At The Precipice

When the Federal, state and county governments all decree that anyone in their employ has to take The Jab to continue being able to work and feed their families, the Nut Cuttin’ is soon to follow.

It is now going to be an individual choice people are going to have to make.

Just as beaches are made of individual grains of sand, every one of those choices is going to start adding up and will create something.

Either a willingness to stand up for your individual liberties and ownership of your own body and free will or abject servitude.

We are going to be finding out here real damn soon.

126 thoughts on “At The Precipice

  1. So, if you get the vax, you can still get the virus and can still pass it on, so what are companies trying to gain here. Take the airlines. Mary and Jane ore flight attendants. Mary has the vax and so has much lighter symptoms if she get the covey. Mary gets it goes to work and passes it to everyone on the plane. Jane is not vax’d, gets covey and ends up in the hospital instead where she isn’t giving it to anyone else on the plane.

    But still main point – if you get the vax, you can still get the virus and can still pass it on. What the fuck is the pont of forcing employees to get the vax?


      • And untold sequellae as yet unknown, from a never-tried-before “therapy”, which effects could be everything up to and including early or sudden death, or one of any number of permanent disabilities.

        Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?


    • You assume the jabbed receive lighter symptoms when infected than the non-jabbed, but that is far from clear.

      The three choices: 1) accepting the jab, 2) accepting vaccine passports, and 3) accepting detailed location tracking in the name of vaccine passports, are all independent could be made differently. But, as one act of submission or defiance makes later acts of submission or defiance emotionally easier, these choices tend to move as a group. A government only can afford the logistical tail to oppress 5% of an unwilling population. Therefore, the jab has to be pushed to shrink the 50% down to 5% before enough submission and servility is present that China-type electronic tracking is able to be imposed.

      When you get serious about liberty, take the license tag off your car.


        • If necessary, but far more salutary and thought-provoking should the knowledge that I’m willing to take theirs, up to the limit of of my final breath, at any range out to 1000Y, and using any and all means at my disposal, in opposition to that plan. I may not even wait until the last possible minute to begin. And I am far from the only one in that category.

          Last I looked, empty glass bottles, rags, high-test gasoline, and dish soap were available for about a buck a shot.

          If that doesn’t change anyone’s calculus for the equation, perhaps some practical application will.


      • If that how it plays out. What separates men from soi boys is taking responsibilities for their thoughts, actions and deeds. Like Aesop above, there are always consequences, unintended and intended. You can no to a cop, a politician, your superior officer or noncom, your boss, wife you just have to have the cojones to back that play or accept any suffering you may have to endure. Again parroting Aesop, are they willing to engage in a two way shooting range? Are they willing to let me go and then themselves suffer my act of retribution? I am a mean and clever son of a bitch, speaking of which having an Irish mother who taught me and my brother to fight, her having direct Irish kin that was in on the “Troubles” with the Brits had a lot to say about revenge and 2nd and 3rd order acts of retribution… So yeah, it is coming and we are pissed.


  2. Are you willing to go to jail to stand up for your rights? Are you willing to shoot down the law enforcement officer that comes to your house demanding proof of vaccine?


    • Mr. Anon- I sense a mask over what you are attempting to say. This country was established with violent disregard to the PTB. There is no “sell-by” date on righteous violence. I hope you can identify with it. Like the meme cliche says- “I just wanted to be left alone.”

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        • *Mx (vaccinated, all-White gated suburb, supporter of feminism/BLM/climate change, watches TV “news” and regurgitates talking points, “studies” major, blue-check on Twatter, nose 3 SD above normal, thinks firearms are “loud like a bomb” and wants them and police banned)


            • A lot has to do with popping up here using Anonymouse avatar and your writing style and vernacular and syntax is unfamiliar. Phil’s blog has had a lot of scummy trolls lately much like Aesops, Big Country and others. So, we are a little apprehensive about starting dialog. You can pick an avatar name and would garner more credibility…


          • Please enlighten me, you dumb whore, how “Ms.” is a feminist title. Does attacking other conservative / right-minded women make you feel better about the lack of male attention you receive?


