A Jaw Dropping Score!

I still can’t believe this deal.

A couple things I forgot to mention in the video, it still has the original electric motor on it, with the name plate and there are a couple of extra belts that came with it.

The bestest part is that because I spent the $20 I had in my pocket yesterday on that disc/belt sander I scored on, I asked The Wifely Unit if she had any cash on her so I wouldn’t have to stop and get some plus pay their damn fees.

All she had was a twenty so I gave that to my buddy. Ten for the drill press and ten for his trouble.

In the end, The Wifely Unit just bought this for me.

She is mightily unimpressed at the moment.

Take my word for that.


10 thoughts on “A Jaw Dropping Score!

  1. Phil,
    What will happen when you and I are in the dirt and no one knows how to run these?
    Does anyone under sixty know how to run/fix these
    Our descendants will need to Phuket Thailand and give up


    • Just a millennial here but I have a sweet spot for the old heavy metal tools and cast iron. Don’t write off the up and coming generations just yet; someone else will carry the torch.

      An excellent deal and It’s very hard to beat $10 for a working drill press, or just about any other tool. Even a socket wrench cost more than $10 these days. Tools are assets and pay for themselves in very short order.

      – arc

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  2. I saw this post about two hours ago, i just composed myself enough from the initial shock of the 10 fucking dollars to congratulate you my friend. Well done and well deserved. Can’t wait to see the all cleaned up vulgary curmudgeonly polished transformation.


  3. damn, and I thought I gotten a deal on a old walker turner drill press for 175 a few years back.
    it came out of a machine shop with a 3 phase power unit I had to replace with a baldor unit
    I had laying around (scrapyard score !!) from some place downsizing, motors are motors,
    never pass up any motor in good shape and working. but 10 bucks ? way too good to pass up.
    even if you just clean it up and sell it. I willing to bet the runout is smaller with it than the old jet or
    any new chink shit.


  4. Great score Phil! Congrats! Can’t wait to see it Philitized and all buffed up.

    Mom recently gave my son my dad’s freestanding drill press he bought in 1980. Near perfect condition, dad took great care of his toys.

    Scoutergreg- son is 29 and can use and repair it. There may be hope yet.


  5. Damn. You have 2 presses I would have paid 3x your total for 1 than your total!

    Your hobby fund needs to be you sucking up these tools, repairing and posting the repair work (which I love to watch!), and selling them! You don’t have to get rich or even make money. However, do you realize how much people in your area would benefit from your repair skills?! I wish you were closer (Orlando)!


  6. Wow. If you die anytime soon I’m coming over from Spokane with a trailer and a few hundred bucks…
    Cederq may bet me to it, though.


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