23 thoughts on “Set The Wrenches Down And Back Away Slowly

  1. John Force would have a loud WTF if he saw this contraption. Maybe.

    I would drive that, just to piss people off with the exhaust noise.


  2. Limited perspective review: My Aggie son would find those longhorns highly offensive. And then he would start doing his spot on imitation of Johnny Cash singing “One Piece at a Time”.


  3. So Phil, did you get any ideas about doing that to your truck? I could see you splice on parts of your Sprite…. I know…. fuck me.


  4. I bet that makes a cool sound warming up and in my humble opinion I appreciate the work involved and since it’s his he can do whatever turns his crank that’s what car guys do anyway

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  5. That fixes the two major problems with the C3 Corvette. The first is the laid back radiator that does a poor job cooling an engine. With that front end a vertical 4 core could be installed. The second is the hot floorboards due to the exhaust. The headers dumping over the fender solves that.

    I am curious if they fixed the sloppy handling below 60 mph. My 74 Stingray didn’t handle well unless I was going at least 65. With the 4:10 gear the 190 HP 350 ran out of steam at 105mph.


    • Did it fix the problem of not being able to change the #4 spark plug (rear, drivers side) unless you pulled both the engine AND the tranny? (no, not that kind of tranny).

      I had a ’78 Silver Anniversary 4 speed. 12,000 miles when I bought it and had to change out the driver side outside bearing in the rear. My guess is the first owner slid it into a curb and knew about the damage and didn’t want to fix it.


  6. That would be worth driving, just for the shock factor. The DMV would have a heart attack trying to figure out how to class it though. So just class and register it as an OPAAT – like the Johnny Cash song “One Piece At A Time”. Actually when registering stuff like this you register is as the vehicle that holds the VIN number.


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