            • Oh, and Sandy has been on here for awhile and most of us are kind of fond of her and Phil the blog owner is kinda smitten with her… so take your jabs with a word of caution, you may be dumped into spam purgatory… Sandy does get the attention she deserves we and her husband see to it. “other conservative / right-minded women” no, you just proved you are a drooling left wing slut liberal by the name calling when someone disagrees with you, ya’ll think we are stuupiddd here, and that we haven’t had you libtards on before. Enter at your own risk and YMMV


            • Dumb whore? I prefer the term ignorant slut, as in “Jane you ignorant slut”. Never lacked male attention, I’m genetically gifted that way. And thank you Cederq, my guys here have my back. You outed yourself with your feminist bullshit. No possible way are you conservative. Get your titty out of the wringer and your panties out of a twist.


              • You assume that chunk of (not soon enough) a rotting corpse is female. I would wager 2 misfired 22 lr rounds that “it” at least was hatched out of the shell with a small useless stub of skin where “it” wished it had a hole to play with.

                That motherfucker Bert


          • Too bad Death is hunting Miss Sandy, he and the rest of us tool nerds would love the ensuing clothes ripping cat fight that appears to be in the making… Umm, Miss.Ms, Ms is a feminist construction, it wasn’t in the vocabulary until some blue/green/pink/chartreuse colored hair land whales didn’t want to be called Miss if they were single, or Mrs if married… find another factoid to fact check on. Most of us here were alive and present when the whole shit show got started or watched what had come before became fruitful and multiply.


            • *Ms. won’t reply cause *ms. is a fucking pussy. I will beat *ms like an unwanted stepchild. And then beat *ms until submission. I don’t take prisoners. Husbands ka-bar is handy.


                  • Look at the comments at 2:58 and 3:18 from the same Anonymous commenter.
                    I’m thinking MIZZ got jumped and is merely defending herself.
                    Even though I have been at work all day I have been trying to monitor what’s going on in light of all of the Trolls who have decided to descend on this place.
                    Trust me, another one found out the hard way earlier talking shit.
                    POOF, bye bye.
                    Because of these recent assholes, everyone has a hair trigger.
                    I’m right there myself.
                    Being able to go back through the comments and match up Email addresses to the comments gives me an angle to follow along with and put the whole thread into perspective.
                    I’d say we give MIZZ Anonymous another shot at it.
                    My advice would be to come up with a handle so that everyone can follow along and MIZZ seems to fit pretty good. If she has any sense of humor then we will soon see hopefully.
                    If we all got off on the wrong foot then let’s not blaze away with friendly fire.
                    If I’m wrong here, then it’s pretty obvious how Trolls get treated here by now and coming back looking for trouble will get you plenty of that, right before I hit the Spam button.


                  • Goaded Sandy? What I am good at…. I do know how to push all the right buttons. You are a hoot Sandy! mizz was okay at first, feeling her way around but what I discerned was a clever then usual troll fishing a old used bobber… kinda like picking up an a previous used rubber that has been there on the local lover’s lane since 1955… We will Behave? I never behave…


      • The American Revolution was fought by, among others, the sons and grandsons of the Scots burned out of their homes and lands after the Jacobite rising of 1745. That tradition still lives.


    • If they come to my door, they’re already too late, and it isn’t going to end well for anyone.

      Are they willing to face 1,000,000 Dorners?
      Or 10,000,000 of them?
      Hell, even 5 would give them conniption fits.

      How willing are TPTB to go there?
      Not bloody likely.

      And what makes anyone think it’s the cops (many of whom don’t want the jab either) that will be the first targets?
      Somebody starts whacking legislators, bureaucrats, and employers, and it’s a whole ‘nuther ballgame, in 0.2 seconds.

      Anarchy is a dog that bites everyone, my friend.


        • Pity they Chose not to have the Blue Flu the day of the Storm.

          Was the oath worthless to them?

          Once the cartridge box is 0pened the Republic is dead.


      • How many people have the spine to go Dorner? I’d say nearing zero but as stupid as January sixth was it did suggest to me , there are a lot of pissed off people. I may well be wrong. We ‘ll know in September I guess.

