6 thoughts on “Playing Fetch With Your Cat

  1. That is one DUMB Siamese cat. I had a GF with a cat that would have attacked that ball before it reached its head height, would it bring it back? Hell NO, but it would not let it attack him like that.


  2. I had a Japanese Bobtail years ago that would not only play fetch, but initiate the game.
    I’d roll up and empty cigarette pack, and toss it at him a foot or so above his head, then he’d jump and catch it, bring it back to me, and run back to spot he’d been at.

    We’d do this for 15 – 20 minutes, then he’d run out of the room with pack. He stored them somewhere.

    Days later, he’d come back, with a cigarette pack, drop it at my feet, and run over to “his spot”.

    I had no idea where he was storing the packs until we moved, and I pulled the secretary away from the wall — there were probably a dozen empty packs under it.

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    • Snowball and Salty would do that with balled up paper. Play for hours, usually until I got tired. Same with a move…found lots behind the TV. Also found lots of panties…turns out I had a cat that would steal them from girlfriends and hide them. I’d always get accused of taking them as trophies. Always said why take panties when I have video 😉


  3. Hey mista egorr, I don’t mind cats, really. So long as they are well cooked, for safety’s sake, then a bit of sweet ‘n sour sauce works well. Just ask the cook at your local Asian hasty-tasty!


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