Sometimes I’m A Little Hard On The Equipment

A year ago Christmas The Wifely Unit got me this HP laptop I have been using ever since.

Yeah, the Chineseium construction didn’t take too long to make its self apparent.

It didn’t even last a whole year and then this happened.

The freaking hinge seized up and ripped the metal flange right off the plastic back cover.

It’s just heat welded to the plastic because, you know, cheap assholes.

Slowly but surely the whole plastic bezel has been ripping its self loose from around the screen.

I’ve tried gluing it back down without a whole lot of success.

To say this is irritating would be a mild way to put things.

Thanks to the EXTREME generosity of some of you out there who visit my humble little corner of the web, I am actually in a position where I can replace this POS with something a little more , shall we say, robust.

In what little spare time I have had lately I have been looking around and I stumbled across these things. I didn’t know they made such a thing but it makes sense. It’s called a Toughbook and they use them in the military and contractors use them out in the field.

Sounds like exactly what I need.

Panasonic 14″ Toughbook CF-54 2.40GHz CORE i5 [6300U] 16GB 256GB W10PRO HDMI

1x Battery Webcam Backlit Keyboard CF-54D9651KM WiFi AC

Since I are a mechanic and not a Techno Geek, I was wondering what those of you that know about these things would have to say about such a move.

New they are about a grand. That used one is on EBay right now for about $350.

That is about the limit of what I would like to have to spend if I can help it.

Your thoughts?

I gotta split and go to the dentist and then head straight to work so I will be checking the comments from my phone when I get the chance.

52 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m A Little Hard On The Equipment

  1. At Amazon prices ($900-3300) it had better lick your balls every morning. But $350 ain’t bad. Enough computer to handle most anything but heavy gaming. Meaning you can play Solitaire but wouldn’t get too much beyond that. You also should have at least 2 USB ports, an optical drive (DVD or better), and an hdmi output so you can use a larger monitor if you want.


  2. quick toughbook tale – A reporter who was embedded with the first wave of troops in Afghanistan told us a story of a solider with a toughbook who was shot at , the toughbook was hit and that protected the solider who then beat his assailant with the laptop. Don’t think the laptop survived the encounter, but the solider did. Just make sure there are no bullet holes in ebay special!

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  3. The specs make $350 a very goood price. Assuming it’s in good shape the only thing I’d look at as a potential need would be a new battery, depending on how old it is.

    (New POS laptops go for around 300)

    I typed this “problem with panasonic toughbook CF-54” into the diuckduckgo search engine and do not see anything alarming coming up, but you might take a peek at what comes up for that.


  4. My only concern would be that it might have a lot of dust and grit in the keyboard. If you go for the used, I might suggest slowly running a vacuum cleaner crevice tool (maximum suction) over the keyboard in multiple directions before starting it. Others may have better ideas.


  5. Those tough books are built like brick shit houses and the ram and Hd can be replaced easily.

    Downsides are the screens and keyboards. They just wear out and are not easily replaceable or serviced.

    That said i’ve used a few supported a few and they work if you don’t mind the smallish interface.

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  6. Dude: I got a old CF-30 (DotMil ‘score’) It’s old as fuck, but I can reload and get it up to date. Won’t play vidya games… but it is literally a COMBAT proven lappie… one ‘fell off the truck’ on my way home from Iraq and Spawn recently fixed it for me… another reader of mine donated a CF-52 to me when the CF-30 shit the bed. Spawn replaced the NIC card and now it’s good to go. You want? Is yours. BTW: The CF-30 has a metal shell… and weighs like 8 pounds… can and will beat a motherfucker to death with it if needed…
    PM me


  7. I have a Dell Vostro that I have had for 10 years and still use Win 7 Pro with 6 gigs Ram and I have never had that kind of problem with it. I have dropped it and it went flying a couple times back and forth in my trailer as I was traveling and it took a licking and it keeps on ticking… I think you beat the cat with yours Phil when the wife unit is gone…


  8. I have an earlier model one. Mine is 10years old and still works well. Its heavy though and the chest harness is better than the forearm harness.
    Mine has the gas seal so that its classified as intrinsicly safe – ie i use it in areas with trace amounts of combustible gases


  9. Toughbooks are just that — Tough.

    In my last job, I had occasion to take a laptop out on the floor, and I asked the corporate IT loons to let me get a used Toughbook to replace the old Dell I was using . It had the ports I used most often.

    They sent me a ThinkPad 450, at 5 – 6 times the cost, a sixth of the durability, and no serial or parallel ports.


  10. Andy Fisk, that is an awesome story.

    Phil, our homecare clinicians use toughbooks, and they stand up to them. Thay are the toughest users of computers that I know.


  11. No matter what you get as a replacement fix the old one as back up. I would glue the bezel back on with some stuff called Shoe Goo. Its hell for stout and made to glue the shoules back on shoes. Good stuff!