        TPTB are people cities burn and be taken over by anarchists to get rid of a guy who just wanted to preserve a middle class so he could stay in business because they hated his social class.

        These are “people” like the ones that met the French national razor back in the day, so high on their own power trips and self righteousness they’ll never understood why they are where they are.

        They may “go there” God help us all.


        • We don’t need God’s help, his blessing will do just fine. I’m one of those small town, inbred pricks referenced in Aesop’s post above. All my cousins and brothers feel the same as I so your zero spine to go Dorner statement rings hollow. Don’t be skeered A.B., Some of us aint afraid to do the heavy lifting around here.


          • Any sane man would be scared. I know what inside me and as much as this nation deserves what its sowed, my soul is not going to like it.

            Pslam 137: 7,8,9

            Remember, O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof.

            8 O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

            9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.


      • Look at that Russia-loving asshole who shot 2 Connecticut State troopers and thenvran into the woods without supplies or a plan.
        It took 1000 cops two weeks to catch him, and he conducted no actions against the searchers.
        The problem these totalitarians face is that they will never know in advance when someone has had enough to force them to act, nor will they know who that preson may decidevis a valid target.
        After the fkn Soviet Union fell, estimates were that at least 1% of their people had an illegal weapon and ammunition, after being illegal to the point of death for seventy+ years.


      • “Somebody starts whacking legislators, bureaucrats” and that’s exactly how this should start if, when it does. These, our “duly elected representatives”, are the people that are imposing this bullshit on the rest of us. They aren’t “representing” anything other than their own and family’s interests in acquiring money and power.

        Imagine, if you will, how they would sit up and take notice of, say 1000 leftists just for discussion purposes, disappeared or were found dead overnight.

        Sure, they’d try to double to double down, using the police to enforce lockdowns or curfews. That’s when the police would be ambushed on the way to a call of “another” dead body found swinging from a bridge or overpass, right near the police station.

        The people of Tennessee, yesterday, put one of their school boards on notice. ” We know who you are and WE WILL FIND YOU.”

        Other local tyrants on school boards, town and city councils and bureaucrats everywhere better take notice before its too late. It’s probably already too late anyway, if we’re even talking about this kind of stuff.

        “The only way out is through.”


  3. I am a Washington State employee and have been for 22 years. I am now mandated to take the vaccine or be fired on October, 15, 2021. I will lose all of my sick and annual leave. I will also lose 60% of my retirement. I will no longer have medical. I do not have a job that transfers to the public sector. I am not a liberal or a democrat. I am a conservative that is just trying to work another six years so I can get my equally conservative son and his family (grand babies) out of this Liberal cesspool. Working on a religious accommodation, however, I am being told most will be denied. No attorney I have contacted Is willing to take up this fight.

    Do I take the shot so my grand-babies have a chance to grow up in a conservative free American State?

    I thought when I went to work for the State it was to do good. I only discovered about 5 years ago just how evil they are.


    • The State is evil? What a grand epiphany you’ve just had! Make sure to pass it on…Maybe you can get a job teaching at a Native American reservation instead.


    • I don’t think any of us have 6 years left….they’re (the communists) are going for broke. Times aren’t normal anymore. There’s no, ‘this, too, will pass….’ There’s no hope for the mid-term elections to straighten things out – they’re as good as meaningless. If the conservatives win, the left will scream, “CHEATING!” and the court system will back them up…..if the left wins, the conservatives will scream, “CHEATING!” and the left will do what it wants anyway.

      I hate it, but that’s what will most likely happen. I am all out of hope.

      As of August 16th, my former company requires ALL employees who wish to enter ANY corporate owned office to be jabbed and prove it.

      Once people are prohibited from working, buying food, sheltering their families, what other options do they have to provide and care for their families? Half of the country won’t take the shot. Then what? That’s what’s coming….


      • September 8th is “proof of jab or proof of weekly test” for Minnesota state workers.

        I’m sure the fast-track to FDA approval will make them mandatory.

        Been a nice 2 years of having enough to stock up on useful items.

        Nearing time to use them openly.


