$74.08 for 21 gallons of the cheapest gas I could find around here at $3.43 a gallon.

My ass is bleeding.

Updated, I just saw this a few minutes ago.

39 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Close to $5 a gallon over here in the good ol’ bay area California. Our asses over here are used to bleeding by now though.

    God I need to leave the dumpster fire that is California!.


  2. i been paying 3.79 for hi-test b/c of the hemi. got rid of it, but my old truck has 150k so i’m back to 3.79 for her. but on the bright side, no more commute over the mountain.


  3. When I resume my trip back west come the end of the month, I am going to be paying out the ass through Montana to Idaho…. Can I score a bank loan from any of you rich fellers here on Phil’s blog?


  4. In the DC area I tend to use places that take cash only so they don’t mark up for the credit charge they would have to pay, so Regular at those places is between 2.95 and 2.99 a gallon. Feel so sorry for you guys on the west coast.


  5. 3.13 in Cincy yesterday, but 15 cents off a gal because 5% cash back on gas on my card so 2.98.
    I only buy regular as computer controlled ignition adjusts of course.
    Premium price os always ridiculous,

    Well folks, it ain’t getting any cheaper the next 3 years+ and probably even after that. Ditto everything else you buy.


  6. Paying $6.88 per us gallon equivalent here in OZ. Fuel prices went up 40% in the last four months. Welcome to people’s republic of OZ. We are now also in enforced lockdown and the various state and federal governments are attempting to mandate the not vaccines in full flouting of the contstitution of this country. A large legal team is mounting a class action against the gov, all the way to the high court to stop this madness. Whether there is any success remains to be seen. Pity we let the arseholes take our guns.


  7. Here in SW Michigan we are getting regular in the range of 3.089 to 3.289 and diesel just about the same for a change. That puts me at 30% more miles/tankful compared to wifey unit that has a small gasoline SUV. Still hunting for a used diesel SUV that is not in nosebleed price territory, they are rare as hen’s teeth.


  8. We were all locked down last year, so oil demand dropped. Normally we would go back to fracking once demand went up, but our fearless leader decided to close new fracking and new pipelines.
    So, the driver gets screwed, but that is the outcome the left wants.
    They want you to be forced into their mass transit, and lose your freedom to move independently.
    That makes sense to the people who live in giant cities with no parking.
    These people have never been in “fly-over” country


    • Just picked up a ’77 C-10 for parts, there’s a 250-6 in it, thinking I’ll resurrect that engine and plumb it with woodgas.

      Fuck that gasoline. And the taxes they collect on it. And fuck the push for electric cars. I’d rather hear trees scream.


  9. So Billyboyrm, did you let them? What part of enforced confiscation via ‘buyback’ amounts to letting them? The continuing amnesties in various states that encourage people to ‘get guns off the streets’, and the wholesale infestation of both organised gun clubs and informal hunters’ groups by well-funded and deep cover government agents gives the lie to “let them take our guns”. The unrecorded guns stored and not in circulation amounts to a bottomless pit. The guns used in criminal circles are either black market imports, newly made 3-D printed and craft guns or simply stolen. An example of this was the theft of 2,000 brand new Glock models 22 and 23 .40 auto pistols from a bonded warehouse. The Glocks were imported by the NSW Police Force for issue as service pistols. They were collected by ‘real’ cops in a well run theft years ago, yet to be reported by tame media.


  10. “Remember, the national average was less than $2 a gallon last year.”

    Good times. But hey, no mean tweets!”


  11. WTF! Wasn’t gonna comment Phil but just thought to meself “Why not check the price of wehere I filled up three days ago” & guess what – up 22¢ a gallon! (My fill then from just above a quarter tank to full was some number of cents above fifty-seven bucks. Regular.)

    So what gives – we weren’t by any chance – importing oil from Afghanistan were we?


  12. You ain’t seen nothin yet……the goal of the left is to make us pay AT LEAST as much as the poor bastards in Europe pay. Which is at least TWICE what we are currently paying. They want ALL OF US to stop driving.


  13. 2/2011 to 10/2014 in the Chicagoland area gas was $3.30-$4.50 a gallon and I had a Silverado short bed. I drive 350 miles a week and I was spending $75-$85 a week on gas.
    Seen signs on the intertubes that Cali gas is over $6.


  14. $2.89 to $3.09 here in middle New England. $3.09 where I buy my gas. A year ago, it was $1.00 less. A couple days ago there was a news story about Biden begging ME countries to increase their oil shipments to the USA. 6 months ago there were several stories about oil tankers stacked up in west coast and Caribbean harbors waiting weeks to off load because there was so much domestic oil available for refinery use.

    But, Biden won.


  15. The least expensive I can find here in upper NE Texas is $2.88 at a local Brookshires.
    About $2.95 seems to be the average here abouts though.



  16. Taking the diesel price per liter in Euro, converting it to USD and converting that to one US gallon – this is the price for one gal of diesel here in Austria:

    5.13 USD

    Austria is being considered cheap when it comes to gas prices.


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