  12. My 8 yo Toshiba Satellite is starting to show some wear. Battery shit out after year 2 so it HAS to be plugged in. I think my next one will be a TB like the heavyhitters here suggest.


  13. I’ve had my Acer Travelmate since 2014, and just replaced the KB and hard drive…it has lasted much longer than any PC I’ve ever owned.
    I also do not run Windows in any shape or form…keeps me from smashing my fists on the KB and punching the screen.


  14. I’ve used several toughbooks out in the field. They are good but try the keyboard out first. I type fast but the ones I had I had to hammer each key hard. Very distracting when you are in a hurry. By the way, I was working in EMS and ambulances need to turn around in a hurry.


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  15. I still use my CF-30 every day that I work. It’s running win7, and it’s heavy but that is what the handle is for. I put a solid state drive in it and maxed the ram and it is plenty fast enough. And you don’t need a case for it, if you’ve got a way to carry the power supply.

    They came with a bunch of different keyboards, from sealed water tight to backlit and suitable for firefighters. You probably want the most normal looking keyboard.

    I don’t think you could go wrong in the sturdiness of the thing, and the specs should be fine. I use mine on site every day I’m there.

    Make sure you can return it if it’s not working.



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  17. RE: lid problems. Yeah, every “plastic crap” laptop does that eventually. I’ve taken to putting a tiny drop of 5W oil on each hinge annually and it seems to help.

    Many years back we started putting Toughbooks into the patrol cars and they held up. A road deputy is someone who can go into an empty field with a 100 lb anvil and a rubber hammer and turn both into worthless junk in 10 minutes. none of ’em could kill a Toughbook. If the passenger side airbag deployed it would rip the display completely off “standard” laptops and shower the driver with glass and plastic; with Toughbooks it destroyed the lid hinges and would fracture the display but it still looked like a laptop. In a couple cases it took the display off and hit the driver with it, but the lid was intact. Fortunately we didn’t have enough instances to really judge, but the difference seemed to be whether the lid was open at 90 degrees or slightly less or open over 120 degrees.

    Haven’t looked at them since I retired, but the early Toughbooks were quite limited in hard drive size, on board RAM and processor speed; we had some trouble getting all the files on them we wanted (floor plans for all county school buildings, office buildings and courthouses, for example) because back then wireless was CDPD so server delivery of those files wasn’t fast enough to be practical so they had to be zipped and stored on each individual device.

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    Try these, Amazon has some great deals on refurbished stuff, some was sent back because the asshole who ordered it didn’t know how to use it so they have to resell it as refurbished.
    I’ve gotten some great deals on here that my manager friend of Best Buy couldn’t believe,
    Windows ten when it first came out $180, using it right now 3 years later.


  19. If you get Windows 10, make sure it’s NOT Windows 10 “S” – they only run programs from the Windows Store. Those apps are almost universally as worthless as Google apps. Also, do NOT get a Chromebook – their apps aren’t even up to Google standards. Windows 7 is good but that also means the computer is old. Windows 10 is okay now, but Windows 11 will be released soon. I’d wait 6 months to a year after it comes out before I’d buy anything with it so there’s time for them to fix at least a FEW bugs. Can’t say if it’s better than 10 but its interface looks more like a MAC than Windows, and everything Apple is “You WILL do it our way even though our way is stupid.”

    And never ever buy an HP, I work IT and they suck from a repair perspective, and not in a nice way.


  20. If you want to avoid windows which I hate like the plague except win 7, if its still supported, get a mac book pro. They do not slow down in 6 months or less like windows with all their security holes and updates and data collection. They are pricey but I have bought 3 for my kids oldest unit is 9 years and still as fast as the day I bought it. Pretty sturdy to but if you need a cd/dvd drive you have to buy it separate.

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  21. Cederq, that was just for my benefit. Back when I could shoot, that came in handy as a psyching-out tactic to tell within hearing of toffee-nosed Sporting Clays shooters. Grog too, thinks I bring the place down. In the olden days, I used to have a Browning T-bolt .22 rifle.


  22. Boss,
    The next time you are near Eugene Oregon, the Delta Oaks outlet of Goodwill has a dedicated computer store.
    Their techs wipe donated computers, test them — with printed eval — and re-load them with a ‘licensed’ version of the latest Windows.
    Some were wiped prior to donation, and sport Linex… thus do not get wiped.
    I rarely see any Goodwill computer over us$125, and some are half that.
    At these prices, I could see getting a couple similar/identical versions.
    Also in Eugene, neXt recycling has a computer store, but they get grants to employ half-wits, so their products are somewhat less desirable.
    your adoring fan,

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    • Damn, if my asshole brother was still down there I’d have him run over and snag me a couple. I might have to see if there is something like that up around these parts. Thanks.


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