New DHS Terrorism Threat Alert “Is Not Based On Any Actual Threats Or Plots”

But if you are reading this, you are the threat they are issuing this alert for.

Right after the horrors of 9/11, while the entire country was still in shock and Stupie McFuckwit (G.W.Bush) unveiled this brand spanking new Federal agency he named The Department Of Homeland Security, the VERY FIRST THING that went through my mind was WTF is this and why does this name smack of Fascism and Nazism to me?

I mean really, HOMELAND?

Yahwol Kommandant Klink springs to my mind to this very day every time I hear it.

Come to find out later, that whole damned thing had been planned out years in advance and by some amazing fucking coincidence here they had all this, ready to go, THE VERY NEXT DAY.

Just pulled that right out of their asses didn’t they?

Ever since, this bunch of fucking Fascists has slowly but surely been turning into the 21st century American version of the Schutzstaffel, better known to those of us born before 1980 as THE SS.

Even back then one of the first things I envisioned was the government turning this new All Powerful and Heavily Armed quasi military agency inwards against it’s own citizens.

And here we are today,

H/T to Pete over at WRSA for the graphic.

This didn’t happen by accident.

All this was planned out LONG AGO.

Way before 9/11 and that was twenty years ago now.

Looking at that screen grab from a National News Network, you can see how the Federal Government views what happened on that day.

If you are an American Patriot and want to keep the memory of that traitorous day alive then THEY CONSIDER YOU TO BE A FUCKING TERRORIST NOW.

All any of us are waiting for at this point is an excuse.

Any spark to light the fire.

When it finally comes, you can substitute EVERYTOWN USA for Kiev and get ready to see this from sea to shining sea.

And absolutely no one should be surprised.

Because they have absolutely been begging for it.

When Americans En Masse finally decide that they have had enough and revoke their consent to be governed by the Oligarchy and their installed lackeys discover that they aren’t nearly as special as they think they are, it will be too late.

At that point it will all be over except the shooting and the burying.

They seem to think they got this. That there is no way they can lose.

History is full of dead people who thought the same way.

Some of those tyrants thought it was a good idea to piss off Americans because they thought we were weak.

If you will notice there aren’t any I Killed America Clubs or yearly reunions being attended by those people.

Those that tried wound up having shortened lifespans,

The current crop of wannabe dictators are going to find that out the hard way too.

Because trying to turn Patriotism into Terrorism is turning things upside down.

If that’s the way you want it,

we can do upside down too.

20 thoughts on “New DHS Terrorism Threat Alert “Is Not Based On Any Actual Threats Or Plots”

  1. A lot of American traitors should be contemplating their crimes against their own country, many innocuous little places razed from the surface of the globe as ‘hotbeds of terror’, and the hapless duped nations that followed the USA into the Global War On Terror, but one Yank in particular needs to swing from his knackers, until it’s time to make like a wind chime: Dick Cheney. Many hundreds extra have been identified as integral to the 2001 attack on the US’s, and the rest of the world too, freedoms, but Cheney will be a good start. If you need to harvest low-hanging fruit in order to reach that shiny apple, then bad actors like Larry Silverstein will do. In fact, it is a good idea to offer indemnities to some of the baddies, so long as they did not commit the capital crimes, in order that Cheney and his cohorts swing. It must be painful for Americans to realise how they were played for well-meaning patriotic, but duped, puppets, by such evil bastards and The Usual Suspects. Just think, all those heroic lives, limbs and blood, flushed down a sewer, so that people like Cheney can get a higher return on shares.


  2. Back in 1945 there was still morality left in a populace that killed its dictators. Look at the picture of Mussolini & company hanging upside down.

    Look at the woman.

    Her skirt is tied up so that her underwear/genitals would not be exposed, even in death.

    Would today’s leaders deserve the same treatment?


  3. About K Strategists: ideologies and Patriotism notwithstanding… a lesson is presented us on clear no uncertain terms, playing out in present time…the machine has failed, its illegitimacy evident as it scurries to do its cabal and commie chink overlords bidding, leaving behind 20 years of US military infrastructure and Lord only knows how many trillions in treasure in the form of weapons and bases, air operations and the million little things required for twenty years of the empires conspiracy to keep the heroine and child trafficking conduits flowing…

    …the Taliban outlasted the neo-cons. We can outlast the machine. We have outlasted it.

    They target us K Strategist Americana for specific reason. Yeah, obvious, but it can’t be overstated enough until every swinging dick of us gets it.
    They fear using our minds more than using our rifles against them. Because the mind which does not fear them is the weapon they fear most of all. They should.
    It is our minds that are always our best weapon. Our rifles are an awesome extension of that weapons system. This is part and parcel why we fought and won the only successful slave revolt in history and came up so strong and anti-fragile the fuckers knew back then, 245 years ago, it would take at least that long to destroy us and our Republic. Hence cabal, the machine and its glowies, and vast all but inconcievable insidious gangstalker network which infests everything around us, infiltrated every institution and system of government down to dog catcher.
    As Vox Day points out: “Conspiracy theory is the only credible theory of American history in the last 119 years.”

