15 thoughts on “He’s Got A Point…

  1. Tried to find when this originally came out….no luck. But I’d bet lunch it was before the current criminal in chief was installed. Just a gut feeling.


  2. Stupid we can do, iffn’ ya gonna do stupid, do stupid BIG! Even I as your humble and bright and clever blog hanger on’r I have been known to do stupid and most spectacular fuck ups…


    • With some of the “high energy” stuff I did as a young-and-stupid guy in the Armed Forces, if’ I’dve done something really, REALLY stoopid, I would have been playing a leading role in a Geiger Counter and the whole world would’ve known…
      God watches over fools and small children. Take a guess which one *I* am!


  3. Well now hang on there, fella. You gotta give ol’ Joe a chance. He just needs to get his balance. When that happens all those clouds better watch out! Joe will give the air a good ol’ sniff and then start yelling!


  4. FreeMatt, when FDR got hitched to his first cousin (Ol’ Horseface) Eleanor, she didn’t need to change her surname on any ID! It had to have been true love, on both sides.

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  5. Phil I missed that yesterday but that is about the funniest thing I have seen in a long while. Never saw it coming but we all did hold the beer.


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