But, But, WHITE PEOPLE! Privilege! Supremacy! Domestic Terrorists!



Latino and Black victims account for nearly all of L.A.’s surge in homicides

The surge in homicides in Los Angeles since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has played out almost entirely among Latino and Black victims, according to a Times analysis of Los Angeles Police Department data.

The figures reflect wide disparities in public safety across the city, experts say, as well as compounding trauma for communities of color hit hard by past gang violence and devastated at disproportionate rates by the economic and social upheaval of the last 18 months. “It speaks to the two Los Angeleses,” one expert said.

Chicago, Philly, St. Louis, I could go on and on and on.

Yeah, it’s us Whypeepo out slaughtering innocents on a grand scale every fucking day.

Go ahead, shut down that EBT system for two straight days and see what happens.

Entire cities would turn into burning war zones and us White Folks would be sitting here nodding our heads saying Told Ya So.

Take your bullshit narrative and stick it up your ass.

16 thoughts on “But, But, WHITE PEOPLE! Privilege! Supremacy! Domestic Terrorists!

  1. Long as they’ll be willing to deploy those street fighting skills against UN ‘peace keepers’, should our betters play that card on American streets, let them continue working shit out amongst themselves, however they see fit.


  2. I was never around “negros, blacks, afro-americans, hispanics (whatever that is) or other folks that didn’t match up with my off white skin tone until I got into the navy. Then I found out that assholes came in all colors!
    And some were damn good guys!


  3. L.A. numbers:
    Hispanics: 49% of the population
    50% of the murder victims
    48% of the murder suspects

    Blacks: 9% of the population
    36% of the murder victims
    40% of the murder suspects

    Whites: 37% of the population
    10% of murder victims
    10% of murder suspects

    Asian or Other: 5% of the population
    4% of the murder victims
    <2% of murder suspects

    It's pretty clear where the problem is, and who the problem children are. And aren't.

    And some of them "white racist" unicorns TPTB and the Enemedia keep yapping about (absent any proof of the existence of same) clearly ain't been pulling their weight, that's for sure.

    Fence in L.A. County, and forcibly relocate all the Leftards in CA south of Monterey within its confines. Anyone who identifies as other than that may depart in peace.
    And anyone who makes movies, TV shows, or records has to live there in order to work.
    Anyone who goes in is forbidden from coming out, for a decade.
    Leave it a separate fiefdom for 10 years, then go in and deal with whatever is still standing afterwards.

    Our next governor would be Clint Eastwood, and a real-life John Wick would be the Attorney General.


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