9 thoughts on “Remember Nuremberg

    • Nothing because the cabal made sure no one of any consequence in the courts will honor rule of law before they launched their vaxx campaign. Courts turning the other way after an untold number of elections were stolen last fall demonstrated that.

      Nope, just don’t take that jab no matter what until millions of normies wake up and decide to fully support others willing to do something real about it… years from now.


  1. Remember Unit 731.
    A person who doesn’t know what that is could look it up. (It’s certainly not taught in US schools. Competing narrative, doncha know.) Anyway, no higher up responsible for Unit 731 was ever punished.

    Mengele was a piece of shit, no doubt. But despite all the high-mindedness of the proclamations that came out of Nuremberg, many serious and reliable people involved in the actual legal process (on the Allied side) felt strongly that the entire process was tainted.

    And I agree with kidme37. Wish I didn’t, but the sad and ugly truth is that ROL is dead.


  2. There won’t be trials but there will be blood. There are too many who still honor the Oath with no expiration date. How many retired Seals, Rangers, Marine Recon are going to go quietly into the night? Not a one! The round up will have to be all, and all at once. Right, the .Gov can do that with out the E-4 jungle drums telegraphing that move. What’s going to happen is the stacking of bodies. And that toothpaste is not going back in the tube.



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