Wait A Minute.

Sitting here taking a break and happened to notice the date. Then a thought occurred to me.

Didn’t we drop a nuke on someone back in the forties on this day?

20 thoughts on “Wait A Minute.

  1. Other countries should go ask Japan if the United States will use nukes if we determine it is necessary. The real problem with wokeism and incompetence taking over the military is that it can back them into a position where they have to use last resort weapons. I see this ending badly.


    • Per Eric Swawell (D-Commie Bed Buddy) “It would be a short war, my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit.” ~ 16 November 2018, via Twitter.

      I believe ol’ Rat Bastard Eric got a little too ahead of the narrative – either that or he said the quiet part out loud.


  2. Damn right we did. And Nagasaki too with our own Hanford Plutonium.
    No apologies needed.
    Saved million of lives, a bunch of which were Jap civilians.

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  3. I live as close as you can get to Trinity site without stepping in cow shit every day. there are always hippie dips banging on drums and singing kumbaya, camped out in a cow pasture just outside the WSMR gates.

    if you ever visited Trinity, I worked out of the compound you pass on the way there, 23 years

    that obelisk has a 6 pack of steel can Bud and a church key inside it. not part of the design.


  4. LOL, to paraphrase Ted Nugent and twist his words a bit. If you’re gonna try to pearl harbor me, I’ll fucking Hiroshima you.


  5. Yup .. Hiroshima. Lots of folks forget one small but important fact. Of the approx 110 pounds of nuclear material in the bomb, less than 1.5% fissioned. The remainder was simply scattered in the blast after the core went critical. Thin about that for a moment.

    Don’t forget when Curtis LeMay started firebombing the Japanese cities with napalm. March of 1945 was the first raid. A few thousand pounds of napalm would have done the job. He came in with more than 300 planes and let loose over 2,600 TONNES of the flammable goo. Laid waste to 16 square miles. Incinerated over 100,000 people. Then he went on to repeat the process to about 60 other cities. Ran low on targets and naped places that had been burned to the ground.
    During the 1945 surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay .. LeMay overflew the Japanese with about 1,000 B29 planes .. he made certain the Japanese knew they were not only defeated but soundly beaten into submission.


      • @Crazy .. “done fuckin’ around mode” was LeMay’s standard way of doing things. He also had a habit of leading from the front. In Europe, his men were hesitant about flying 7-minute straight-and-level bombing runs (to improve accuracy) for fear of being easy targets .. so .. to prove his point .. he piloted the lead plane on the first mission to use the tactic. Never got another argument about the 7 minutes ….


  6. We should do something similar to Iran and NORK using an ICBM with a dummy warhead aimed at a soccer stadium or a place where they hold their rallies. After the warhead impacts, send them a polite letter saying something to the effect: stop your insane posturing, become good world citizens and disarm. Ask the Japanese how their insane ambitions worked for them.

    P.S. The next ones will be armed.

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    • Hahaha!
      I’m sure I have absolutely no idea what you mean (for the record). I guess 7041 is just a funny number. Heh.

      As has been said, nuking Japan had the net effect of saving Japanese lives. And culture to an extent.

      So far as contemporary enemies go, I vote we concentrate on those fucking US. Let’s break tradition and do that, rather than waste American lives and treasure going to war to please “allies” whose good will is dubious at best.


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