      • Janis Joplin sang “freedom’s just another word for nothing leftbto lose”
        American criminal law is based on two premises. One, that almost everyone would not do what is prohibited by that law anyway. Two, that those who might violate the law will refrain from that conduct in fear ofvdiscovery and punishment by loss of freedom or money.
        For someone who has nothing left to lose, the calculations are different.


        • And these frikkin’ leftists are pushing us in that direction thinking they can beat us!
          The people who just want to be left alone have 300 million guns, trillions of rounds of ammo and a lot have been trained very well. The other side can’t figure out what bathroom to use and are triggered by a bottle of syrup.
          All it will take, my friends, is that final push and I have a feeling this might be it. When you take away the ability for a man to provide for his family, the gloves come off.The media won’t announce it, so if anything happens in your area, let’s put it out there so the can’t take us out one by one.

          Done lurkin’


      • Sorry to hear so many patriots are in the same boat. I have been planning to hunker down and not leave my rural property for awhile now. I believe I wouldn’t need to leave for a few years. I wish like hell I had a military background.

        Praying for all of us.


    • I am very confident there are valid medical exemptions for the jab. Do some research – not too late to “come down” with something very specific.

      Also, consider getting g the J&J vax, like I did. It’s the standard attenuated (dead) virus, just like a flu shot.


      • Thank you. I am researching hours each day. If I get one it will be the J&J for the reasons you mentioned. I only need one more year to be able to relocate the family to Idaho or Montana. I am watching their Governors closely.


    • Ms. DeplorableGranny- i hate the situation you are in. We were lucky (r.e. blessed) to escape corporate society before this shit happened. To me, there is no tidy answer for your situation. There are a lot of humans out there that are fucked like a tied-up dog.


  4. Rememember, its NEVER a choice when they are pointing the barrel of a gun at your head (metaphorical or real)!

    Problem is, the government wins either way:
    1) Take the jab -forced vaccine compliance!
    2) Don’t get the jab – lose your job and you are now on the official list of unvaxxed right-wing Trumpers (regardless if that is true or not) so they know who to round-up when the next more dangerous variant comes out and they decide they have to round up the unvaxxed in order to protect the public interest in the name of science and health and King Fauxi!

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  5. Just tested positive to the Covid. Now on to internal quarantine.

    Rats. I was pretty sure I did not have it. Light fever and some aches. may get a 2nd test just to be sure.

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    • Get the T factor blood antibody test, not the PCR swab. This proves prior exposure and immunity, rather than the presence or absence of exposure to the virus.
      Or, as the CDC has recently admitted, the presence of or exposure to the seasonal flu instead of the WuFlu, as the PCR test could not tell the difference.


  6. There aren’t any of us getting off this rock alive. The sooner you all realize you are already dead, the sooner you can be free. The number of folks who just want to be left alone out number the tip of the spear of any agency or army on earth. They simply can not win the war of attrition. Especially when it is not going to be one for one encounters but dozens for one.

    To respond to anon’s question about am I ready to pay the price of my life or shoot down that LEO that comes to my door uninvited and willing to violate my rights, the answer is yes. My family has already been told to prepare for the loss of dear old dad. All I can express is that when I ride to the gates of Valhalla (metaphorically speaking) the way will be graced with the blood of my enemies. I will not sit at home waiting for fedgov to show up at my door either. I know I can’t win that fight. No, I will take it to them. How do you defend against a ghost, a grayman who at one moment is merely one among many, walking down a street and the next your worst nightmare and the bringer of death? One shot here, a burned out car or stronghold there. A million areas to place an ambush of a thousand different designs. There is no way to plan for and protect from all the possibilities. You’ll stay at home you might propose. I promise you I have no qualms about burning it down around your ears with your family inside. Hideous, foul and unbecoming you shout – why? It is no less than what you plan for me and mine.

    To all free men, do not despair in the face of our enemies, most of them fear death where we do not. You should be comfortable with the idea of death and have made peace with God long before now. If not, I urge you to have a heart to heart with him. I refer you back to my first paragraph, none of us get out of this alive. Instead of despair know that after we have killed all of them our children and children’s children will have the opportunity to live as free people once again.

