12 thoughts on “Nothing Runs Like A Deere

  1. And that ending part… just physics, the chain is hooked below the axle level on the JD and above the axle level on brand x. The lever is a very old tool and that’s pretty much the same principle.


  2. That’s just the city boys playing the small version of what the farmer did in the past. For fun, usually at fair time, farmers would get hooked up and drag each other around it was a real hoot!


  3. As Mathew said, hook it up right and make what you have work for you, not against you. Ever wonder why All towing is done from below the axle? Thats why! Front weights would have helped , but only to smash the front end upon meeting the earth after its rise to fame.


  4. I’ve sheared an axle twice on a 112 JD. [Still have your JD mower with the Honda conversion for you Phil…you just need to pick it up and get it outta here] Comedy of purchases where I thought it was big enough for what I needed at the time…… JD 112, followed by a couple of Ford’s… 8n and 9n. followed by a JD A, followed by a couple of Case tractors, followed by a couple of Minnies, and then a White-A/C, then a couple of old D7’s and then saying piss on it , duh, Just get a 976 Versitile and be done with it….. until I need a Big Bud. Oh, and then needing a Cat 12 for the roads, and then Dump trucks and on and on and on. Disease, I tell ya…..

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