36 thoughts on “I Almost Choked On My Coffee

  1. That’s about what I’ve been seeing lately for pricing.

    If memory serves, I paid about 7 1/2 cents/round the last time I bought any .22.
    At Fisherman’s, and that was CCI subsonic.


    • I remember paying $7.50 for 50 rounds of generic .22 a couple years ago but I still have a couple of 500 round boxes I paid $14 for at BiMart over ten years ago.
      Makes me glad I didn’t go burn it up now just to play.


  2. My habit of picking up a box or two of ammo every week for the last several years has served me well. One thing I have done for now is suspended adding any new calibers to the collection. I’ve got cases of AA skeet and there is this guy on YouTube who has a little tool and a process for converting them into slugs so that one could defend ones self more easily. Very interesting.

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  3. I was at Gander Mountain looking at hikers & they had those CCI mini-mags for $5.99 a box. Me, the wife & my son loaded up on the limit, then went back in again after a bite to eat.
    What a difference 5 years makes.


  4. I was tickled abut 5 years agowhen I got 1000 rounds of .303 for a little under $225. Since I reload, I now have a brass supply…
    I haven’t looked, how’s .38 +P and .357 doing? My brass is getting low


    • Yep bricks of Federal Lightening sold for $6 in the 90s. Inexpensive plinking ammunition, true but it went *bang* nearly every time. Back then, the three of us would go through a brick in two hours. Now – get real !


      • Wish I could say the same about Remington Thunderturds. I get at least 10 misfires in a box, and the misfires I can’t even get them to ignite in a fire. Thanks 1990’s Sportsman’s Guide.


  5. When I sold the house I left almost 10k rounds with youngest spawn. Told her to use it like cash should the need arrive. Bought a lot of it when Bathouse Barry was installed in 2012.

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  6. 22LR was one of those calibers that I bought every time I was out and about and thought about it. It was cheap enough then that I didn’t feel a pinch and I figured it would come in handy some day.


  7. That’s the same exact round that went through my thigh a couple weeks ago in a training accident. Had to use my own belt but the medic who treated me gave me his personal SOF Tactical Touniquet. Dr. said, “Thats a helluva way to get a free tourniquet.”


    • So you must be laid up pretty good still.
      Lucky you didn’t bleed out. Good on that Medic too.
      I probably still have some lead fragments in my thigh from a ricochet twenty five years ago. The bullet hit a rock and exploded.
      The Doc said it would do more damage to dig out the little fragments than it was worth. About the size of a match head, my entire thigh from my groin to past my knee turned black, blue and green.
      I can definitely say that seeing blood squirt four feet out of your leg is not a comforting sight. Get well soon.


      • Just a flesh wound as they say. Didn’t hit femoral bone or squirt tube. Been walking (less gimpy) since the accident but taking advantage of the Family Medical Leave of Absence. Thanks for the well wishes Phil.


  8. Frozen paintballs can be pushed up to 600 fps. They can kill a squirrel at 450 fps.

    I haven’t bought any 22’s this century. Back in the 90’s I would buy a brick every payday. It was $6 to $10 depending on the brand. Most are leadhead HPs. I stopped when I realized I had over 110k rounds. I haven’t shot 200 rounds of 22 in the past 21 years. Maybe it is time to sell some off…


  9. Like most on this thread, I started buying anything in the store in the early BrObama years. I had read a thread somewhere that suggested a minimum of 10 boxes for each hunting rifle and as much .22, pistol, or PD I could get my hands on and took it to heart. I still need a .357 to go with all the rounds I bought for a gun I don’t own yet, though.


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