    To be fair the Taliban has had the constant support of outside far away state support safe from retaliation or other effects of war they sow. They are not a true pure insurgency, but proxies, the whole narrative and history of insurgency warfare and guerrilla fighters, exists in the 20th and present century as nothing but proxy armies, fighting 4th G war, supported by and doing the bidding of tyrannical entities and States. As obvious it is the commie chinks behind the Taliban’s rapid advancement and sequestration of Afghanistan, the fuckers thirst for all that juicy US military infrastructure, after all they are a true culture of thieves, they steal everything not nailed down, they are the cockroaches of the human race, little yellow ones. Oh but they are the superior Race. They tell us it is so.

    This is the nature of LIC war, or WARRE as Hobbes predicted, that has supplanted 3rd Generation War the neo-cons and their leftist compatriots thirst for, have used the blood of Patriots for so long, as justification of waging their empire of corruption, and under its guise run vast money laundering schemes, operate every sort of illicit trafficking conduits. It is a globo=pedo crime syndicate with every sort of faction and family imaginable on on the take.
    Imagine our country without them. If nothing else O’l Trump showed us the contrast, what MAGA is like without them. And it was good. Is good. Will be good. What has begun can not be stopped. Auto-delegitimization of cabal and its machine proceeds apace. Every day it fails in instituting and imposing its writs of attainder, it is a cascading failure, though in its present stages of the fail of its institutional order with its iron grip upon the yellow media narratives it does not seem so, yet pattern of detail reveals a whole different picture. One tell is we still got guns, lots of guns. At every turn they have failed to disarm us. Funny that, huh? Interesting. Not just that, they have not stopped the manufacture of rifles and ammunition. Mmmmm. A pattern in detail in its own right that screams.

    Now that they are bringing all that nice woke low intensity conflict -counter-insurgency lessons and experience home, to use against the natural born regime defier’s and resister’s, “America’s Taliban” if you will, like where else from the start was it all planned to end up and used against who. Kill the American Kulaks was always on the globo=pedo menu.

    Free Pineland!

    Fourth Generation war is rooted in a crisis of legitimacy of the state, or to be exact, legitimacy of cabal and its machine. Surviving this crisis of legitimacy is now the single greatest objective of the fuckers fucking with us. The machine has to wage a counter insurgency in order to create a new illusion of legitimacy. It needs an enemy. And we who are Freemen are the target.
    COIN is a most perishable military skill, lot of tribal aspects within its tiny community, like scout-sniper skills, very few that make it into acceptance in the actual programs, are natural to it, and execute at the tactical level effective actions, even fewer are adept at running these operational arts.
    The conundrum is to wage regime sanctioned COIN effectively there must be the illusion of legitimate need and cause, its just too close to the bone of good folks natural God given Unalienable Sovereignty for it to work if they dont get everything just right creating the false narrative of Patriots as the great enemy of the state.
    Eventually Special Forces Green Beret motto, De Oppresso Liber (To Free the Oppressed),
    becomes all too real, after all its K Strategists who make for effective COIN soldiers, and the dichotomy of and question of legitimacy and targets of COIN the regime proscribes becomes all too clear.

    To institutionalize COIN in the new woke/commie chink controlled .mil is a contradiction in terms, there is no counter insurgency, we ain’t insurgents, this is our home, our territory our property and our lives at stake, at best regime COIN will be mostly contrived of regime hunter-killer groups, consisting in the beginning of the worst extreme power violence orientated glowies, and once this perishable machine asset is whittled down to extinction level numbers from freefor getting its licks in, they will next bring in cabal assets disguised as foreign UN peacekeeping battalions, because the dot mill has too many cadre who balk at laying belt fed murder and boxcar genocide on their fellow countrymen, it is then these foreign mercenary operational groups, who their parent States are more than willing to be rid of, in concert with extreme violent terror operations groups, consisting of alien invader and other criminal elements like MS13 gang members, and rouge state/local cop criminal gangs with glowie support and cover, work from the other end of the power to hurt, force and violence regime totalitarianism spectrum.

    A majority of the vast gangstalker network will rapidly slink away as soon as it becomes clear those they been fucking with for decades begin to exact vengeance upon them. It will be extremely quick and final this comeuppance, no mercy no quarter no excuse. Once left naked without support the gangstalker network will face The King Kyle treatment. Whole teams of the unorganized resistance will hunt them down and exterminate these 2 legged rats and their spawn, its the only way, from the ground up to stop and cleanse our countryside of these vermin and traitors.
    Without the gangstalker network the machine is left naked, vulnerable, in ways its never experienced, nor has institutional knowledge of. The machine will lash out in extremis as it realizes it faces existential threat in real time.

    Forget cabal for now, its their proxies and operational elements that once disrupted and destroyed, leaves the centralized cabal and commie chink overlords without operational power, its essential tools instruments and weapons interdicted and eliminated. Simply removing its yellow media 5th column organ from accessing the dialectic landscape has profound effect upon its ability to communicate and gull the countryside, their primary weapon being weaponized fear neutralized, relieving the good folks of that heinous incessant disruption, making way for a far higher and real, constructive level of woke.

