It’s A Dangerous Game They Play

I’m pretty positive that if I decided to waste the time and energy, that I could go back at least ten years and find posts that I had put up predicting economic catastrophe coming.

The same for Civil War.

But I was told repeatedly that I was full of shit and just dabbling in Doom Porn.

Excuse me for a second while I knock out a quick Told YA So.

Well, here we are. Anyone else want to deny what is very plainly right in front of their face now?

The Trillions, that’s a T, of FRN’s that our government has decided to pull out of thin air and throw into the wind, technically represent the GDP of this country, which is itself, an estimation of the fruits of the labor of it’s citizens.

At current levels, they have put enough of these imaginary Bank Notes into circulation already to lay claim to the as of yet, complete lifetime production outputs of at least two generations of people who haven’t even been born yet.

This is to fund their current fiscal ineptitudes.

Anyone paying even remote attention to the current economic situation has to be seeing this,

So now, in their headlong rush into complete Totalitarian control, these same Evil Geniuses have decided to go over the top and declare that if you work for them directly, ie; a Federal Employee, that you must take an experimental gene therapy injection mandated by an imaginary Emergency Authorization, or you get fired and Fuck You Very Much.

Not to be outdone, several local State and County Apparatchiks have done the same.

Every single one of these soon to be former employees, no matter what job skills they have or what position they occupied, all have one very important thing in common.

They all paid taxes.

Couple the reduced income for the government to spend in the first place with their completely out of control deficit spending and in the not too distant future, everyone is going to be seeing this,

If you don’t already know how,

You had better learn to swim.

33 thoughts on “It’s A Dangerous Game They Play

  1. Man, I hope they fix that bridge with the “infrastructure” money.

    Anwyay, I’m reading that the military has backed off thei mandatory vaccine jab for Christian members (religious freedom). You’d think that would also apply to federal “workers”.


  2. I have always said that “stuff” is better than money. as long as it is the right stuff
    food, water and ways to clean water to render it safe, meds you need and those you might need
    and a way to keep and protect what you have. these items always go up in value, more so when
    things go south or tits up as they used to say. i forget who said it years ago that all paper “money”
    returns to it base value. paper and ink.


  3. Smells like a get rich quick civil war within a revolution waiting for China to invade from north and south donning blue helmets supplied by the United Nations financed by the American tax payer about to unfold.

    What a mess.

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  4. Funny how your family, friends, coworkers once scoffed at your comments and talking with them, now, they are back asking some probing questions about basic survival with what they are seeing with their lying eyes. Life is going to be a bitch for them. You tried to help them get their house and family in order to have a modicum of a chance at long term survival. They laughed at you. Who is laughing now. You are not welcome. Have to be careful, those that scoffed will be the snitches. I am careful about what info I can provide, just enough to warrant their self interest but not give them reason yet to cop me out at the sake of my survival. When the ball deflates, don’t bother shading my door frame.


  5. Whether they will ever admit it or not, we have been at war ideologically speaking since the early 20th century. The left and their agents are not dumb. They have been playing the long game knowing that each successive generation of Americans will be more willing to see their nation organized the way the left wants it and not the right.

    With O’Barky we had an obvious socialist who was stymie at the Congressional level and only passe the ACA as a ‘milestone’ piece of legislation but what we did not notice was the changes made in the bureaucracy that we are dealing with today. We forget the mass retirements in the military of high level officers who were told that advancement for them was out of the question due to their political/social beliefs. This left only or mostly liberal true believers to carry on in the leadership ranks as we are seeing today. This extended all the way through the deep state driving conservatives out or denying them any leadership roles. The pollution of the deep state is the real accomplishment of O’Barky more than anything else. As a bonus he started this black versus white crap and put it at a boil. Now we have BLM and Antifa destroying our cities and driving the agenda when they should not be.

    Now, we see real damage to our nation in terms of our economy and policies and we are upset. We make noise about recounts and hold mass rallies in support of freedom and the American way and are labelled terrorists. The democrats were so sure of their plans that they told us in advance that Biden had won before a vote was counted. It is more than obvious, our opinions as well as our votes do not matter. This is corruption and subversion of the will of a large portion of the American people and yet, they condemn us for not agreeing with them.

    If we do not take a stand and soon it will be too late to easily restore some of our freedoms. I am not talking about the voting booth and winning elections. I am talking about actions that are designed to get their attention in a big way.

