10 thoughts on “Oh Yeah?!

  1. Seems to be the Show and Tell moment Aesop was talking about when the leftists realize we CAN remove our restraints. Going to get messy eh?


  2. The sad thing is if the Rottweiler does go after the idiot and takes a few chunks out of him.. He will blame the dog and the Rottweiler owner will end up in court and the dog wioll get put down.


    • Any cocksucker who puts my dog down without good cause is likely to find themselves thrown into a hole.
      Meals will be the flesh of their family until that is exhausted, the end will be starvation and a filling in of the hole.


  3. One of our RedHeelers got rambunctious.
    Scaled a six-foot chain-link fence in two seconds flat.
    In the paddock with our four mules.
    Working as a team, the mules herded the Heeler over to the man-gate.
    I very slowly walked over to open the gate, then a thoroughly chastised dog slinked back onto the porch.
    Our primary female did a goat-climb onto the miscreant, and emptied her bladder on the head of the problem child.

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    • That’s funnier than hell!
      I had a Blue heeler once. Damn that dog was smart. It literally thought it was one of our kids and would fight my youngest daughter for the best seat in the back of the van I had when she was a little girl.


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