Old Habits Die Hard

Every morning after I wake up, I stagger around bumping into the walls and shit until I can get to my glasses.

I grab those and put them on, then I go take a piss.

On my way back to the kitchen, I put my baseball cap on, grab my smokes, lighter, phone and my wits and stumble into the kitchen.

Normally there is at least one cup of coffee in the pot from the day before so I pour that in a cup and throw it in the Nukulizer to warm it up.

Depending on how awake I am at that point. I either start a new pot of coffee or I feed the old cat who by that point is underneath my feet and yowling like a wounded Wildebeast.

Then, if it isn’t pouring ass rain, I head out back underneath the umbrella, fire up a smoke, take a couple sips of coffee and start up the phone. I check the comments and my Email briefly to make sure there isn’t something important I need to reply to.

Then I check The News.

Every morning.

Why I check the news anymore is just a habit I’ve had for a long time.

It’s getting to be a useless waste of time.

I used to be a political junkie and I like to know what’s been going on behind my back while I was sleeping.

Anymore all I have to do is skim the headlines.

Hack job, lying, who gives a fuck, more lying, another political hatchet job, oh yeah, that one is complete bullshit,OMFG ARE ARE YOU KIDDING ME, even MORE lying, you get the idea.

It at least gives me an idea of how far civilization has slid over night and sometimes it slides a long damn way in less than eight hours.

Once in a blue moon I actually get some pertinent information but usually it just fills me with disgust.

Today is no different I see.

The RINO’s bent over and spread their cheeks to help the Commies pass a bill that spends enough money at one shot to impoverish half the planet to the end of time.

Ho Hum, next.

Cuomo finally threw in the towel.

Anyone paying attention saw that coming a mile away.

They sharpened their knives and went after him.

He didn’t stand a chance at that point.

Up until then they had been covering his ass but it got to be hanging out too far to cover anymore.

Here’s a tip, his piece of shit brother is also on the menu.

So both of those assclowns are going away, only to be replaced by something even more loathsome no doubt.

I’m sure they already have the cretins lined up.

So it was a waste of my time to even bother with it.

In a couple weeks it’s going to be Andy Who?

And just like that all the shit he pulled will go right down a memory hole.

He should wind up in prison and we all know that, so do they but they will protect his ass even though they are sticking a knife in his back.

He knows too much to just outright throw to the vultures.

So yep, another day, another load of crap and infotainment.

Nothing to see here, I think I’ll go make that pot of coffee now.

10 thoughts on “Old Habits Die Hard

  1. It doesn’t mean too much to me, Phil, other than that he should be sentenced to spend the rest of his mean life in one of his COVID camps that he used to kill all those poor oldies. It won’t happen. If it did, people would be saying “Cuomo didn’t kill himself!”


  2. I have concluded that democrats are autistic people. autistic people will simply refuse to look at a person trying to communicate with them. Democrats are like that, but it’s facts they refuse to face.

    one democrat faced a fact, one time. now we know it can be done.


  3. With the exterminating of the two fair haired boys of the Demonrat party, Nuisance and Cumo, I’m wondering what the Demonrats game plan for Potus going forward is for 2024. These two guys were the front runners for national office. There’s no one behind them. AOC? For one thing, she doesn’t comply with the age restriction, not that that fact would deter a Demonrat. Biden will be so hopped up on adderal by then he’ll be even more of a basket case than he is now. Nancy couldn’t get elected dog catcher outside of her own district. Besides, she’s older than Biden. One of the dictatorial Demonrat governors, like, god forbid, Whitless from MI? Who’s going to vote for a tyrant like that and she’s not the only one out there.


  4. AHHhhh ! … I tell ya Phil … We must be related somehow ! … The first several paragraphs ya typed there depicts all my mornings as well !!! … Other than the cat … We’re pretty much a simulcast ! … Thanks for a damn good humpday chuckle !!! …

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  5. Except for the cat and cigarettes, mine goes pretty much the same. Oh, and the phone. I go to the computer to do what you described to feed a distro of folks who probably don’t even read what I send them. Wasted efforts. Every Day. I empathize with you.


  6. You really shouldn’t be disturbed by realizing that reading through MSM-news is a waste of time. Au contraire: this is the enlightenment of a geezer, also called wisdom!
    The flip side though (and that would really disturb me greatly) is the fact that your memory is that of a geezer, too.
    How TF are you managing running into walls, grinding corners and almost falling through doors IN YOUR OWN HOUSE only because you’re not wearing glasses?
    If I was blind as a mole I could still rely on my inner mapping of my whereabouts within my flat…
    …provided the cat isn’t in my way that is.
    Cats behave the same everywhere it seem.
    Your description of your cat fits perfectly to our feline and very picky companion.


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