A Word To The Wise For The Trolls

You are wasting your time coming here and trying to stir things up.

If you think you can come to my place, shit all over the floor and then rub my nose in it I have news for you.

The second I see your shit in my comments section it is going in here.

End of lesson.

Second item,

I don’t give a rat’s ass who doesn’t like it either.

If it twists your panties that tight, start your own damn blog and run it however you want.

I have better things to do than put up with that horse shit so I’m not going to.


32 thoughts on “A Word To The Wise For The Trolls

    • Cederq, you’ve a reply down the bottom of Phil’s hardware post. You’d better take a screenshot of it. Dunno if it’s the OperaMini sole app still running, or just my crap phone, but choosing ‘reply’ will miss as often as it hits.


  1. Best way to handle libtards, or any other overly-adolescent mental case puke stains. Step over em. Ignore em. They hate to be ignored just like any other 3 yr old spoiled brat so you have that added benefit too.

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  2. Here’s another school of thought on trolls. Let your other users mock and vilify them. Eventually they’ll get the message and it will provide entertainment for us normal people, trashing these idiots. Nah, why waste the time. It’s an exercise in futility anyway.

    Kill enough of them, eventually they’ll stop fighting – Gen. Curtis Lemay

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    • Those people were probably collecting “misogynistic comments” — while really hoping for actual threats of violence, in hopes of gathering evidence that Phil is “running a hate site” so as to get him shut down.

      It’s Phil’s call, but just trashing troll comments is probably the best approach.


  3. Put up a Disney link or some Sparkle Pony or Pokémon Go Fuck Yourself page for the genetic misfires.
    Get ready to make good commies and an angel gets its wings every time you send one to hell where it belongs.


    • We want you to change egorr…. Are ya back from camp sitting all by your lonesome? Gonna be in Idaho first part of September and thought I would drop by and harass your cats… With your permission of course.


  4. I usually never post on Blogs, But I’ll make an exception…….I read your Blog every day,why?, because you never put up with any B.S. and post what others wish they could. I’m 75 and tired of seeing what is happening to our once Great Country and this place is just a bit of sanity that fits into my brain…..

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  5. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
    And you don’t fuck around with Phil.


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