immediate need issue. Of course, ya gotta remember to put ’em back….

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  15. What happens around here is the wife borrows them and then leaves them wherever she used them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my stuff on a counter, or on the fireplace. I bought a brand new craftsman set years ago and not a day later one of my new screwdrivers was sitting on the floor in the living room. I nearly popped a vein in my head.

    I swear to God my life would be so much easier if people around here shut the doors, flushed the toilets, and put shit back where they got it or where it belongs.

    So I keep my cheapie set on a pegboard. Keeps the wife away from the tool box.

    The other is that I have tools in a case for when I go see customers, tools in a box that I use for electronics, and the big roller cabinet for the rest, which I pile parts and whatnot on top as camouflage so the old lady gets frustrated looking for stuff and heads to the pegboard where she’s allowed to be.

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