    To understand how entrenched and self destructive the deep state and socialists are I strongly suggest that anyone who has not, read Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged” and see what she saw coming back so long ago played out to its self consuming end. Once you have read this you begin to understand the sickness that socialism represents. The solution that was in the novel is valid in today’s situation.

    In the spirit of John Galt we need to go on strike. We need to plan and conduct a strike where the means of transportation, communication and energy are all stopped for a meaningful number of days. A week minimum. If we can shut down the conveyor of power, food and consumables into the liberal areas for a week or two we can get their attention. ‘Their’ being the socialists who are currently ignoring us along with the Rinos who are their closet allies. This needs to be non-violent and needs to be complete and nation wide.

    Imagine the liberal drones not able to get their soy lattes and organic vegetables when they want them Imagine when their phones go dead because the grid is down for a week or two. This would force them to acknowledge us instead of treating us as the ignorant rubes that they consider us to be. We could make the power of the censors at Facebook look minuscule when their servers go down.

    This type of action is the last ditch before we have hostilities and things get really ugly. Once things go hot, there will never be any unity again. We have a portion of our society who have been convinced they are better than us solely to create a false front to push the socialist agenda. Once things get ‘sporty’ the propaganda from the left will label us as the worst humans on earth and our only recourse will be to eliminate their influence with prejudice. That will leave deep scars and will never heal and our nation will not be whole again.

    Phil, you were right all those years ago as all the rest of us were. We could see what was coming but for whatever reason could not find the traction or the means in which to try to stop it. We elected Trump with the hopes of turning things around and look what they did when he was in office and even after.

    These people on the left do not respect anything other than real power and their agenda. It is time for conservatives to unify and take an action that will hit them where they live and yet, is the equivalent of a sit in and is political speech and not an ‘Attack’. There will be much howling and gnashing of teeth on the left in the media and DC and this is how we show them that it is we conservatives that run the engine of this society and not the key punchers and code writers and internet giants.

    Shut it down, Make that internet connection and cell phone useless. This would do more to prove we cannot be pushed around than anything else.

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    • “”
      Shut it down, Make that internet connection and cell phone useless “””

      And that aint hard to do.
      It isn’t rocket science and all the LOCINT is out there


  6. I was going to suggest that you play some music with your open thread post in the middle of the night. But, I’m always a little scared leaving you to do the chosin. You never disappoint you twisted freak!!

    Okay, the pup saw the dog Dr. and got the jab. No, not that one.
    So, I’m outta here again for awhile. You all stay free and healthy. Fight nice and keep the sharp objects away from Sandy. Cederq, try not to bite anyone. And Aussie, if you weren’t such a broke dick you just might be a little scary.
    Keep your sense of humor Phil.
    See ya!!


  7. Prepping is not doom mongering and nothing is more positive than intending to survive.
    No one wanted this other than the Long Marchers or thinks it is some best case scenario but we work with the hand that is dealt.
    Reading the tea leaves is good for not being there when the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

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  8. Phil, been a long time reader, first post. I’m from the great state of Arizona where we ALL know, even my mostly Liberal Spousal unit, that Trump won. We are waiting for the final audit report, and dare I say, when it comes, the proverbial SWHTF. I am making myself ready for what’s coming. If anyone isn’t, they are a fool. There is no way that we are not on the verge of a complete and catastrophic episode in our history, and no one is going to like what happens. I feel it in my over-60 year old bones.

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  9. I can only agree with a lot of the above. My eyes where closed for many years but are open now, unfortunaltly I seem to have aged somewhat so I can’t be at the “point of the spear” but I can help, I can 5th column and provide supply and info. Grey man for now but ready whenever.
    God bless all of you.

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    • His Blessings back to ya, olunc, a lot of us middle aged and old farts will have something to contribute before we go to that long walk.


  10. One bright note from early, like 3 AM, this morning, the Senate bill that would have legitimized all of the voting control measures the Demonrats have been pushing, plus amnesty for untold millions of illegals, plus more unfunded TRILLIONS in spending was defeated by one voice shouting NO in the wilderness that is the district of criminals.

    Chuck the Shmuck tried pushing this bill through with a unanimous consent vote in the dark of night, like most of the evil vile “legislation” that has been foisted on us over the last 13 years.

    Ted Cruz, love him or hate hate him, temporarily saved the Republic last night.

    So, it’s over until they come back from vacation, when the battle will resume.


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