First Bit Of Rain In Two Months Today

Damn, we needed it bad too.

It is just dryer than a popcorn fart around these parts.

It’s not raining hard but so far it looks like it has been steady for a while and the ground is just soaking it up.

It’s been so dry around here that I actually have been watering the trees and shrubs around the place.

There is a smallish pie cherry tree out from that is basically a decoration and the ground around it was so dry last week that there were cracks in the dirt an inch deep and a foot long around the roots.

So yeah, I’ll take this bit of rain for damn sure.

The lawn has been dead for a couple of months and I pretty much don’t give a shit who doesn’t like it either.

The only ones in the whole area that still have any green in them at all are the old fart across the street who sets a sprinkler out and another guy across the other street who has a sprinkler system.

Everybody else has a brown yard.

I figure since we have been in an official drought I can use that as an excuse if someone bitches. (The rental management outfit)

It’s been saving my ass from having to mow the shit anyway.

I did go out with a hoe for a few minutes yesterday and whack out a shit load of Dandelions that had flowers on them sticking up a foot.

Since they stuck out against the brown lawn they were easy to pick out and make themselves targets.

I have to go get a new tank valve assembly for a toilet and put it in today before I go to work.

It figures The Wifely Unit comes home and the damn thing crapped out and started running constantly.

Some kind of rubberish seal let go and the pieces of it are floating around in the tank.

Chineseium, I absolutely guarantee it, I know I replaced that bastard less than two years ago because I remember doing it.

It is what it is. At least she was happy the A/C was working when she got home yesterday.

Score one for me even if it was a fucking fiasco getting it done.

TGIF, for the first time in a couple days I actually got to sleep without getting woke up.

I was a tired and grumpy asshole when I got home from work last night. At least I get a couple hours before that starts again.

9 thoughts on “First Bit Of Rain In Two Months Today

  1. Two years ago we completely remodeled two bathrooms, and one of the BRAND NEW HIGH DOLLAR toilets had a float valve that wouldn’t hold. Cost of a new one = $7.50. Cost of gas to get a new one at the store where we bought it = $14.00. Warranty, schmarranty, I went with the $7.50.


  2. Do NOT use those little toilet tank pellets (bleach/blue/bullshit) unless you want to be replacing seals every coupla years. The chlorine in them eat nearly all seals, to include the ‘stands up to chlorine’ marketed ones. You just get an extra year out of them, and just past their lifetime warranty. (lifetime of the seal, not the toilet).


    • Was going to suggest this very thing to avoid.Replaced 2 older toilets with newer ones at the same time.One got these “mints”,the other didn’t. 3yrs in and i was replacing that rubber gucchi on the biscuited commode and after 6 yrs the extra rubber is still hanging from the back of the other throne


  3. Meanwhile in Texas we’ve been getting lots of rain and the grass is growing like crazy. I’m kind of pissed because usually by this time of year it stops growing and I just trim around the edges. I’ve even seen minnows and small bluegills in the drainage ditches around the neighborhood that are normally bone dry by now. Some friends that mow and bale their pastures are getting huge hay crops this year.


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