    Now there are a lot of you reading this that will poo poo the idea of someone standing up for their values, ideals and freedom all the way to their death. You know not of what I write. Look to the center of your soul and know that you are cowards – all of you. Others will know what I am referring to and you can bet they have made their plans and are at peace with their Gods.

    I urge all the controllers to recognize the unholy hell you are about to unleash and reconsider your grand designs. Your impulses are going to get you, and all you hold dear destroyed. You simply can not win for even if we do not personally destroy you, your fear of us will finish the job.

    Changing focus…

    Those that are concerned about how you will provide for your families, you should already know how to grow, raise, forage, fish, hunt, and store what you require for sustenance and have taught your families how to do these things. If you are deficient in these areas know there are folks who may not be in a position to take the fight to fedgov but will be in a position to share their wealth of knowledge, skills, provisions and shelter if you are humble enough to ask and accept their teachings and support. Reading this it seems to imply that fighters don’t know how to do these things. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that while I, and others, are fighting, we are not going to have the time to teach you these things.

    Don’t expect it for free though, you will need to contribute to the effort. To this end, while you still have time, build a seed bank of open pollinated or heirloom seeds of the foods you and yours like to eat. Start hitting those garage and estate sales and pick up all the pint and quart jars you find. Shop local and on line for canning jar lids and rings. Plan on putting some sweat equity into the equation as well, food doesn’t grow all by itself.

    Purchase a skinning knife or two and a sharpening stone. While you’re at it add a couple of boning knives to the equation. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive brands either. This way when someone is teaching you how to break down and process a beef, hog or wild game you won’t be standing there with your thumb in your ear and a silly look on your face. Lay in a store of freezer paper and tape. Maybe spend some time and look up how to build a smoker while you are at it.

    Hit up your local bookstore and secure a few books on wild edibles in your geographic region. You would be surprised at how much food is available for foraging if you only know what to look for.

    Fishing doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. I’ve caught as many fish on simple and cheap gear as I have with top of the line equipment from the likes of Sage or some other big name label.

    Hunting on the other hand is a different story and if you’ve never done it you have a steep learning curve. It’s especially hard if you don’t have any weapons but just like with fishing you don’t need to have a multi thousand dollar outift to put down wild game. More game has probably been harvested over the years with grandpa’s old .30-30 than all other calibers combined.

    The important thing to know is that long before there were supermarkets men and women were providing for their families through the fruits of their efforts and the bounties of the land. I want to give you hope, not fear, for what you can do for your future.

    Full Circle…

    This is a war that will be fought on all fronts and I’m only scratching the surface here of what you can and should be doing to prepare for it. If you haven’t started yet to plan and prepare some will say you are late to the party, and while that’s true, you still have some time to get your ass in gear and start planning for the survival of your progeny and what you are going to do when fedgov shows up at your door. Hint, you should already be gone.


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    • Where would this place exist? The American Redoubt in Idaho…where, I’m sure by now has been taken over by American Commies? I’ve been prepping and would love to find others, especially like-minded women, who would contribute to this future community. How does one do that when married to a man who pooh-poohs this scenario? Who cannot see the evil invading every inch of our lives? Who STILL puts on a face burka? My highly desirable neighborhood which once was a wonderful place for ALL to live peacefully, is not far from totally turning into a commie oasis. On top of it all, my adult daughter and only child has given me an ultimatum: until I get the jab she will never see me.

      I’ve been reading this site for quite a while and have never commented… I rarely comment on any site I read. I cannot understand how my family, neighbors and American citizens in general cannot see how fear for an invisible enemy was instilled for the specific goal of losing more of our freedoms. It looks like a FEMA camp is in my future, as I will never comply. BUT, before I’m goose-stepped into my future profession as a rock splitter for the commie gov, if anyone here can direct me to that idyllic community, I’m prepared and ready to go… sadly by myself.

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      • You have to accept facts unfortunately. In the end those people will not be able to see or talk to you anyway because they will be dead like all the other useless idiots. There will be a place for you as it will find you in the wilderness or we will all be in a better place and not here with the assholes.


      • Assuming you are for real and not some construct of some fedgov entity.

        Don’t take this the wrong way but you need to toughen the fuck up.