    So the mission is to get the gangstalkers. Take them out. From school board agent provocateurs to cops who took the machine ticket. It is not even their elimination, but the fact good folks are into them and refuse to take council of their fears, who do not loose their nerve, this advent of fearless righteous payback pays huge dividends to freefor, the almost instantaneous positive results of eliminating the gangstalker rule over local conditions will be so edifying and obvious it completely changes everything and god folks see the results, which will blow their minds and bake their noodles how excellent and wonderful true representative republican form of governance and will of the governed truly is.

    cabal is not possible without its machine gangstalkers.

    The power to hurt – the sheer, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief—is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often.
    – Thomas C. Schelling Arms and Influence

    They do not deserve America, they do not deserve to breathe the same air as free men and women, and by God AlmIghty I swear it they shall not if I got anything to do with it.
    – BFYTW

    think I’m talking out my ass here?
    How do you suppose this country began?
    The fucking tooth fairy left it under our pillow?

    Your’s truly,
    One of the Boogajahideen

    You will come to know even if you do not believe,
    Scripture alone
    Christ alone
    Grace Alone
    Faith alone
    Glory of God alone
    – Martin Luther


  4. Das Heimat Schutze won’t have enough replacements or fusion centers and the XXXL BDU National Guard will bail as soon as the free buffet line closes.
    No loyalty and no love for arrogant bureauweenie quislings stuck in a cloud of delusion about their magnificence over the deplorable kulak untermenschen who have to get by in the real world.


  5. “” New DHS Terrorism Threat Alert “Is Not Based On Any Actual Threats Or Plots”””

    They NEVER are.
    Fact, i cant think of one that has been.
    Real Life aint sutherlands 24.

    And history tells us and has proven in Fed’s Own Reports….half of the so called “terrorists” are FBI UC or plain ol’ informants tryin to save there own ass.

    As usual, these “Bulletins” never mention the Comminist Left and ALWAYS mention, trump, white blah blah, kkk (fbi agents) blahblah.

    Never the wilding…animals.
    Never the deviant pedo’s and sexual obsession crowd or the Psychotic gender pretenders.

    Like Dog Eater Flu-no decenting conversations will be heard, had OR Tolerated.

    All just lies.
    Like Voter Suppression….A total and complete lie. They are telling us what they plan.

    What the Demo-Krauts are really saying is..

    “”””“We do not want Republicans to ever vote again. So we are Creating a Cleansing System to stop them from voting.
    Sieg Heil Soros.””””

    DHS is not reality, neither are there Political Propaganda Bulletins.


    • If… “half of the so called “terrorists” are FBI UC or plain ol’ informants tryin to save there own ass”…. then what about the other half? Just askin’.


  6. Why all the Cheney hate?
    Go watch the youtube about General Schwartzkopf’s famous briefing outlining the first Gulf War’s strategy. Observe: 1. He was pissed. “I was told to give this briefing”. 2.He did not agree with the strategy that wrapped up the war in 100 hours. Why? Because it was not his strategy. He wanted more time to assemble more men & materiel directly across from the Iraqi lines to launch a ‘hey diddle diddle right up the middle attack’ which gets a lot of friendlies killed. Think, “ok boys, over the top” pure low intellect arrogant lunacy. This is apparent when he referred to parts of the plan as a “Hail Mary”. Who calls their own plan a ‘Hail Mary’?Schwartzkopf was a petty clown. It was Cheney that shut him and his ilk Gen.Powell down and instituted the winning plan as devised by the lowly Col. John Boyd (USAF Ret.). Schwartzkopfs bitterness was post 100 hour victory w/no loss of life on the part of U.S. & Allied forces. Only a spoiled child could resent that. The Iraqi’s were buried where they fell in their trenches within 15 minutes of death. The U.S. Marines buried USAF Col.John Boyd with the full Marine honours as one of their own! Oh yeah and the air force had some people there. Go read: ‘Col. John Boyd: the Fighter Pilot that Changed the Art of War’. You will not be disappointed.


  7. Russ, wrong war. Cheney, though he had many co-conspirators, was the prime mover in staging the so-called War On Terror, all to improve Halliburton’s divitdend payouts and share prices. Forgetting (although nobody can erase the memory of 3 skyscrapers collapsing) the atrocity carried out in NYC on Sep 11th, how many thousands of US servicemen, and your allies, lost their lives, limbs and/or minds in the endless wars since? Seven M.E. countries, and their populations, destroyed and their economies looted, the entire region destabilised for decades to come, all for Cheney, and his buddies at other companies like Blackwater, Raytheon et cetera to be enriched even further than their bloated coffers already were. The entire world, it’s culture and people, certainly the USA, may never regain hegemoney in our lifetimes. “All wars are bankers’ wars.”, the members of particular banking corporations of the tiny City of London, Tel Aviv and New York city were the only beneficiaries of the war, certainly not the US itself.


    • Assholes moved Halliburton’s HQ to Dubai so not have to pay taxes even tho a big chunk of income is from taxpayers. Fuckin assholes.


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