        There is no magical place to go to anymore and if there were no one would talk about it. For the most part we make our stand where we are.

        In regards to your daughter, time is the equalizer. If even a fraction of the negative attributes of these non vaccines is true within a relatively short period of time we are going to be seeing the effects of them on large portions of the citizenry. It will be too large to hide and hopefully a wake up call for her, that is if she survives being a lab rat, as I’m assuming she has taken the jab.

        As per your husband, things aren’t bad enough yet. Bad times makes hard men. It is a certainty that things are going to get worse. One of two things will happen to him, he will harden up and deal with the realities in front of him or he will succumb to the forces at play at that time.

        You have hard choices to make and knowing nothing about your situation beyond your few short paragraphs above, your level of knowledge and skills, your ability to use your knowledge, nor the resources you have put up, where you currently reside, how old you are (beyond broad assumption), your overall health and physical fitness, your mindset and your shortcomings it would be inappropriate to offer any advise to you. It also is of no ones business to expect you to publicly respond to any of these questions and myriad others and I would urge you to not share them in the open.

        In general you need five basic things to survive, breathable air, potable water, food, shelter and defense. Each of these have a multitude of sub categories. Whether you have the knowledge, skills, tools and supplies to meet those needs is an unknown to us and you need to make a cold, hard assessment of yourself, your situation and what you are doing so you can begin to plug any holes in your preps.

        I would be extremely cautious about sharing your efforts and plans with anyone else. Trust is a hard earned commodity and you don’t want the person you trust to have your back to put a shiv in it. Anyone you meet online is suspect and all too many of the ones you meet in person are as well. If you haven’t know them for years consider them a threat. Actually some of the people I’ve known for years I consider a threat so there’s that.

        Yeah, it’s a pretty bleak picture. Once things go to hell in a hand basket, assuming you survive, you’ll be forced to join with people you’ve never met before. The crucible of near death quickly reveals who you can trust and who to leave behind.

        Gain knowledge, acquire tools and equipment. Practice developing skill in using your knowledge and tools. Keep your head down, grow eyes in the back of your head and keep your own council.

        You also need to be prepared to cut your losses if it comes to that. You don’t need an anchor to your efforts to survive. Also never get in the boxcar. You should have a plan to avoid that all costs.


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        • Come on, man! Here’s the deal: I assure you that I am not a “gov entity”… but, thanks for the laugh!! I guess no one can prove who or what they really are online. I’ve been a reader of this site, but never commented until today. It feels good to connect to others who understand. There are very few sites now which are not overrun by commie commenters. The few times I’ve commented on other sites, I’m bashed and run out of town for my views. Anyway, I don’t know if those are the right words, but I do feel OK venting here.

          Yes, daughter has been jabbed and actually rushed to get it. My reaction was immediate “OMG, you didn’t!” She refuses to see, hear or read anything which would prove the truth re what’s going on, but has always assured me that she’s very open minded and can think for herself. Eyeroll. I’ve given up wondering what I did for/to her to settle on being someone so foreign to me. Her husband actually RAN away from me when all this started a year ago. He RAN!!! Like I was highly contagious with a disease which causes immediate death. How did I end up having more testosterone than the males around me!?!?! What really gets to me is the fact that these people in my family are well aware of everything I’ve been doing for quite a while. I am ChickenLittle… they’re all coming to my house when the SHTF. Well, I’ve got news for them!!!

          I realize that there is no Utopia, unfortunately. And, if there were, how can anyone be assured that it would all work out for all who found that “place”? My head spins from thinking about it all. I begged my husband to move to Idaho when the redoubt was first mentioned on SurvivalBlog. I’ve given up on that and like I said, the American Redoubt is probably overrun by commies at this point.

          I know that we are in a real good v evil war. I can feel it. The only thing I know for sure that Jesus is real and have concluded that HE will guide me to wherever I’m supposed to be. That is the ONLY hope I have. Thanks for listening to my vent.

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  7. Wow!!!!
    I come out of the woods for one night to get a hot shower and some clean clothes to this?
    Yeah the dog wouldn’t even come near me.
    I’m so happy to see that this place is still the vile pathetic pit of vipers I left.
    I sorta thought half of you would be in the camps by now.
    I left saying I couldn’t stop laughing and I’m splitting the seams right now.
    I never would have thought Sandy was a knife fighter. Ha ha , I love it.
    You’re all doing good. Hold the line.

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  8. kidme37 said: “What the fuck is the pont of forcing employees to get the vax?”

    They are feudal lords in search of their own medieval Dark Ages in our time.

    They have to train the peasants in kneeling, bowing, worshipping them and obeying them blindly replacing the “divine right of kings” by the “social justicy right of the wokeraty” Same animal, different heraldry. Always tyrants.

    All of the covidiocy is about training the serfs for “The Great Reset”

    The face rag is a mark of submission and inferiority as the yellow star was in nazi europe.

    The previously untested, Letter of Marquee, experimental, DNA re-writing, genetic engineering jabs with horrible side effects including death and who knows what long term effects are training and proof of submission.

    If you get them, they know they have you and who knows what nasty else, besides, but you have proved to them that you will submit and obey.

    If you don’t get them and you can’t have your “passport” then they know they can’t count on you and you’ll be marked for genocide.

    I doubt it can be put in any clearer terms.

    And I doubt most people are willing to do anything, at all, to claim their freedom and rights back.

    But 2+2=4 and that’s were I stand.


  9. I guess it comes down to personal choice, you either comply, or confront. I joined the Marine Corps the day I turned 17, wasn’t scared of dying then ( maybe youthful stupidity). I’m 72 and damn sure ain’t scared.of dying now. If you think your going to force me to get jabbed with a needle, I’ll KILL you, that fucking simple.


  10. Gee Phil, you opened a can of worms, that soon got tipped over! I saw a lot of good comments here today. I wish I were healthier, mind you, if it comes to it, things were decided for me by others, who made sure that I too have nothing left to lose.


    • Aussie, why are you always so late coming to the party?
      I’ve seen his work and like it. Even told him that I was a possible buyer.
      I’m thinking about getting 2 of them and giving one to Sandy.


      • Somehow a K-bar in one hand and Unfuck original in the other conjures a terror that would shrink me to protoplasm seeing Sandy as this Avenging Angel….


  11. it’s like that scene in Percy Jackson and the Olympians where every casino employee is obsessing about getting him to eat a lotus flower
    it’s like Bill Cosby following you around saying “Just try it. Just take one sip…”
    are they hounding the illegal aliens to get the shot? if not, why not?

    is it because the vaccines have in fact been tested and found very effective at what they have been designed for?

    I believe they are our replacements


  12. Life bearable? That would be using a varmint gun to take out two heckling crows with the one shot, Heckle & Jeckle. Why do you choose to ridicule, when I was being of like mind? You blokes may be ambulatory, and armed if you so choose to be, while I am neither of those things. That said, I reiterate, my decision was made for me long ago by TPTB. They took the decision making part out of my hands, one less thing to trouble over. If they murder your life, there is nought any troubling ‘what if’ thinking process to slow you up. I am free, because they made sure I’ve nothing to lose. Those very same cunts that killed my life are trying to do the same to decent folk in your land, surely you can see that? The worldwide uniparty only has one niggling thing to overcome: the armed free-thinking and freedom-loving American citizen, of any hue, breed or race. I just hope that all of you respond accordingly, you don’t seem to have long to wait.


  13. Well Deathray, I don’t have Unfuck’s private email address, or real online access anyway. I was using his blog’s comments page, where those of us not afraid of free-thinking comment head to. But Grog has your back, he thinks my comments on your virtual exploration of the Turtle Cove Beach Resort website’s live-streamed beach-cam should be “given a rest”. You may be too timid to appear on Unfuck’s blog pages, but if he makes you a brace of ‘Liver-Eatin’ Deathray blades, then: Yes, give on to miss Sandy. That way, at least one of the pair ‘shall taste blood in anger’ when she cuts off your knackers! Shrivelled as they may be, at least she can wear them as earings straight away, no drying out needed. You go Sandy, I bet you don’t even need a knife, your tigress’ talons would do the trick nicely!


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